2010 Ohio NHD Judging Times


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The schedule of times for the Ohio delegation at National History Day

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2010 Ohio NHD Judging Times

  1. 1. Ohio Schedule- Junior- Monday Time Category Student(s) Title Room Building 10:15 am Junior Paper Marissa The Polio Vaccine: Freedom from Fear 1123 Jimenez Wierzbicki 10:20am Junior Group Thaddeus The Vitaphone: Breaking the Bonds of Silence 0119 Armory Documentary Barnette, Jack Babet 10:20am Junior Max Freyberger Charles Darwin and the Origin of Species 0120 Jimenez Individual Performance 10:30 am Junior Web Site Nathan Christian Alan Freed and the Music of America 3112 Cole 10:30 am Junior Web Site Ruolin Yang Canals and Locks: What America Has Forgotten 0118 Jimenez 10:40 am Junior Individual Nick Palutsis The U-Boat: Changing the Tides of War 1105 Cambridge Community Documentary Center 11:00 am Junior Individual Calla Gilson A Bitter Aftertaste: Nazi Manipulation Through Propaganda and 2123 Jimenez Performance Public Enlightenment 11:30 am Junior Individual Alexis The Printing Press: Pressing Change Upon the World Grand Stamp Student Union Exhibit McGillivray Ballroom #15084 1:00 pm Junior Paper Amir Farhat Garrett Augustus Morgan: An Innovator Whose Inventions Still Save 1122 Jimenez Many Lives Today 1:00 pm Junior Group Clare Pruitt and On the Brink of Collapse: George C. Marshall's Innovative Plan to Juan Stamp Student Union Performance Zaeem Mustafa Rebuild Europe Jimenez Room 1:20 pm Junior Group Petere Felton The John Roebling Suspension Bridge Pyson Stamp Student Union Documentary and Matthew Su Room Meister 1:20 pm Junior Group Mercedes An Innovation in Learning: Growing Up on Sesame Street Hoff Stamp Student Union Performance Sheets, Laura Theater Campbell 1:30 pm Junior Group Makayla Varisco, Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Grand Stamp Student Union Exhibit Emily Doane Ballroom #16035 1:40 pm Junior Individual Benjamin Wu The Printing Press: A New Chapter in the Book of Human 1200 Cambridge Community Documentary Communication Center 2:15 pm Junior Harsha Ramesh The Innovation of the Smallpox Vaccine: Impacting Society and Grand Stamp Student Union Individual Exhibit Changing Medicine Ballroom #15078 2:15 pm Junior Group Kelsey Nelson, Evolution of Radio: Impact of Sound Grand Stamp Student Union Exhibit Sarah Mamula Ballroom #16052
  2. 2. Senior- Tuesday Time Category Student(s) Title Room Building 10:00 am Senior Web Molly Elson Freedman's Bureau: The First Federal Assistance Program 3112 Cole Site 10:00 am Senior Group Issac Hoffman, From Devastation to Exploration: The Impact of the V 2 Rocket 0116 Documentary Leo Katz, Jacob Miller 10:20 am Senior Elise Eiden The Transistor: A True Innovation 1200 Cambridge Community Individual Center Documentary 10:20 am Senior Hannah Incognito: The Revolutionary Reporting of Nellie Bly 0220 Jimenez Individual McCandless Performance 10:20 am Senior Group Alexandra Karla, Shakespeare, the Man of the Hour: Bringing Common Plays to Juan Stamp Student Union Performance Brooke Brauer, Common People Jimenez Kelli Kiffer Room 11:30 am Senior Joan Thompson Nashville Sit Ins: Grand Ballroom Individual Innovation Exhibit in Student Protest 1:00 pm Senior Jonah Weinstein The Kingsfish's Cry: Huey Long's "Share Our Wealth" Program 0120 Jimenez Individual Performance 1:15 pm Senior Paper Aaron Goodman Strength in Numbers: The Treaty of Rome and the Economics of 1120 Jimenez Integration of Europe 1:20 pm Senior Caira Lee Bebop: The Evolution of Culture Through Music 1115 Cambridge Community Individual Center Documentary 1:20 pm Senior Group Emily Hirsch, From Icon to Ire: Barbie and the Feminist Movement Stamp Student Union Performance Alexandra Margaret Wagner Brent Room 1:30 pm Senior Group David Gabriel, Medieval to Modern: Peter the Great's Transformation of Russia Grand Stamp Student Union Exhibit Matthew Neary, Ballroom #26007 David Neary 1:40 pm Senior Group Ayesha Audu, The Cotton Club: A Cultural Fusion 0110 Armory Documentary Morgan Hammonds 1:45 pm Senior Clare Lo The Devil's Rope: Pioneering the West Grand Stamp Student Union Individual Ballroom #25021 Exhibit 2:00 pm Senior Paper Daniel Rickert The Hetch Hetchy Controversy: An Analysis of the First FIght to 1103 Jimenez Protest America's Natural Resources and the Ensuing Impact 2:00 pm Senior Group Sue Ellen Bostic, Roy Rogers: King of Endorsements Grand Stamp Student Union Exhibit Cory Haner, Tori Ballroom #26070 Duncan 2:00 pm Senior Web Lukan Zhang The Pill: Birth of a New Woman 0122 Jimenez Site