Laptop High – End AMD GPU Lineup


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Laptop High – End AMD GPU Lineup

  1. 1. Laptop High – End AMD GPU Lineup In the world of graphics cards, there are only two names out there – NVIDIA and AMD. It seems like NVIDIA is having all the fun, while AMD doesn’t get the spotlight. However, the numbers don’t lie. AMD makes more money than NVIDIA! They also employ almost twice the number of people – they have 11,000 compared to NVIDIA’s 6000.With that in mind, let’s take a look at their Mobility Radeon, their high – end GPU’sfor laptops and see how it performs, because they certainly deliver. We’ll look atthree GPU’s: the 6970M, 6990M and the 7970M.Source:
  2. 2. 6970MDespite being a generation old, the advancements that AMD made to theirMobility Radeon series makes the 6000 future proof. That means you can playgames that will be released in the next few years without any problems.To give you proof on how good this mobile GPU can perform, look no farther thanthe demanding Max Payne 3. It can run on ultra with a playable 26.7 fps, using 30fps as the acceptable benchmark. Other games such as Diablo III run a blistering64 fps on Ultra. Skyrim can also run at 30 fps with everything cranked to the max.Laptops that carry this configuration are the first generation Samsung Series Gamer7 notebooks. Canadian builder Eurocomalso carries it in a couple of their laptops,as well as Alienware. If you can find these laptops, it’ll be a bargain due to theprice drop.Source:
  3. 3. 6990MThe second best GPU of AMD doesn’t fail to impress. The improvements over the6970M are incremental, but in the world of gaming, any increase in performance issubstantial.To give you an idea, this laptop can run Max Payne 3 at 29 fps, which is very closeto the 30 fps benchmark. Mind you, it can run at 29 fps on ultra. Other games likethe popular Crysis 2 can run at a very playable 35, ensuring smooth gameplay.Again, settings are on ultra.However, the game does has its limits. The GPU fails to deliver when it Battlefield 3takes its turn. It only manages to churn out 21 fps on ultra. However, loweringsettings to high yields a wonderful rate of 52 fps. The results are almost the same forMetro 2033. You get 20 fps on ultra, and a sudden increase to 58 on high settings.Source:
  4. 4. 7970MNow, we come to AMD’s current flagship GPU, currently the only 7000 series mobileGPU on AMD’s lineup. Featuring automatic switching between dedicated andintegrated GPU’s (called Enduro) AMD sets a new standard in performance, whilemaintaining a lower price point than other flagship NVIDIA cards.To give you a taste of this GPU’s performance, we turn back to Max Payne 3. Withthis GPU, the game runs at a very impressive 38.2 fps, and that’s just the minimumrate. For Battlefield 3, you get a rate somewhere 34 – 38 fps. Note that both gamesare on ultra.Few laptops carry this GPU. One is Alienware’s M17x and Origin’s EON 17 – S.Eurocom also carries this GPU in some of their laptops.If you want to have more power, you can go with the Alienware M18x, where youcan put two 7970M cards together for hugely increased frame rates!Source:
  5. 5. ConclusionWith these three cards, AMD looks to be a very competitive alternative to NVIDIA’slineup. They’re very affordable yet deliver the same results.Source: