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Summative assessment


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Transcript of "Summative assessment"

  1. 1. Summative Assessment - State Report Presentation Research Rubric CATEGORY 4 3 2 1Quality of Information clearly Information clearly Information clearly Information hasInformation relates to the main relates to the main topic. relates to the main topic. little or nothing to topic. It includes It provides 1-2 No details and/or do with the main several supporting supporting details and/or examples are given. topic. details and/or examples. examples.Sources All sources (information All sources (information All sources (information Some sources are and graphics) are and graphics) are and graphics) are not accurately accurately documented accurately documented, accurately documented, documented. in the desired format. but a few are not in the but many are not in the desired format. desired format.Mechanics No grammatical, Almost no grammatical, A few grammatical Many grammatical, spelling or punctuation spelling or punctuation spelling, or punctuation spelling, or errors. errors errors. punctuation errors.Diagrams & Diagrams and Diagrams and Diagrams and Diagrams andIllustrations illustrations are neat, illustrations are accurate illustrations are neat and illustrations are not accurate and add to the and add to the readers accurate and sometimes accurate OR do not readers understanding understanding of the add to the readers add to the readers of the topic. topic. understanding of the understanding of topic. the topic. Presentation Rubric CATEGORY 4 3 2 1Presentation Well-rehearsed with Rehearsed with fairly Delivery not smooth, Delivery not smooth smooth delivery that smooth delivery that but able to maintain and audience holds audience attention. holds audience interest of the attention often lost. attention most of the audience most of the time. time.Requirements All requirements are met All requirements are One requirement was More than one and exceeded. met. not completely met. requirement was not completely met.Content Covers topic in-depth Includes essential Includes essential Content is minimal with details and knowledge about the information about the OR there are several examples. Subject topic. Subject topic but there are factual errors. knowledge is excellent. knowledge appears 1-2 factual errors. to be good.Originality Product shows a large Product shows some Uses other peoples Uses other peoples amount of original original thought. ideas (giving them ideas, but does not thought. Ideas are Work shows new credit), but there is give them credit. creative and inventive. ideas and insights. little evidence of original thinking.