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We conducted an online survey to see what people in our target audeince do/dont like in a music video and to get some feed back on our ideas to see what we should include in our music video to please our target market.

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Survey monkey

  1. 1. Audience Research Primary Research – Music video survey
  2. 2. My music video will be aimed mainly at the 16-21 age category as they appear to be the most common age to listen to watch music videos and who have chosen to fill out my hip-hop survey. Hopefully this age group will be the most likely to watch my music video too as they are my target audience.
  3. 3. It appears that in my survey that mainly females tend to watch music videos, although this result could be distorted by the fact that more females chose to fill out my survey rather than males. My music video will be aimed at bath male and females.
  4. 4. 38 white british, 1 Scottish, 1 black british, 3 black My music video survey shows that most people who would be interested in watching my music video are White British or Black British people, so I will try and include content that appeals to both ethnicities.
  5. 5. My music video survey shows that most people who filled it out enjoy watching and listening to hip-hop music over any other genre music. This result will be reflected in my music video as it will be in the hiphop genre and will comply to most of the typical conventions of hip hop music videos.
  6. 6. The majority of the people that filled in my survey say that they watch music videos daily, therefor my music video should be something that can be watched numerous times and not get boring. I think I can achieve this by the variety of dance moves and routines included in my video so people can learn it via watching the video multiple times.
  7. 7. A large amount of people who filled out my survey (43/48 people) said they watch music videos on YouTube which is an international website that thousands of people access a day which means that if I put my music video on YouTube it would have to appeal to people all over the world which I shall incorporate into my video.
  8. 8. Evidently the artist is the most important feature of a music video however it is clear people also enjoy an aspect choreography within a music video which I am planning on incorporating into my interpretation of a video.
  9. 9. There has been a mixed response as to weather viewers prefer a video with a narrative involved in it, however due to the fact most people seem to enjoy choreography in music videos (which don’t involve a narrative) it seems unlikely a story line would fit in with the music video as well.
  10. 10. The majority of the people who answered this question said either no or maybe for a normal music video, however due to the fact we are doing a hip hop music video dance routines are music more commonly seen, even if the viewer doesn’t want to learn them. Therefor in my own music video we shall include choreography that is relatively easy to learn so viewers who want to learn it can, whereas others can simply watch and enjoy it.
  11. 11. The average length of a songs music video is almost exactly 4 minutes. This result coincides with the responses to my music video survey, therefor I will aim for my music video to last around 4 minutes long so people enjoy it and don’t feel its going too fast or too slow.