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Media coursework

  1. 1. Media StudiesMegan Ward
  2. 2. Mastheads from Music Magazines Denotation of Kerrang - The masthead of Kerrang is in white sans serif text. the background colour is black the image has shattered effects on it to make it more attractive. The writing is in block capitals. Connotation of Kerrang - The masthead colours are black and white which could represent depressing and dull music. The font is bold and grungy, it is also informal which would attract the readers as this magazine is known to feature and attract people who listen and enjoy rock. The shattered effect might suggest the music and bass of Kerrang is loud enough to smash and shatter objects. Denotation of NME – The masthead of NME is bold and again in capital letters, the writing is bright red with red outline and the shadow colour is black. It is sans serif font this is so that it is clear to read and memorable. Connotation of NME – NME is sans serif font suggesting it makes the magazine looking more youthful. The name new musical express could suggest it would want readers to think the magazine has information on new music. The masthead is short and snappy, it also has a use of bold colours such as red white and black which would attract a certain audience, the fonts and colours used suggest the masthead is informal. Denotation of MOJO - The mojo masthead is presented with simple black letters in a straight forward font, it also includes the words the music magazine in the colour red in a scribbled style. Connotation of MOJO - The mojo masthead uses simple black letters which could suggest the masthead is more formal, the writing in red could suggest it is wanting to attract attention as the colour is more bold and eye catching, it also shows it wants to show clearly to the audience what the magazine is about. The genre of the magazine is classic rock which instantly again makes it more formal.
  3. 3. Mastheads from Music Magazines Denotation of Q - The masthead of Q Magazine, the writing is white and the background colour is red which are both bold colours and often used in the Media. The font is simple and more formal than other magazines. Connotations of Q - The masthead of Q Magazine is just simply one letter which could suggest it is portrayed more as a logo rather than a title. The colours used are simple and basic but also bright and bold which would attract attention towards it, the colours used suit the genre of the magazine which is pop/rock. The font is in Ferif making it more formal. Denotation of VIBE - The masthead of vibe is a Sans Ferif font, it is bold and in capital letters it is clear to the read. The current colour of the masthead is black. Connotation of VIBE - The masthead of vibe is a sans ferif font suggesting it is an informal masthead showing it would prefer the image of more youthful and laid back. The title Vibe is usually a common word associated with music and rhythm, fitting in with the fact its a music magazine. The word VIBE is usually associated with teenagers suggesting the target audience would be with younger ages, the genre of this magazine is RnB. The font used i straight foward and clear for the readers to understand, it is block capitals and black text which makes it bold and stand out. Denotation of Uncut - The masthead of uncut is again in a Sans Ferif font style, the font is black, large and bold. It covers the entire width of the magazine. Connotation of Uncut - The style sans ferif has being purposely used for the masthead of uncut as it wants to create an informal style showing it is again once aimed at the more youthful age group. The size is large and the text is bold and in block capitals to draw attention to the name Uncut it is catchy. The colour black could be used to represent dull and depressing music genre.
  4. 4. Mastheads from Music Magazines. Denotation of Classic FM - The classic FM masthead is printed in simple, black, capital letters with the f in FM printed in a bold lowercase red font. Connotation of Classic FM - The classic FM masthead is in a Ferif style suggesting this magazine is more formal and the target audience is more to the mature, who are into this kind of genre of music. The layout and design of the masthead is mature and sophisticated compared to others as the font used is simple and small suggesting the purpose of the logo is not to be in your face and stand out. Denotation of Blender - The masthead of Blender is in a black text and again in bold block capitals. Connotation of Blender - The masthead of Blender is in Sans Ferif style of font which suggests the magazine isnt formal which again could suggest the audience for this magazine is more youthful. The word Blender could suggest it is something that can blend in no matter what or who. The masthead on usual magazine covers is overlapping images, which gives a 3D effect which could make the front cover appear more interesting and modern to the audience. The colours used is black which instantly draws attention as it is bold and a common colour used in Media.
  5. 5. Masthead initial ideas This masthead is short and simple, they work better on magazines as they are easier to remember and more recognizable. The colors used are red and black white which suit the school theme as it is Plantsbrook colors. This masthead is again short and simple, it links in with Plantsbrook by being called ‘The Brook’ its relevant and easy to remember, the font used is sans serif which gives an informal look on the magazine.
  6. 6. Masthead initial ideas This masthead has a use of dark colours which makes it stand out more, it is bold text and in capital letters. The font is sans serif making it informal, more modern and youthful suggesting it is for a younger audience.
  7. 7. Masthead initial ideas This masthead is bold and in capital letters it stands out and would catch people eyes more, the colors used are the same as the Plantsbrook colour scheme which is red and black. The font used is sans ferif which again makes it informal showing the audience is for younger ages.
  8. 8. Mood board
  9. 9. School magazine contentsSome of the important things:•Exam results days•Exam timetable•Events taking place at school•University open dates•Revision tips•Learning to driveOther things to be included in the magazine:•Sports•Celebrities•Festivals and concerts•TV Programmes such as X factor, Britains gottalent, Skins•Soaps (Eastenders, Hollyoaks)•Food•Restaurants•Music•Cinema•Brands•Piercings
  10. 10. Mind map of what makes a good magazine masthead A good layout which is consistent and Sans serif and serif recognizable is good for a magazine as font which can suggest customers will know what magazine whether the magazine they are buying.. Large font is formal or informal. Layout Different use of colour to make the magazine suitable for the theme What makes a good and target audience.Short and Catchy magazine masthead? BOLD Size for emphasis Masthead An effective masthead is usually short and Meets needs of audience Use of colour snappy which is easy for people to A use of colour in a remember and magazine makes it stand recognizable easy out and appeal to potential readers.
  11. 11. VIBE Front cover analysisUse of colour – the colours used is white and yellow Layout – The design of the magazine is well spaced and not over cluttered with too much text and images, it has enough text and images to inform readers on what thefor text, they are bold colours and stand out which content of the magazine is about.would raise awareness of the magazine, the coloursare consistent on the front of the magazine.The masthead – The masthead for Vibeis a sans serif font showing it is informal Cover lines – The cover line formagazine. The word ‘vibe’ is usually vibe is ‘Drake’ there is also anassociated with music and rhythm fitting image of him; this is a way ofin with the fact it’s a music magazine. telling people what theThe word vibe is also associated with magazine will contain beforeteenagers showing the target audience they buy it. The colour is yellowcould be younger ages. The colour of the which a bold colour, attractingmasthead is white which is bold and attention is again and the fontstands out. is capital letters and bold making it stand out. PUG – The pug on the front of the magazine is ‘Exclusive Chris Brown’ as it is promoting something that is within the magazine which would attract people to it. Lure – The lure in the magazine of vibe could be ‘Serena Strikes Back’House style – The magazine is successful and it’s a short piece of text whichbeing out a while, it has a consistent house contains no images or anymorestyle on every magazine that is published so information which could lurethat the audience recognising it, the mast readers into reading the rest of thehead is always at the top going across from article featured side to the other, a image of usually acelebrity is in the middle with columns of SANS-SERIF STYLE FONT – The font usedtext around and overlapping the image, the throughout the magazine is in Sans Serif, thismagazine cover usually only has one image means there are no hooks and brackets. Itand the colours used are different on each makes the text seem informal and gives a more youthful approach of the magazine,issue but remain simple and bold. making it more modern and current.Headline - The headline of the magazine is‘Unstoppable’ it is the second largest text on the Mode of address – The text on the magazine isfront cover; it is also in white bold text which short and snappy, so the magazine is not givingcapitals is again trying to stand out. The text is the target audience much information, it againover an image of ‘Drake’ which could suggest it is shows the magazine is more informal andsaying drake is unstoppable and big in the music targeted towards the youth. ‘industry.
  12. 12. Double page analysis The font used in the article is serif which makes it formal, it is consistent as this style of text is used throughoutThe image ofLady Gaga takesup the whole page,which makes it themain focus of thedouble page spreadand showingclearly who thearticle is about.The image needsto be eye pealingto attract peopletowards thespread, the lack ofcolour makes theimage look vintageand could indicatethe article could bedepressing anddull due to the useof black and white,her body languageand lack ofclothing shows araw edge whichagain fits in with The large ‘L’ is the only use of colour The text is separated into three columnsher style. across the two pages of the spread, it which shows it is organized and makes it look vibrant and diverse which controlled which shows its easier for the fits in with Lady Gagas style which is readers to understand and take in all the seen as ‘Unique’ to others. information.
  13. 13. Contents page analysis The point of the contents page is to show the readers of the magazine what will be included in the magazine, to break it up there will have to be a fair amount of text and images. There should be enough information to show the readers to convince them to purchase the magazine. The use of sans serif font – Headlines – The headline is ‘NME The use of sans serif font style this week’ it includes the masthead throughout the contents page to make it recognizable, it is in sans sans serif uses block capitals serif font and in block capital letters which is easier for people to to make it stand out and grab read attention of readers, it is the largest font on this page which again is Features - The use of colour trying to draw attention to the has being added to make the headline before anywhere else. The contents page look more use of red and white colours of text interesting and to attract more against black background again people to reading it, images has makes it stand out with the use of also being added for the same bold colours. effect.Has red numbers next to each Has bold subheadings such assubheading or page as it ‘News’ ‘Radar’ etc to makemakes it easy for the eye to these stand outs and show thedigest it looks more ordered readers clearly what theand controlled. magazine contains which could interest them.
  14. 14. Layout Sketches Masthead Banner Masthead Masthead Masthead Headline HeadlineText overlapping image Banner Masthead Banner Masthead Masthead Headline Headline Banner Masthead Banner
  15. 15. Contents layout sketches Banner Heading TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXTTEXT Heading Banner TEXT Heading Heading T E X T TEXT TEXT
  16. 16. Selection of suitable fonts This masthead is a sans serif font which shows instantly that is in informal, as it is usually the first thing the audience sees as they look at the magazine it will need to stand out the use of bold text and also in capital letters will make it stand out and cause attention to the masthead. This masthead is again a sans serif font, it has an effect which makes it seem shattered and distorted it is also in black block text which again shows it is informal, this masthead would be more suitable for a music magazine which genre is rock. This masthead is a serif font which means it is formal, it looks more professional and could attract more of the older age towards the magazine, for a school magazine this would attract parents rather than students. This masthead is a sans serif font which makes it informal, this would attract more of the younger audience as it gives the impression of the magazine being more youthful and laidback, this masthead has an effect of sharp and edgy which could represent rock in a music magazine.
  17. 17. Selection of suitable fonts This cover line is again sans serif meaning it is informal and the readers will recognize this. It is well spaced out meaning it is clear to read by the use of block capital letters, the text could be filled with colour meaning it has potential for it to stand out. This cover line is a formal handwritten font, it would still stand out as it’s in bold letters which are filled in black, potentially the text could be colored to fit in with the colour scheme of the magazine, as the font used is serif it makes it seem more formal and could show the target audience clearly. The cover line is the second most largest text on the magazine page, this cover line is clear and easy to read so that readers will be able to understand it easier. The effect looks smudged which makes it look more attractive and interesting. The cover line is again a serif font which could show it is a formal magazine which could be aimed at an older target audience for example parents, it is again easy for readers to use and has a use of bold text.
  18. 18. Ideas of photos for school magazine•Extreme close up (ECU) – forexample photos of students extremely closeso readers can see their facial expressions,body language and emotions. For my schoolmagazine will be students smiling.•Close up (CU) – Students in library,students stressing about work, students inclassroom.•Medium long shot – Students on theplayground, students in canteen socializing,students in library with work, students oncomputers.•Long shot – students taking part insports, students walking through corridors.
  19. 19. Conventions of a front pageThe conventions of a front page is the following:•Masthead – this is included on a front cover so the readers can recognize what magazine it is, itis usually the largest text on the page and the first thing a reader will look at when looking at themagazine. The masthead will have to be short and snappy to stand out.•Head line- a head line indicates the content of the magazine, it is usually the second largest texton the front cover of a magazine again trying to cause attention.•Sans and sans serif font- fonts that can show whether the magazine is formal and informal, arange of different fonts can used to cause attention.•Images- images are included on a front page to show what the magazine and who the magazinecontains information on, makes it appear more interesting.•Lure – lures are added on the front cover to draw people to read and buy the magazine.•Pull quotes•Pug/starbursts•Use of colour•Cover line•Banners
  20. 20. Conventions of double page spreadThe conventions of a double page spread is the following:•Images – to show the readers what the double page spread is about with just looking at it,usually a large image covering one of the pages.•Capital letters -on certain words to show emphasis.•Quote- from the interview on the double page spread is sometimes presented as a headline, thequotes used are usually controversial or a quote to lure the readers in to buy the magazine.•Bold letters – Sometimes who the interview is about such as a celebrity their name would be inbold letters or a larger font, this is so it stands out more.•Text – usually set into columns around 2 – 4, so it looks tidy and controlled.•Drop cap – which shows the readers where to start reading.•Colour scheme- uses same colour scheme it has used throughout the magazine to make it lookmore consistent.•Mode of address – usually written in informal mode of address so it relaxes the reader.
  21. 21. Convention of contents page•Image – usually one main image relating to the content of the magazine, also smaller imagesare sometimes used to make it appear more interesting.•Structured layout - so the readers will know where to read, it will look more controlled andorganized on the magazines behalf such as page numbers.•Colours – use the same colour scheme as the front page cover to make it look moreconsistent.•Large clear font•Features section•Quotes from various articles•Page title which is contents page at the top of the page with the date of the magazine.
  22. 22. Photos for magazine
  23. 23. Photos for magazine
  24. 24. LIIAR AnalysisLanguage: The design of the magazine masthead is very signature, being that in every Q magazine, themast head is red and white, in the same font, the same size and in the same position which is top left corner,this way people will be able to recognize the magazine straightaway just by looking at it. The image plays alarge part in the visual language, it covers the whole front cover showing readers part of the content of themagazine, it is a close up shot and contains many connotations, one being the sex appeal of Florence as she isalready known for being a sex symbol the seductive pose on this cover emphasises this more which couldattract readers. The colour scheme used within text has been based around the image of Florence, the whitetext has been used to ensure it stands out against her ginger hair and the blue text used for bullet points andpugs have also being used based around the image to match her eye shadow and eyeliner used in the image. ‘Ifeel so alone’ which is a pull quote, has being placed on the front cover to show the content of the magazine totry and convince people to purchase the magazine.Ideology: This magazine is mainstream and not in the sense, in terms of it’s popularity, this magazine ismainstream because it is the UK’s most popular music magazine. But it’s also not mainstream because it isspecifically a music magazine so it won’t appeal to everybody, only those interested in music. There are manyvalues that the magazine expresses and communicates to its audience such as beauty which is shown throughthe image of Florence and the machine, which may influence female readers to aspire to look like her.Institution: Q magazine is published by Bauer Media group which is multinational media company whichoperates 15 countries worldwide and was found in 1875.Worldwide circulation of Bauer Media groupmagazine title to about 38 million magazines a week.Audience: Q Magazine target audience is towards the older generation which is over 25 years old, yet also38% of the readers are ages from 15-24 meaning that the target audience for Q magazine is becoming moresuited to the younger generations.Representation: Q magazine represents its values through the choice of musical artists or groups tofeature in the magazine, the photography used in Q is usually an up-close shot of the artist which couldrepresent their body language or emotions which would make it more intimate with the readers and themagazine. The choice of the colour scheme could also represent the mood of the magazine, the colour schemeused usually is bright colours as the masthead is red and white which could represent the magazine as positiverather than negative. Q magazine represent their values through the images that they use on their front covers.