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  • If people are talking about your brand positively, leave them to it! And only jump in when fact correction is required Answer when called, but don't wade in unannounced If someone is asking for help, help!


  • 1. Twitter trainingYou are encouraged to live-tweet this training. @handtomouthb #advocacytweets
  • 2. What isTwitter? At its heart, A database @handtomouthb #advocacytweets
  • 3. A film – What is twitter for? • This is the data twitter collects • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddO9idmax0o@handtomouthb#advocacytweets
  • 4. Twitter Basics • @mentions • Hashtags • DMs • RTs • Lists • Schedules@handtomouthb#advocacytweets
  • 5. Assignment 1: Engage a Stranger!• Find either: @georginamortime @meanwritehook or @garethjenkins76 on twitter• Read their tweets• Comment on one of them with an @mention, say something interesting• Wait for the reply! @handtomouthb #advocacytweets
  • 6. Clients vs. Web vs. mobile @handtomouthb #advocacytweets• Programmes that access the database• Different functionality and improve the ability to observe/collect information• Popular clients include tweetdeck, hootsuite etc.
  • 7. Tweetdeck Basics • Lets you manage multiple twitter accounts from one place • Lets you add unlimited numbers of coloumns to monitor people, hashtags, lists or key terms • @pragyavats@handtomouthb#advocacytweets
  • 8. But what is twitter FOR? • Tapping into communities (music, film, food, development, politics) • Getting news FIRST • Gossip and snooping!@handtomouthb#advocacytweets
  • 9. @handtomouthb@whatleydude’s top tips! #advocacytweets • Be yourself! • Add value – say things of interest • Identify yourself in your bio • ‘Thoughts own, not employers - where necessary • Use a tool such as Tweetdeck, to help monitor search terms around your interests/brand or key stakeholders • Engage! @people, follow people, speak to people, (add value - again).  • BE HUMAN • What is your OBJECTIVE?
  • 10. Question• Now that I’ve shown you some tips from someone on twitter, what should you do now? @handtomouthb #advocacytweets
  • 11. Things twitter has done for me?• Made friends!!!• Free dinners and drinks• Discounts on brands/companies I follow• Met friends of twitter friends (in strange cities)• Known things first• Insight into targets @handtomouthb #advocacytweets
  • 12. Warnings • It is easy easy easy to send DMs publicly via tweetdeck. Be very careful. • If managing multiple accounts make sure the tweet is going from the account you want • #GraceDentGate • Don’t just tweet about work, but don’t over-share@handtomouthb#advocacytweets
  • 13. The advocacy division on twitter• @flora_alexander • @david_mcnair• @lkreitzman • @jeanmclean• @handtomouthb • @rachep OTHERS• @alexcobham • @annabeletaylor @andrewwander• @berniearyeetey • @georginamortime @justinforsyth• @dooleykate • @rosie_parkin @rosiechilds• @zaratj • @kathrawe @humanitariancat• @amyagnew • @garethjenkins76• @sadmartlew • @liamjcrosby• @loueybird • @morningsimon• • @handtomouthb @sarahjacobssave And many more… #advocacytweets