Back Pain - It All Starts Here


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Back pain is a very common condition affecting millions of people yet it seems that most treatment cannot eliminate the source of the pain. View this presentation to learn more.

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Back Pain - It All Starts Here

  1. 1. Back Pain –The Foot Connection
  2. 2. Back Pain FactsRight now there are over 31 million(31,000,000) Americans suffering with backpain.
  3. 3. 50% of the work forcecomplain of back pain symptomseach yearBack Pain Facts
  4. 4. Back pain is one of the most commonreasons for missed work-1.2 billion (1,200,000,000) work days are losteach year due to chronic back and neck pain.Back Pain Facts
  5. 5. Second most common reason for visits todoctors office is because ofback pain.(Upper respiratory is #1)Back Pain Facts
  6. 6. 80% of the populationwill suffer back painat some time in their lives.Back Pain Facts
  7. 7. Americans spend$50 billion ($50,000,000,000)trying to eliminate their back painevery year.Back Pain Facts
  8. 8. Every yearNearly 1 million (1,000,000) spinal surgeriesare performed in the USA a year.
  9. 9. Every year300,000 Americans have surgery forherniated disks @$10,000 a procedureEvery year
  10. 10. Every yearSpinal fusion is $60,000 per procedure forhospital costs alone.Every year
  11. 11. Leading cause forback pain isblamed on amechanical imbalance.Back Pain Facts
  12. 12. Let’s take a new lookand figure out whymore than1 in 7 adultssuffer with back pain.
  13. 13. Seems like the underlying themeis about balance and alignment.
  14. 14. When the back isproperly aligned,there is anacceptable forceacting on the discsin between eachback bone.
  15. 15. There is noexcessive strainon the ligamentsconnecting eachbackbone.
  16. 16. The muscles don’thave to contract tomaintain thealignment of theback.
  17. 17. How does the spine becomemisaligned?
  18. 18. It’s blamed on analignment issue withthe pelvis.What leads to animbalance to thepelvis?
  19. 19. We have to look tothe to foundation ofour body(look down)our feet.
  20. 20. The ankle bone (talus) shouldnormally sit on top of the heel bone(calcaneus).
  21. 21. The foundation to the body is altered when theankle bone partially dislocates on the heel bone
  22. 22. In other words…
  23. 23. Let’s connectthe dots
  24. 24. First the ankle bonepartially dislocateson the heel bone
  25. 25. First the ankle bonepartially dislocateson the heel bone
  26. 26. then the kneesmay turn in
  27. 27. then the hipsturn in
  28. 28. then the pelvistilts
  29. 29. then the backcurves.
  30. 30. Seems like it should be important tostabilize the foundation of our body.What’s the fix?
  31. 31. Put an arch support under yourfoot (that may temporarily help with thesymptoms but won’t fix the problem.)
  32. 32. Do arch supports really stabilize the anklebone?BarefootOrthosis
  33. 33. This doesn’t look like too much fun!
  34. 34. But when those treatments don’twork or are too aggressive,what else can be done?
  35. 35. EOTTS - HyProCureInternal stabilization for this internal deformity.
  36. 36. HyProCure®has been used safely and effectively inthousands of pediatric and adult patients since2004.Stabilization of Joint Forces of the Subtalar Complex viathe HyProCure Sinus Tarsi StentJournal of American Podiatric Medical Association, Volume 101, No. 5, Pages 390-399, Sept/Oct2011Extra-Osseous Talotarsal Stabilization using HyProCure inAdults: A 5 Year Retrospective Follow-upJournal of Foot and Ankle Surgery – Vol. 51, (1), pages 23-29, January 2012
  37. 37. HyProCure®is the only extra-osseous talotarsalstabilization device that works with thenormal biomechanics unlike other devicesthat work against the normal function andoften leading to failure of the device.+ =
  38. 38. Does EOTTS really work? YES!BarefootOrthosisEOTTS
  39. 39. Barefoot Orthosis EOTTSDoes EOTTS really work? YES!
  40. 40. While we can’t ignore that fact that thedamage to the back must be addressed,we cannot ignore the trauma inflicted onthe back as a result of the faulty footalignment.
  41. 41. If you only treat the symptomwithout eliminating the underlyingreason for the symptom,
  42. 42. then the symptom(s)will just keep reoccurring.
  43. 43. It’s an insanity thing.Doing the same thing over andover again but expecting differentresults.
  44. 44. If you, or someone you know, suffersfrom back pain, misaligned feetcould be the cause.
  45. 45. HyProCure could be the key toyour success.Before After