To do’s on halloween with blackberry


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To do’s on halloween with blackberry

  1. 1. To-Do’s on Halloween With BlackBerry
  2. 2. You could not imagine your October ending with a plain, very normalevening. If it’s Halloween, there will always be an exception.Halloween started as an ancient belief that people who havedetached themselves from their bodies will come and walk with us onthat day. So, in order for people to protect themselves fromharm, they sell BlackBerry phones and buy spooky costumes to keepaway the scary manifestation of those who parted from the physicalworld. Halloween has become a cultural thing to celebrate every endof October. This fun occasion is not just scaring the souls out of livingpeople but to eat a pound of candy and have a really good timescaring others.Nowadays you do everything on your smartphone. It helps youorganize what you should do, guides where you have beentrekking, and when to go home or out. What should you be doing thisHalloween with your BlackBerry? Should you just go home and watchscary movies alone? Go out, party and scare the intoxicated people?Here’s a wrapped up list of the best activities this Halloween:
  3. 3. Go trick or treatingDuh? Who wouldn’t? This is one of the activitiesthat you shall never miss. Make sure to bring a bigbag so that you can bring back tons of candy.You just have to hope that you finish eating all thecandy before the holidays start.
  4. 4. Decorate your houseWhy not make your house haunted? Put thosewitch figurines and fake cobwebs in your trees togive that scary effect. People will make your housean instant tourist destination. You may want to addsounds so that you can scare more people and thefeel would be more realistic.
  5. 5. Go to a Halloween partyThis is strictly for adults. Get people’s attention bywearing the sexiest or the coolest Halloween outfit.You can just sell BlackBerry Curve handsets to get thatdream outfit. Dance your night away to keep the badghosts away from you. Scare them not by theambiance, scare them by your killer outfit and moves.
  6. 6. Visit a real haunted houseWhat better way to be haunted than to go to ahaunted house? Spook yourself and your friends. Thisway, you can really feel the Halloween in you. Happyhaunting and hunting ghosts. You’re better off justseeing one to make the experience worthremembering.
  7. 7. Go to a zooYou want something unique? Go to a zoo. Thisway, you are educating yourself about the animalsand getting the scary experience by doing it at night.You would not only mind the scary animals makingunrecognizable sounds, think about the guardscouting around the place.
  8. 8. Join the paradeSome cities host Halloween parades. Go with yourfriends and family to enjoy a good spectacle. If youcan’t afford to watch, you may want to sell BlackBerryBold phones and get the cash needed.
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