Effectiveness of Treatments in PT
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Effectiveness of Treatments in PT






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    Effectiveness of Treatments in PT Effectiveness of Treatments in PT Presentation Transcript

    • Effectiveness of Treatments in Physical Therapy
      Megan Vogelsong
    • Active assist exercise
      Active resistive exercise
      Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)
      830 Laser
      Some types of PT Treatments
    • Help maintain joint flexibility & muscle strength
      Move limbs through normal or available range of motion
      Heal slides
      Effective, but needs consistency and possibly a longer treatment plan
      More effective in less severe cases
      Active Assist Exercise
    • Active Assist Exercise
      Heal Slides:
      -help with range of motion and strength in knee
      -1to 3 sets, 8 to 12 repetitions, multiple times per week
      -as strength increases, increase sets and repetitions
    • Increase strength of muscles & generate greater force
      Use of weights may be used in treatment
      Three steps:
      1. perform a small number of repetitions until patient feels fatigue
      2. allow sufficient rest between exercise for recovery
      3. increase resistance as ability to generate force increases
      Active Resistive Exercise
    • Active Resistive Exercise Cont.
      Healthy people also use them to help increase athletic performance
      Decrease risk factors for osteoporosis
      Help regain strength
      Long-term benefits usually uncertain unless keep up with rehabilitation
      Pulmonary rehabilitation patients maintain benefits
    • Active Resistive Exercises
      Treatment gives reasonable improvement to some, especially elderly & is effective to many people, but more so in less severe cases
      Exercises can help improve osteoarthritis of knees in elderly
      -Increase in muscle spasms
      -Increase in force required through healing tissues such as bones after fractures
    • Generates high frequency sound waves through a round-headed probe
      Sound waves travel deep into tissues and create mild heat
      Heat draws blood into tissues which delivers oxygen and nutrients while removing wastes from cells
      Reduces pain and inflammation
      Decrease muscle spasms
      Accelerate healing
    • Effectiveness on reducing pain is still questioned
      Tests conducted and none showed evidence of pain relief
      May still be effective if used more frequently and over a longer period of time
      Ultrasound Effectiveness
    • Ultrasound
      -gel is used on skin to help move probe and generate heat
      -different intensities
      -circular motions and waves produce tingling sensation
      -usually done for 3-5 minutes
    • Helps a specific injured area
      Used for muscle, joint, tendon, or nerve pain, inflammation, and many others
      Decreases muscle and joint tightness
      Decreases inflammation
      Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Simulation (TENS)
    • Compared to mechanically administered massages:
      38% of patients felt a decrease in pain with massage
      85% of patients saw improvements with stimulation
      Thus, stimulation is very effective
    • TENS Treatment
      Surround affected area with four small electrode pads
      Pads hooked to device that sends a certain frequency of electrodes back and forth through the affected area
    • Very similar to TENS, but only uses two patches, one of which containing ion medication
      Administer medication deeper into tissues (1-3 cm)
      Safe and cost effective
      Conditions usually disappear in six or less treatments
      Used to treat inflammation, localized pain, fungal infections, small ulcers, calcium deposits, trigger points, and plantar warts
    • Iontophoresis
      Small risk of tissue burns and blistering from high intensities or skin that was not cleaned properly
      Very Successful Treatment:
      Only takes about six treatments
      Can help severe cases
      Ion medication major plus
      Different ions for different situations
    • Iontophoresis
    • Newer advancement to PT
      Comparable to ultrasound, but no heat
      Reduces pain and decreases inflammation
      Regenerates tissues
      90% effective rate in patients
      Thus, very effective treatment
      Will most likely be used for many more years in the future
      830 Laser
    • 830 Laser
      -sends lights (photons) into injured tissues and stimulates healing while reducing pain instantly
      -photons stimulate and energize cells to repair and strengthen them at extremely fast rates
      -treatment does not wear off, but increases the body’s healing abilities
    • Most effective treatments:
      Active resistive exercises
      Stimulation (TENS)
      830 Laser
    • -Depends on injury or disability
      -Depends on individual person
      -Some treatments may work great for some people while they may not work at all for others
      -Bright future for physical therapy with continued advancements in technology
      Conclusion Continued