Why the new and improved siri has gotten me all excited


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Why the new and improved siri has gotten me all excited

  1. 1. While no mention of the highly anticipated iPhone 5 was made during the recently concluded World Wide Developers Convention (WWDC) 2012, the new iOS 6 was heavily discussed, which was more than enough to show what the iPhone 5 will be capable of, since the mobile operating system will largely define how it will function as a gadget. Suffice it to say, the news of the new OS was enough to whet the Apple aficionados’ appetites and prompt a quick selling of old iPhones in exchange for the 5 once it comes out; and the new and improved Siri was a big part of that excitement.First of all – and quite expectedly, of course – is Siri’s expanding of her linguistic capabilities. Because more thanenough organic data was gathered during her beta stage stint with the iPhone 4S, Siri is now able todifferentiate between more English regional differences. Furthermore, she is now able to communicate in morelanguages than ever, adding Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and others to her repertoire.Another expected yet still handy upgrade to Siri is her increased knowledge database, particularly in mattersrelating to sports, dining, and film. For instance, ask Siri which upcoming movie will be from Christopher Nolan,and not only will she answer with, “That would be The Dark Knight Rises,” but she will also show you trailers of thefilm, along with links to more information regarding production details, actors, and whatnot via links to RottenTomatoes, as well as cinema listings where the film is pre-booked for showing.Another Siri feature which is sure to encourage old iPhone trade ins is her integration with other apps on theiPhone; a furthering of the centralization concept first introduced by Apple with the iOS 5 and the iCloud. Inmuch the same way that the aforementioned cloud storage network doubles as a central file-sharing hub for auser’s Apple gadgets, so Siri doubles as a central access program for most (if not all) of a gadget’s apps. That is,users will no longer need to navigate back and forth between apps to manage even the simplest tasks liketweeting messages and updating Facebook statuses. Everything can now be done with Siri’s help. Just tell herwhat you need done, and she will get right to it, further extending her role as a virtual assistant program.
  2. 2. But by far the most practical application of Siri yet is her so-called “eyes-free” functionality; a take-off obviously from the term “hands-free.” This is the usage of Siri as a means to make using the iPhone while driving a safe and useful supplement (and yes, I used variations of the word “use” three, erm, four times; that’s how handy this new application is). The iPhone will be connected to the car’s dashboard, and will be activated by a button on the steering wheel, thus allowing the driver to use (there it is again!) the iPhone solely through Siri’s voice- command function. This sounds to me like one step closer to a fully functioning K.I.T.T. (all those who grew up after the 80’s, look it up); and if this is the direction that voice-command technology is headed, the near future is looking to be a very exciting time indeed.So again, no word of when the iPhone 5 will be released, but the iOS 6 announcement has painted quite apicture of how the iPhone 5 could work; and I for one can’t wait to sell my old iPhone and replace it with thenew one once the 5 arrives or else I’m going to sell my laptop for cash.Source: Technomatichttp://emdhie.blog.com/2012/07/23/why-the-new-and-improved-siri-has-gotten-me-all-excited/