Greenpeace ranks RIM the lowest on the Green Electronics list


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Greenpeace ranks RIM the lowest on the Green Electronics list

  1. 1. Greenpeace Ranks RIM the Lowest on the Green Electronics List More on BlackBerry’s Recycling Program Unlike Apple, Research in Motion (RIM) has not really gotten through the „environmental hype‟ happening amongst its fellow tech giants.byFrancis T.This was definitely not cool for the worldwide environmentalorganization, Greenpeace that has been tracking downcarbon footprints and environmental progress forcompanies worldwide.In November last year, Greenpeace released the Guide toGreener Electronicswhich lists 15 electronics manufacturersand companies and ranks them based on theirenvironmental-friendly programs. The list included Hewlett-Packard (HP) which ranked first and leaped three places inthe rankings compared to its previous performance. It wasfollowed by Dell and Nokia which fell in the second andthird place respectively. Apple‟s environmental buybackand operations reports helped it in ranking fourth on the list.RIM, however, landed in the last spot because, according
  2. 2. to Greenpeace, it has to improve on “reporting anddisclosure of its environmental performance.”Actually, RIM does have a recycling program. ButGreenpeace was right in the improvements the techcompany needs to make with their reporting and disclosure.For one thing, if you check out BlackBerry‟s website, you‟llcome up with nothing but the affirmation that they dorecycle their products. There are no environmental reportson their products and not even an article discussing theirrecycling program in details. We did find an article thatdiscussed RIM‟s long-existing recycling program.The BlackBerry Sync site posted an article in 2009 thatdiscusses the BlackBerry Trade Up System. According to this,RIM has partnered with Flipswap Inc. to manage theBlackBerry Trade Up System. Flipswap is a recyclingcompany that is independently owned and operated andis devoted to recycling handy electronics like mobilephones.If you‟re interested in getting into a BlackBerry trade in hereare a few things you have to remember. First, you have tobe sure to give a clear description of the BlackBerrysmartphones that you will be trading for checks (yes,check). It is also your responsibility to wipe out all theimportant information on your BlackBerry handheld device.Also ensure that there are no locks on your BB phone andthat the password is reset to 0000.Also, to get your trade in credit or Promotional BonusQuantity, you have to buy a new BlackBerry smartphone.You should also have proof of your purchase of a BlackBerrywithin 30 days of the BlackBerry trade in program. The unit
  3. 3. has to be bought new from an authorized BlackBerry dealerand to complete the transaction you will need to send yourproof of purchase, as well as the box and the phone. Noworries about the expenses though, because the companyhas a pre-paid shipping label. Most of all, remember that ifthe phone traded in is too old or too damaged, the phonewill probably be recycled. You may also opt to have a treeplanted through the re-leaf project in Louisiana orNicaragua.These things however, including the procedures of theBlackBerry trade in program were not indicated on theBlackBerry website. Well, we‟re waiting for RIM to add this totheir to-do pile. Meanwhile, some sites have BlackBerry trade in schemes youmay want to try! Check out the how-to‟shere! Source: _lowest_on_the_green_electronics_list#.UIWTSIZ4bvY Connect with us!