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SmarterMeasure - Faculty Advising Information
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SmarterMeasure - Faculty Advising Information


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Presentation on utilizing SmarterMeasure results in academic advising sessions. Created for JSRCC faculty.

Presentation on utilizing SmarterMeasure results in academic advising sessions. Created for JSRCC faculty.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. The QEP & SmarterMeasure: Faculty Advising Information
  • 2. The Quality Enhancement Plan at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
  • 3. An assessment tool to determine student readiness to succeed in an online learning environment.
    Areas of Assessment
    Technical Competency Life Factors
    Technical Knowledge Reading Recall
    Personal Attributes Typing Skills
    Learning Styles
  • 4. Detailed Information About:
    Technical Competency
    Life Factors
  • 5. Detailed Information About:
    Technical Knowledge
    Reading Recall
  • 6. Detailed Information About:
    Personal Attributes
    Typing Skills
    Learning Styles
  • 7. Students have access to SmarterMeasure through JSRCC Webpage
    SmarterMeasure is web-available:
    • Target population is all new entering students and any continuing student interested in taking distance learning for the first time.
    • 8. If a returning student expresses interest in taking a DL class for the first time, please direct the student to SmarterMeasure as a first step. Students previously unsuccessful in DL should also be directed to SmarterMeasure.
    • 9. Incoming students are encouraged to take the assessment after completing Compass placement tests.
    • 10. Students can access SM through
    • 11. Reynolds libraries
    • 12. Academic Computing Centers
    • 13. on a limited basis in Testing Centers
    • 14. on their home computer.
    • 15. Only admitted students should be encouraged to take the assessment.
  • Accessing SmarterMeasure
    Students are provided directions at a variety of locations, in Emerge, and through SOAR
    Advisors are encouraged to direct new DL students to SmarterMeasure before they register for an online class
    Weblinks available on
    • Quicklinks
    • 16. The Ripple Effect webpage
    • 17. Center for Distance Learning webpage
    • 18. Student Testing Center webpage
  • 19.  
    The Assessment Sections of SmarterMeasure Integrated with SIS
  • 20. Interpreting SmarterMeasure Scores
  • 21. Our Current Status
    Nearly 2300 students have completed SmarterMeasure since May 2010.
  • 22. Students’ Reactions in Fall 2010 Satisfaction Survey : Overall, were you satisfied with theSmarterMeasure Self-Assessment
  • 23. Over 90% of Student Responses Indicate that SmarterMeasure
    Was easy to access
    Included directions for log-in that were easy
    Included directions for each section that were easy to follow
    Contained questions and response choices that were easy to comprehend
  • 24. Questions?
    Thanks for reviewing this information! We appreciate the time you will spend with your advisees to assist them their preparation to succeed as online learners. Please contact the QEP Coordinator at (804) 523-5515 or with any additional questions you might have.
  • 25. Additional Resources
    SmarterMeasure Interpretation Chart provides the corresponding values for High, Medium and Low scores in a word document.
    Faculty Information - Advising with SmarterMeasure offers helpful tips and conversations starters.
    Both documents are permanently housed on the Student Development Services Sharepoint site.