Kindle tips and reveiws


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kindle tips and reviews

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Kindle tips and reveiws

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello from user. Kindle ====With every new Kindle that comes out of Amazons market place, spawns a new generation ofKindle Covers and Cases. Each new generation of Kindle is called the "Latest Generation Kindle",and therefore people will be looking for the latest generation Kindle Covers and Cases.This years latest generation covers and cases are either updates from previous generation coversand cases, or are brand new designs for 2011. With that being said, there are some trends alreadypointing to the top 10 Kindle covers and cases for 2011.The first cover we are seeing as a top seller is the CrazyOnDigital leather Kindle cover. This coveris a black leather exterior with matching black soft micro fiber padding in the inside. The leathercase provides complete all around protection for your latest generation Kindle eReader device.The case secures your device in place with flexible straps on top corners and molded to fit leatherstraps on the bottom to secure the device in the case. The cover also comes with an anti-scratchscreen protector for your Kindle to protect the screen from scratches.The next cover is the M-Edge leather Kindle cover that comes with complete surface protection ina soft padded case. The interior is a soft grey material which ensures the Kindle will be cushionedfor protection.Coming in at number 3 in the top ten list of latest generation Kindle covers and cases is AcaseVintage Leather cover with a light. This cool looking cover has a vintage look while being brandnew. The case is genuine leather on the outside for durability and protection, while the inside issoft velvet for scratch free interior protection. This case also comes with a light for reading in thedark.Number four in the list of top latest generation Kindle Covers and cases is DuraGadget LeatherKindle Cover and Case, which also have a built in stand. This case has soft leather construction toprotect your Kindle, with cut-outs for all the ports. The case also has an adjustable stand to youcan set it up on a desk for hands free reading.The next Kindle cover or case on the list is a Neoprene sleeve from USA Gear. This sleek lookingneoprene sleeve is made of soft but dense neoprene to protect the Kindle from bumps, drops andscratches. The soft inside makes it easy to slip your kindle in and out for quick access andstorage.The 6th cover is another neoprene cover from Gizmo Dorks. Same as the above type neoprenesleeve, but this one has a hard plastic zipper to securely close the pouch. Soft but dense andpliable neoprene cushions the Kindle from bumps, scratches and scrapes.
  2. 2. RooCase comes in at number 7 in the top 10 Kindle covers and cases for 2011. The RooCaseSuper Bubble Neoprene Case is a neoprene case with a super bubble, soft interior for maximumcushion and protection from drops, bumps, scratches and hits. This case comes with an externalpocket for securely carrying the smaller Kindle Accessories.Octovo Vintage Leather Kindle Cover is the next item on the list of top covers and cases for 2011.This leather Kindle case is also genuine leather and has that nice vintage look and feel, while stillbeing brand new. This cover has a combination of Italian leather on the outside with a softmicrofiber interior to ensure your Kindle will be cushioned for safety.Number nine in the top ten covers for 2011 is another neoprene cover by Belkin, a top leader incases for all sorts of personal computing devices. The Belkin neoprene Kindle cover is a slim,sleek looking design; this soft and durable neoprene case protects your Kindle during travels butminimizes bulk and additional weight for easy portability.Last but not least in our list of Top Ten Kindle Covers and Cases for 2011, is the ever popularKindle Cover, with light by Amazon.Com. This popular cover for your Kindle is made for its own Kindle reading device. It comes with a built in light that actually gets itspower from the kindle itself, so there is no need to buy additional batteries. Fitted perfectly for thelatest generation Kindles, this is a great accessory for your latest generation Kindle. This covercomes in a wide variety of colors is made of genuine leather. It too has a soft micro-fiber interior toprotect the kindle from scratches.All of these latest generation Kindle covers and cases are sold for under $70 with the lowest pricesone selling for only $7. These prices fit into anyones budget and will ensure that your latestgeneration Kindle is kept safe and sound while on the go.Larry writes about many topics, and one of them is on Latest Generation Kindle Covers andCases. Protecting your new investment in your Kindle is essential for the life of the Kindle, andLarry reviews the top 10 Kindle Cases and Covers at his website.Article Source: ====Hello from user. Kindle tips
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