Eex 4763 edgley, megan teachers in action service project

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  • 1. Megan Edgley [email_address] November 20, 2010 EEX 4763
  • 3. Introduction to the Host Setting
    • Brookshire Elementary School
    • Mission : To lead our students to success with the support and involvement of families and the community
    • Winter Park, Pre-k VE program
    • There are 6 students in this classroom.
  • 4. Engagement Activities
    • The activities I was engaged in consisted of; playground time, social skills, living skills, how to wash hands, personal space, and books on tape.
    • I fulfilled my hours by going every Monday and Tuesday for the first half of the fall semester. I finished the fifteen hours very fast seeing as I was there six hours a day, but kept going even after the 15 hours were completed.
  • 5. Get Connected
    • I got connected with Brookshire Elementary through my internship 1. This was my first placement of the fall semester.
    • I started my project by speaking to my teacher about the idea and getting her permission.
  • 6. Personal Demographics
    • I have always worked with ESE students. Throughout high school I participated in numerous Special Olympics as well as assisting special education teachers every Wednesday. My mom is a middle school teacher and every time I would go to work with her, I would always sit through the ESE classes instead. I also did my senior project in high school on Autism.
  • 7. Personal Demographics cont.
  • 8. Participant Demographics
    • The participants of this project ranged from age 3 to age 6. There was on ESOL student who spoke more Spanish then English. They were mostly students who had autism but there were also students that were EMH.
    • These students are considered persons with disabilities according to I.D.E.A. because they had early intervention services and also receive special education services.
    • I served 6 students with disabilities
  • 9. Demographics
  • 10. Demographics cont.
  • 11. Perceptions of Differences/Early Perceptions
    • I loved every minute of working with ESE students. It was a pleasure and I can’t wait to make it a full time job.
    • At first I was very nervous, but as time went on I became very familiar with the classroom. I was scared that I didn’t know what I was doing or that I would do something wrong.
    • I left this school feeling like I was very prepared for my first year of teaching. I now feel very confident in my skills.
    • The experience that had the most impact was actually how the students knew my name. The ones that were verbal expressed that they knew who I was and missed me when I wasn’t there. Changing these kids lives is what had the most impact on me.
  • 12. Connections to Your Course
    • I completed this project for EEX 4763- Technology for Classroom Teachers of Students with Special Needs
    • I have a much better understanding of how to implement technology in the classroom, how to use technology to fix behavioral issues, and also how to use technology for rewards and consequences.
    • I had the opportunity to use a speech synthesizer with one of my students, allowed students to use enlarged print to keep them focused on the task rather then bad behaviors, and also how to use a computer as a reward or take it away as a consequence. Due to these experiences, I now feel like I understand the benefit of using technology.
    • These experiences can prove to future bosses that I have an understanding of what will work the best to benefit my students.
  • 13. Civic Engagement
    • Volunteering is such a great way to get involved and help out the community. It helped me feel so much better about myself as a person and life.
    • I learned more within this service learning project then I did throughout my whole undergraduate degree classes alone.
    • This experience helped me want to become more engaged in the special education setting and made me so anxious to start my own classroom!
    • I would absolutely recommend service learning to other students. It was a great experience that helped me become the teacher that I am going to be. It helped me love this job even more.
  • 14. Final Thoughts/Reflection
    • I learned so much about assistive technology and can’t wait to be able to implement it in the future.
    • My future steps are to go to grad school and to become an ESE teacher!