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  • 1. Breakfasts Around The World Megan Rempel
  • 2. What do typical Chileans eat for breakfast?
    • Breakfast in Chile is very light and consists of one main thing, bread.
    •   Bread salesmen go door to door to sell bread for the morning breakfast or you can just drop by the corner bakery.
    • The two main breads are called marquetta and hallulah. 
    • Coffee or tea can be eaten with it 
    • and they have a very delicious 
    • topping called manjar, which is
    • like caramel.
  • 3. Breakfast in Belarus
    • In Belarus, a sort of pancake called Bliny is
    •                         popular. It came from Russia and
    •                         started to take over most of
    •                         Belarus. 
    • Apart from bliny, Belarians also can eat dumplings, cakes, or buns in the morning.
    • One of the well liked dumplings in Belarus is called calduny, and it is basically dough, with a filling, and some sauce.
  • 4. Morning Meals in Switzerland
    • The most common thing to eat in the morning in Switzerland would be called, muesli. It's a mix of nuts, fruit,
    • and raw grains, like oatmeal. 
    • Most people add milk or 
    • yogurt. Other think that can be
    • eaten for breakfast are, bread and butter, cereal, eggs and meat, and something called rosti potatoes. 
  • 5. Kenya's  Porridge
    • The usual morning routine in Kenya will most likely include some porridge, called uji, a super common morning snack.
    •                      Some main ingredients are, maize 
    •                      flour, milk, sorguhm, butter, suger
    •                      and some times salt. 
    •   Another name for this porridge is called mealie meal mop. 
    • Tea called chai is often eaten with uji.
  • 6. Chinese Breakfast
    • There are three main things that are eaten in china for breakfast. Dim sum,
    • noodles, and zongzi. Dim sum 
    • are little dumplings that are
    • usually deep fried or steamed. 
    • Zongzi is rice, in a pyramid shape, and wrapped in a leaf. They can be salty or sweet, have bean sauce with the rice or have pork or ham wrapped with it. 
    • Tea is one of the most common things to drink with breakfast.
  • 7. That is 5 breakfasts from around the world, I hope that I made you hungry! :D
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