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Cure tinnitus
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Cure tinnitus



To cure tinnitus, an attempt is first made to identify an underlying condition that can lead to ringing in the ears.

To cure tinnitus, an attempt is first made to identify an underlying condition that can lead to ringing in the ears.



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Cure tinnitus Cure tinnitus Presentation Transcript

  • http://www.megavista-health.com/articles/health-conditions/remedies-for-tinnitus-relief
    • Often merely a nuisance
    • Can indicate a more serious problem
    • Cause loss of concentration, difficulty sleeping, increase anxiety, make it difficult to hear
    • A noise – often ringing – originating from within the head
    • Swooshing or pulsating
    • There are noises within the head
    • Outside noises mask them
    • Tinnitus is usually temporary
    • May resolve on its own
    • Persistent cases require attention
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    • Most of us have experienced tinnitus
    • Rock concert, noise exposure
    • Damage to the hearing nerve
    • Inner ear infections
    • Fluid in the ear
    • Certain medications, including aspirin
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    • Identify and treat the underlying cause
    • e.g. treat an ear infection to cure tinnitus
    • If the cause is unknown, treatment is more difficult
    • You don’t have to live with it
    • It’s possible to cure tinnitus naturally
    • Herbal treatments claim to be effective
      • Ginkgo biloba
      • Black cohosh
      • Ligustrum
      • Rosemary – common herb
    • Tinnitus has been linked to high blood pressure
      • Low sodium diet, diuretics have been shown to improve tinnitus
    • Ligustrum – a natural diuretic
    • Low sodium diet:
      • 100 mg or less sodium per day
      • Don’t add table salt
    • Myth: Low sodium diets are flavorless
    • Try flavoring foods with herbs
      • Rosemary
    • Sea salt
      • Find sea salt enriched with iodine – an important dietary component
      • Find other ways to add iodine to your diet
    • Don’t resign yourself to a life of dealing with constant ringing in your ears!
    • Learn about natural treatments that claim to be highly effective in reducing or eliminating tinnitus
    • Take action today to take your life back!
    • Visit: http://www.megavista-health.com/articles/health-conditions/remedies-for-tinnitus-relief