Looking Forward to the Future: What the iOS 6 Will Bring to the Table


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Looking Forward to the Future: What the iOS 6 Will Bring to the Table

  1. 1. Looking Forward to the Future: What the iOS 6 Will Bring to the TableMore than a few people were disappointed with the news,or lack thereof, of the iPhone 5 at the recently concludedWorld Wide Developers Convention (WWDC) 2012. This isespecially biting since a lot of these people (myselfincluded) were more than eager to sell their old iPhonesandswitch to the iPhone 5 once it comes out. Nevertheless, ourcollective disappointments were quickly dashed withApple’s presentation of the iOS 6 and all the nifty featuresthe new mobile operating system brings to the table.Two of these features are the new Maps app and the muchimproved Siri. With Maps, Apple finally broke away from
  2. 2. Google integration and instead built a navigation app fromthe ground up. It incorporates the staples like detailedmappings and GPS, along with handy conveniences like on-the-fly traffic updates and even accident reports. It also hasa very useful “turn-by-turn navigation” feature which, putsimply, rotates the map displayed onscreen relative to auser’s position at any given time. That is, if the user lookssouth, so too will the Maps reflect this change in orientation.Especially cool among Maps’ functions is its Flyover mode,which is basically a 3D rendering of (as of the moment)some cities that a user can zoom in and out of, and flythrough and over; a Superman’s-eye view, if you will. This isgreat as it gives a user a fairly good idea of what his/herdestination will look like. As technology develops, expect
  3. 3. this Flyover mode to become commonplace in futurenavigation systems.While Maps is admittedly impressive, what may prompt mostusers totrade in their iPhones for the new one is a vastlyimproved Siri. For one thing, because of the sheer amount oforganic data gathered during her beta stage stint with theiPhone 4S, Siri has significantly increased her speechrecognition capabilities, now able to differentiate betweenmore English regional differences. Moreover, she has addedto the number of languages she can converse in as well,with Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, and more joining herrepertoire.Sirihas also expanded her role as a virtual assistant byintegrating herself more and more with the iGadgets’ apps.No longer will users have to browse back and forth betweenapps to do quick tasks like tweet messages or
  4. 4. updateFacebook statuses; they can just tell Siri what theyneed done and she takes care of the rest without users everhaving to leave the Siri app.By far the most awesome Siri function is her plannedintegration with automobile electronics. By hooking up aniPhone on a car’s dashboard to be activated by a buttonon the steering wheel, Siri now becomes an “eyes-free”program designed to assist the driver with tasks like GPSnavigation, message compositions, and even phoneconversations, all without the driver ever having to turn hiseyes away from the road. And since Siri will be connectedelectronically to a car’s systems, another possible functionwould be for her to let the driver know if any parts aremalfunctioning or if the car is just plum out of gas. With suchtechnology already existing now, can a real-life K.I.T.T. (ofKnight Rider fame; look it up) be that far behind?Indeed, theiOS 6 is looking to radically change the waypeople lead their everyday lives, and I would want nothingbut the best device running it on the most optimal settingspossible. I’ll be sure to sell my laptop and old iPhone andget the iPhone 5 once it comes out, and you should too.You’ll be glad you did.Source:http://cash4laptopsreview.blogspot.com/2012/07/looking-forward-to-future-what-ios-6.html