Mountain Lion Now Released


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Mountain Lion Now Released

  1. Mountain Lion Now Released Recently, Apple released their latest version of the Mac OS X, Mountain Lion. It has plenty of features that make it good partner software to iOS devices, which we’ll take a look at in a bit.One thing you should know about this software is that the aesthetics are prettymuch the same. Apple has only added to, not changed, the software. This makesMountain Lion easily navigable if you’ve already invested in the Apple ecosystem.So without further ado, let’s take a look at iOS features that Mountain Lion has andsee if it’s a worthy product.
  2. MessagesYou may have heard that there are several iOS features making their wayinto OS X. Well, that rumor is true, and you’ll get a taste of the crossoverwith Messages.With Messages, you can send unlimited messages to iOS devices. Thisincludes the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It’s truly impressive, becausethe whole Apple ecosystem is brought closer together.Not only can you send messages, but you can also send files, videos andpictures. Of course, old iChat features such as encryption and the abilityto use login to other instant messaging services make a return.Image Source:
  3. NotificationsHere’s one of the more noticeable additions to OS X, because you’ll basically see itplenty of times throughout the day.If you have an iOS 5 device, then you know that you get a handy notification barthat you can access wherever you are. This feature makes its debut in OS X, andyou’ll really use it.Your accounts, such as email, reminders and messages will all be relegated toNotifications. By pulling it down, you can quickly reply to your notifications (whenapplicable) and do other stuff as well.It works by making banners appear at the top right of your screen. It stays there fora few seconds and then goes into Notifications.Image Source:
  4. iCloudTying all the iOS features together is iCloud. This feature syncs several apps andother bits of data you have into every iOS and Mac device you own.This means that all of your emails, contacts, reminders, notes, photos and other stuffwill appear on your iPhone, just as it appears on your Mac. This gives you easyaccess to all of your essential files without the need for USB drives anymore.Your whole life is synced with iCloud.Image Source:
  5. RemindersAnother iOS feature, Reminders is a great addition to the already impressive OS Xfeatures mentioned before.Reminders, as you’d expect, work by creating reminders (duh) so that you won’tforget all of your essential meetings, appointments and other stuff to do.You can create lists for your groceries, or basically every other thing that you don’twant to forget. Overall, this is pretty easy to use, as with other Apple services. Itmight not be revolutionary, but it is handy to have.ConclusionThere are plenty of other features, but the ones discussed here merit the mostattention. It’s highly likely that the features mentioned here will be the first onesyou’ll try.Sell old laptop now and experience the new Mac OS X, Mountain Lion.Article Source: