Why research in motion just can’t get back in the game


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Why research in motion just can’t get back in the game

  1. 1. Why Research In Motion Just Can’t Get Back in the GameSource:http://technogoblog.wordpress.com/2012/08/14/why-research-in-motion-just-cant-get-back-in-the-game/
  2. 2. It actually came to a point where it seemed like Research In Motion was finallygetting itself back in the running. At last May BlackBerry World 2012 convention, theBlackBerry 10 gave a rather impressive showing, giving hope to consumers whowere about ready to resign andsell used electronics specifically their BlackBerrys inanticipation of the company’s demise. RIM CEO ThorsteinHeins has gone on recordcountless times saying that the company had pulled out all the stops to ensure thatthe BB 10 would be their saving grace, and the mobile OS definitely showed thatpotential at the event.Fast forward just a month later, though, and RIM is now looking at last resortdecisions with split-and-merger options, even going so far as to consider licensingoff their much vaunted secure messaging technology to third-party companies justto try and stay afloat. Going back to square one was brought about by Apple’sown tech demo event; and the part of me that roots for the Davidsnotwithstanding, I have to say that Apple truly deserves all the accolades (andmarket share) that it gets.At the recently concluded World Wide Developers Convention 2012, Appleunveiled their own mobile operating system that resoundingly trumps the BlackBerry10, possibly prompting even the most stalwart Berry aficionados to finally considerSource:http://technogoblog.wordpress.com/2012/08/14/why-research-in-motion-just-cant-get-back-in-the-game/
  3. 3. trading in BlackBerrys for iPhones. Apple’s iOS 6 makes a strong case of portablegadgets becoming even more relevant than ever by extending its functionalitybeyond even the physical limitations of the gadgets the OS is housed in.Two of the most noteworthy features of theiOS 6 are the new Maps app and themuch improved Siri. With Maps, Apple ups the ante for navigation programs byimplementing two key features that are sure to become program standards in theyears to come. The first one is the “turn-by-turn” function, which makes theonscreen map turn relative to the direction a user is facing, eliminating the need toconstantly reorient one’s “inner compass” every now and again. The second is theFlyover mode, which is a 3D rendering of a city where a user can manipulate thecamera every which way to get the most detailed view of a desired destination.More impressive is the new and improved Siri. Aside from the expected increase inaccent and language recognition, she has also expanded her virtual assistant roleby assimilating herself further with the iGadgets’ many apps. Moreover, Apple hasplans to integrate their iDevices with car systems to give drivers the so-called “eyes-free” assistance via Siri. That is, Siri will be handling everything a driver needs helpwith, whether it’s in navigating an area, checking the statuses of a car’s parts, orSource:http://technogoblog.wordpress.com/2012/08/14/why-research-in-motion-just-cant-get-back-in-the-game/
  4. 4. composing an email. And of course, the driver can always talk with Siri during thoselong boring drives.It is forward thinking like this that consistently puts Apple on top. If RIM hopes to seea resurgence anytime soon and put a stop to consumers selling used BlackBerrys forsomething better, it had better start taking notes from the competition.And if you have decided to sell your Blackberry, Try Cash4Laptops.com.Source:http://technogoblog.wordpress.com/2012/08/14/why-research-in-motion-just-cant-get-back-in-the-game/