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AIMS™ (Advanced Institute Management System) is a comprehensive and user friendly software application designed specifically for Educational Institutions. It is a web based application which automates and effectively manages complex processes viz. marketing, counseling, university affiliations,student enrollment, fee management; courses, subjects and chapter level management; batches, library management, etc.
AIMS™ – Advanced Institute Management System is a complete, web enabled, integrated suite of applications which automates all critical processes within an educational institute. The system is “internet browser” based which means that no extra software applications need to be installed on any computer. Further, if you host the system on the Internet, you can access it from anywhere in the world!

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Advanced institute management system

  1. 1. Presenter : Megha Rana March 30, 2012 203, President Plaza, Near Thaltej Circle,S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad – 390054 Gujarat. Phone: +91-9377723253 Email: Website:
  2. 2. Developed for Colleges Institutes Schools Business Schools Information Technology Centre Tuition Classes
  3. 3. AIMS The Complete Solution Marketing Management Fees Management LibraryManagement AIMS Academic Management Student Management
  4. 4. ModulesMarketing Module User ManagementFee Management Academic ManagementStudent Administration Library ManagementSystem Management Email & SMS
  5. 5. Login screen
  6. 6. Home Screen You can put your institution’s logo and name here. Main MenuNews, Circulars, Announcements, Notices can be published and viewed by all.
  7. 7. Marketing Management Facility to import prospect list of students for telemarketing, emails or SMS Manage contacts and follow-up records Plan and monitor activities of marketing plans marketing team as per - (Day/Week/Month/Year) Manage student walk-ins, phone inquiries and record detailed communications of each counselor. The system automatically tracks and alerts counselors on their daily follow-ups with student inquiries. Complete automation of student enrollment process like eligibility check, documentation checklist, fee collection, prospectus issue, etc.
  8. 8. Marketing Management Marketing Process Flow Management System Databases/Lists Inquiry Shows of prospective Management follow ups students List for the particular day Pending Enrolled Today’s Re-activate Inquiry List Students Import Follow ups closed Inquiry Common (Prospects) Lists Marketing Data Pool Data System saves all the closed inquiries which Forwarded to can be re-openedanother branch any time
  9. 9. AIMS has the section to save data about the contacts for the marketing of the Marketing Institute. For e.g. Editor Management of the news paper or an Event Organizer Every Contact Management Manage Activities Management activity can be edited and followed here View / Edit Plan Activities Follow Up Types ActivitiesContacts Communication If you need Contact Types information about any marketing Follow Activities activities in the AIMS saves all for future future you can see the reference it here communication with each contact Contact Follow Up
  10. 10. Bulk SMS
  11. 11. Bulk Email
  12. 12. Student Enrollment – Process Flow Pending Inquiry of prospective students Record follow-ups and AIMS automatically An inquiry can be reminds the counselor forwarded to of follow-ups everyday another Counselor System saves the data of the closed inquiry which you can re-open any time Enrollment Process Re-Active Closed System checks the inquiry Inquiry Closed through inserted criterias Inquiry University Confirmation NO Rejection Letter System sends Check list Automated Registeration Fulfillment of automated SMS/ for needed SMS/Email Done checklist Email to the documents student Another Students List is generated Students Lists for Fee collection department
  13. 13. Pending Inquiry List
  14. 14. Inquiry Form
  15. 15. Common Data PoolShare the student’s inquiry within the institute’s other divisions through common data pool.
  16. 16. Fees Management Define fee heads, fee structure, tax structure and associate with various courses Setup bank masters Manage fee collection, Late Payment Charges Managing Cheque Returns, Printing Receipts Manage fee installments and postdated Cheques
  17. 17. Fees Fee Management Process Flow Management Setting up Fees for Courses You can define any number of fee heads Define Tax Define Fee Structure on Fee CollectionDefine Fee Heads Structure using Bank Masters applicable Fee process Fee Heads Heads Course Type, System Semester gives you Collect Fee reminder for the PDC on its due date Individual Fee Charges on each Students’ Cash / Cheque / Account Manage Post DDs, Bank Dated Cheques Challans NO Cheque System Cleared generates automated Print Reciept receipt numbers YES
  18. 18. Student List for Fees
  19. 19. Fees CollectionYou can always see thedetails about the cheque
  20. 20. Fee Receipt GenerationYou will be able to print two receipts. One for office use and one for the student.
  21. 21. Academics Management Enrolled Process Flow Students’ List Affiliations Masters Define Drive / In- Define take University Define durations,Link Additional e.g. Semesters, Setup CourseCourse (if any) Year, Weeks, Days System Specialization gives you chapter level management Subjects Chapters Room/ Lab PlanLink Batches Sessionswith Courses Faculty Schedule Setup Batches 2 Batch Related Reports
  22. 22. 2 System allows entry of students’ marks Assignment’s Assignments Marks Semester Exam’s Criteria List of Schedule Selected YES Fulfils NOExam Re-sitting Exam Students Crietaria for Exams System shows if the student has passed all the NO subjects Clears the YES Marks Exam
  23. 23. Course Module List
  24. 24. Batch Allocation List
  25. 25. Student Administration Process Flow Enrolled Manage StudentsStudents List Transfers You can allocate Student students to Administration batches as well as classrooms Manage Students’ Study Batch & Room Resumptions Allocation after breaks You can AIMS can create rules auto- for the generate students Auto- breaks and Roll Manage generated manage them numbers for Students’ Study internal Roll the enrolled Breaks numbers students
  26. 26. Library Issue ListYou can have the library issue list which allows you to see issued books, magazines,CDs and other temporary issued items.
  27. 27. Library Return ListLibrary Return list will give you records of the returns due on particular date.
  28. 28. User Management User Process Flow Management Designations Masters Change Manage Password Assign / Monitor Employees Employee Tasks Tasks Related MISDepartments Employment Masters Types Employees Masters
  29. 29. Designation ListDesignation list is used to manage employees, providing roles and authorities inthe system as per employee’s designation.
  30. 30. Department List
  31. 31. ReportsFees Reports Registration Reports PDC Detail Report  Students admission Report DD/Challan Detail Report  Student Re-Registration Report  Student Check-List Report Fee Status Report  Follow Up Details Report Student Ledger Report  Students Course Details Student Fee Service Tax ReportMarketing Reports General Reports Counselor Report  Birth-Day Report  Anniversary Report  Holiday Report
  32. 32. Benefits Substantial Savings Streamline operations and work process Reduce manual effort, errors and duplication of work Consolidated, Speedy & Accurate information Increased Administrative and Operational efficiency Competitive Advantage Improved Student / Corporate Satisfaction Data Security at Department levels Better informed decision making for management
  33. 33. Thank you Presenter : Megha Rana March 30, 2012 203, President Plaza, Near Thaltej Circle,S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad – 390054 Gujarat. Phone: +91-9377723253 Email: Website: