Improving Gaming Performance on Your Laptop


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Improving Gaming Performance on Your Laptop

  1. 1. Improving Gaming Performance on Your LaptopLet’s say you want to play some games on your laptop, but the graphics card is notup to snuff. Well, you won’t be able to enjoy the latest games at maximum levels.The best you can do is to lower down settings while playing at your laptop’s nativeresolution and hope for the best. Another thing you can do is sell your laptopaltogether and get a new one.Source:
  2. 2. However, there are several ways to try and improve your laptop’s performancewithout spending a single nickel:Update the DriversUpdating the drivers is one of the easiest things you can do to improve gamingperformance. Normally, games are very picky when it comes to hardware.Sometimes, a game works great on an NVIDIA card, but suddenly performs poorlyon an AMD card. This can be attributed to old drivers.New drivers optimize the hardware to work smoothly with supported software suchas games to make sure performance is enhanced.If you’ve never updated the drivers of your laptop, now is the time. You’ll get aconsiderable boost in performance.Source:
  3. 3. Overclocking the Graphics CardWhen you think of overclocking, it usually applies to processors. Clock speed or GHzis increased dramatically to improve overall performance.Since a video card also uses a processor, the same concept can be applied.Overclocking the GPU can yield better performance whenever allowed.It isn’t a really complicated thing. Manufacturers typically supply laptops with theirown software to overclock the card. It’s really easy. Just adjust the sliders to theright to increase the speed and that’s it.Beware though, overclocking increases heat, so it’s best to increase it in smalldoses. If you’re not sure how much you can push the card, look online. Someoneelse has probably done it for you.Source:
  4. 4. Adjust Your Power SettingsIf you have a laptop with a dedicated graphics card then you actually have twographics cards. One is the integrated GPU, the other one is dedicated.The integrated GPU works fine, allowing you to enjoy HD videos. Anything morethan that, you need a dedicated GPU.Your laptop can recognize these two cards and you if your card is high end, theycan switch back and forth automatically to save battery life. However, somelaptops don’t work that way. You have to set it manually.Other laptops, like Apple’s MacBook, make use of the GPU only when it is pluggedin. That’s because dedicated GPU’s suck a lot of life from your laptop.Source:
  5. 5. Closing Running ApplicationsOther games don’t rely that much on graphics. Sometimes, they rely more onprocessing. Examples include strategy games like the Command and Conquerseries. Action games include Skyrim, which rely on heavy processing to make sureweather, physics and other stuff work great.One thing you can do to improve speed is to shut down any other applications youare running before playing. Things like an open browser, music player and otherstuff contribute to the laptop’s use of processing power.By closing them, you are focusing all the available power on the games.ConclusionYou don’t have to drop big bucks to play games on a laptop. It’s really easyenough. All you need is a little patience and you’re good. But if you want to get ridof your laptop, better tosell your laptop and get a new one!Source: