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Sdv 100   chapter 3 learning about learning
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Sdv 100 chapter 3 learning about learning


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. L E A R N I N G A B O U T L E A R N I N G L E A R N I N G O B J E C T I V E : A F T E R C O M P L E T I N G T H E T E X T B O O K R E A D I N G A N D R E V I E W I N G T H I S S L I D E S H O W , S T U D E N T S W I L L D E F I N E T H E T E R M M U L T I M O D A L L E A R N I N G A N D I D E N T I F Y T W O M E A N S B Y W H I C H T H E Y C O U L D S T R E N G T H E N L E S S E R P R E F E R E N C E S O F L E A R N I N G . SDV 100: Chapter 3 Learning Styles Created by: Meg Buchanan Foster SDv 100 fall 2010
  • 2. VARK Visual Aural Read/Write Kinesthetic
  • 3. Learning: Do What Comes Naturally? Grab a writing utensil and piece of scratch paper. Listen and follow the directions!
  • 4. Multimodal: Defining the Term  Formal definition: Having or involving several modes (Merriam-Webster).  For our purposes: A student who engages multiple methods, ways or styles of learning when they learn.  Multimodal learners are often more successful as they are more flexible in their learning style. Army Research Laboratory (2010). Retrieved October 29, 2010, from:
  • 5. Getting the Most Out of Learning Don’t get frustrated; learning to maximize all of the styles of learning can only enhance your success as a student! Jastremski, M. (Photographer). Broken Pencil [Photograph], Retrieved October 27, 2010, from:
  • 6. Visual Grebe, H. (Graphic Designer). 3D Eyes [Illustration], Retrieved October 27, 2010, from: To increase your visual learning style, adopt one of the following practices: 1. In reviewing your notes, draw pictures to illustrate key points. 2. In reading or reviewing notes, use highlighters or colored pens to draw attention to important passages. 3. Use graphs, charts, maps and flowcharts to emphasize key concepts.
  • 7. Aural Ait-Kass, K. (Photographer). Hearing [Photograph]. Retrieved October 27, 2010, from Styles. To increase your skills as an aural learner, utilize these recommendations: 1. Form a study group or find a study partner who you can discuss key topics or ideas with. 2. Read your notes or textbook out loud. 3. Record your instructor’s lectures (with permission) and listen after class or listen to any podcasts of class information.
  • 8. Read/Write To expand your read/write learning style, adopt one of these practices as you learn: 1. Take detailed lecture notes; the goal is to take notes that are nearly word-for-word what the faculty member shares. 2. Write out your lecture notes multiple times (to practice being a multimodal learner, use different colors to record your notes or draw pictures to illustrate key concepts).
  • 9. Kinesthetic Untitled cartoon image. Retrieved October 27, 2010 , from: To expand abilities as a kinesthetic learner, utilize one of these suggestions: 1. Pay attention to real- life examples that teachers share. 2. Use case studies to help grasp abstract principles. 3. Go on field trips or review photos, exhibits, samples, etc. to enhance your learning.
  • 10. VARK Conclusion  The main point is to practice using non-dominant learning styles to expand your skills as a learner.  Remember, if you have any questions, I am available during office hours or by appointment, and I welcome the opportunity to speak with you more about how you can maximize your potential as a learner!