Alienware’s Most Insane Laptop
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Alienware’s Most Insane Laptop

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When you get this laptop, all you will want to do is pop in your best game, crank the settings to max and enjoy the ride.

When you get this laptop, all you will want to do is pop in your best game, crank the settings to max and enjoy the ride.

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  • 2. Alienware is at the top of the world when it comes to gaming laptops. Theyare known for their impressive customer support and of course, theiramazing products.Their laptops are very unique because of the way they look, and themultitude of customization options. Known for being very impressive whenit comes to power, they broke new ground when they released the M18x.You can sell your laptop for the M18x, because when you buy this one, youwon’t get a new laptop for years.LooksThe look of the Alienwarelaptop is what put them on the map. From afar, you’ll mistake itfor the control panel of a spaceship. It’s filled with plenty of colors that you can customizeto your liking. Even places that aren’t usually illuminated have light! There’s light in thetouchpad, vents, the logo in front and even more places.Overall, this laptop is a behemoth, which you will see why. It weighs 12.9 pounds! It’salso 2.13 inches thick.Display
  • 3. DisplayThe display is probably the biggest youwill see in a laptop – 18 inches! Yes,you’re given an 18.4 – inch display with1080p HD resolution. It’s very bright andit has anti – glare coating.You won’t have to be annoyed with glareanymore wherever you go. It has verywide viewing angles, making sure youdon’t miss a single detail of your game.Sweet!HardwareLet’s get to the meat of the laptop. Justrecently, Alienware released an updateon their M18x line, so now it has thethird generation Intel Core i7processor.You have five i7 processors to choosefrom, and the most expensive option isoverclocked to 4.1 GHz. With anoverclocked processor, you won’t haveany problems playing your games,especially now that the processor isimproved.RAM starts at 6GB, which is actually more than enough for your needs. If you’re playinggames one at a time, then you won’t experience any performance issues at all. If youwant though, you can amp it up to 32 GB!With the video card you have the option not only to use one graphics card, but two! Youcan choose between AMD and NVIDIA for your video card/s.What are the benefits? Well it depends on you. One graphics card is enough to playeverything you need, but if you’re porting to a bigger display, like an HDTV - thenhaving two video cards helps.To make things even better, you have plenty of hard drives to choose from. You canalso choose solid state drives to make things even faster!
  • 4. Other FeaturesThis laptop is lined up with four USB 3.0ports, a 9 – in – 1 card reader, HDMIports and other stuff that you might nothave a use for anyway. That’s howdecked this laptop is. If this were a car,would have enough features to survive azombie apocalypse three times over.ConclusionWith the ability to change the colors of the backlit keyboard (yes, you can!)the M18x is a laptop filled with so many features that you may not even getto maximize them.When you get this laptop, all you will want to do is pop in your best game,crank the settings to max and enjoy the ride.Source: Cash4Laptops-review