Our film pitch -reflection


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Our film pitch -reflection

  1. 1. By Megan, Charlotte, Joely & Taylor.
  2. 2. A paranormal activity.. doubled...The idea of our film, is that it will include a young innocent girl called Rosie; played by Chloe Grace Moretz, living a normal childhood, doing the normal things a child should do. It will focus on her going through a stage of having an ‘Imaginary friend’, who she enjoys being with and likes the company of this friend. As the film progresses, unnatural events start to unveil, people start to go missing and shows the difference of the young girl and how she slowly looses her innocence. She starts to get obsessed with her friend and becomes quite psychopathic over it, as she won’t leave her room and won’t communicate with anyone. Her mum becomes worried and scared of her own daughter and doesn’t know what to do. By this time the audience will feel like its the ‘imaginary friend’ that’s committing the un-natural crimes and having thoughts of it being a Demon, yet by the end of the film they’ll finally realise that it’s Rosie doing the crimes herself, as she is possessed by this demon. The film will show the events happening discretely and how Rosie doesn’t realise what she is doing is wrong. Will she be possessed forever? What will happen next?
  3. 3. • The reason we have chosen to call our film ‘Reflection’, is because it’s based on the young girl, Rosie, and how her ‘imaginary friend’ is the reflection of herself, because as the film resolves it shows that it was her all along doing the crimes and is possessed by the demon and looking in the mirror she see’s the reflection of herself, yet it’s the demon inside her.
  4. 4. The genre of our film will be a supernatural/ physcopathic horror, which will consist of many spine chilling events through out.The film that has inspired us to choose this genre for our film is, Paranormal Activity.Our film will be based in a small, abandoned country - side town, in England.
  5. 5. • The target audience for our film will be ranged from the ages of 15-35 and rated a 15.• The reasons for our film being targeted at this age range is because teenagers would be interested in this type of horror, and if it was rated any younger, younger children could get disturbed by this and wouldn’t understand as much. The reason for it being aged up to around 35 years old is that these type of genre film almost always appeals to majority of people, as they may like the frill and excitement of the events taken place.
  6. 6. • Our film will be released in the Winter (September- December). The reason for this will be, that the cold weather will add to the atmosphere/mood of the film, making it more scary and the cold weather usually drives people to the cinema.
  7. 7. • Our film will be quite a high budgeted film, but not as much as high budgeted films that consist of special effects.• We are expecting to have well known famous actors in it, so we are aware of the cost they would be to feature in our film.• The film budget of our film would ranged to 15-20 million.
  8. 8. Rosie (young possessed girl)- Chloe Grace MortezRosie’s mum- Anne HathawayDoctor/Psychiatrist- Colin Thirth
  9. 9. • The reason for the stars that are going to feature in our film are, firstly we have chosen Chloe Grace Mortez as she is known for her talented acting skills at such a young age, being in the likes of ‘Kick Ass’, yet we are aware that this type of film has a very different genre to the film that we have made, yet we feel that the audience would be interested in what she would be like in a film like ours. She will play the young possessed girl, as she is known for her acting skills and would fit the part perfectly as she has an innocent girly look.• The reason for choosing Anne Hathaway as the mother of ‘Rosie’ is because she is a very well known, likeable actress and would fit a motherly part. We are aware that both her and Chloe Grace Mortez are American, yet they are able to put on British accents which would make them more likeable as actors.• Finally, the reason for Colin Firth starring in our film Is because he is a well known, British actor and is very likeable by the country, and will be playing the doctor/Psychiatrist, as he would play a very serious role and could bring very, very small elements of comedy into the film. These are all very different actress’ and actors yet we feel would work well and would appeal to the audience.
  10. 10. The director that we thought would fit best to our film isJames Wan, the reason for this is because he directed filmssuch as, Insidious, Saw and Dead Silence. All of these filmsare examples of horror movies, and even though James Wanis an Australian director, we feel he could work well with aBritish film, and would work perfect with the plot of our filmas the likes of ‘Insidious’ is very disturbing and frightening,just like our film.