Dragonfly pitch


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Dragonfly pitch

  2. 2. DETAILS OF BAND.• A 3 piece girl band from London.• GENRE- Pop Rock.• Guitar/vocals, bass and drums.• Got noticed at a talent scouting audition.• Signed to Rough Trade Indie Records.
  3. 3. BACKGROUND STORY.Dragonfly (Joely, Charlotte and Megan) were originally best friends when at their secondary schoolin South East London. They all took music at GCSE where they discovered their true passion formusic and talent. They each had specific instruments that they played and therefore decided tobecome a band, which was DRAGONFLY. They started off performing together in their sparetime, just for fun and pleasure, uploading videos to YouTube, MySpace and creating their firstgroup Facebook page. They first realised they had true potential when they won a music talentcompetition within their school called Battle of the Bands. This inspired them to take it moreseriously and realised they wanted to aspire to be a famous, successful girl band. With this in mindthroughout the next 4 years, they gigged at as many venues as possible, for example, local schoolsevents, local pubs, main park festivals, charity events etc. At the age of 18 the girls were now oldenough to enter higher talent auditions. They found about a local talent scouting, which they wentand auditions for, where they were noticed by the Record company, Indie label Rough Trade.Rough Trade then took on Dragonfly and put them on the market, where they performed to largeraudiences and secured a consistent fan base and web presence. Dragonfly started off their careerby performing at Introducing stages at big festivals, interviews and live lounges with radio andmagazine companies, such as NME, Radio One, XFM. The main gig that started off Dragonflywas when they were the supporting act of the well known girl band, Warpaint at Brixton Academy.This widened Dragonfly’s fan base and after releasing their first number one single they are now asuccessful girl band in the music industry.
  4. 4. IMAGE/COSTUME IDEAS• Edgy but cute styling. E.g. Heavy, dark makeup but still looking pretty.• Clothing will either be quite rocky or tame and girly.• The styling will be inspired by the Indie, Bo-ho look.• Our look would be seen as an individual, laid back style.• Care about their appearance and style but NOT provocative.
  5. 5. LOCATION IDEAS • The idea of a performing within a box. (ROOM) • Playing around with light, either a dark room or white room. • These are images from two music videos that have inspired us. • We are considering using the White room idea as we prefer the idea of silhouettes and the brightness of it as we want to be seen as an innocent, girly pop rock band. If we cant find the location to do this in, our plan B is to use a dark room and experiment with light. • We will be performing in this room. And the performance clips will be echoed throughout the video.
  6. 6. • London locations, i.e. Trafalgar square, convent gardens, train stations, London bridge, canary wharf. We will shoot certain clips of the band up London in a documentary style and edit them as a montage? Whilst still showing the main performance
  7. 7. VISION OF VIDEOThe vision that we have for our video is for it to be fun, energetic and professional. As oursong is so upbeat it will be easier to create an atmosphere in our video.We would like our video to have a continuous performance element to it, which will be usperforming the song lyrics and music, preferably in a small room, experimenting withlighting, shadow and lots of different varied shots. We also want to include montages of theband outside of the performance, such as, in different locations, shots representing ourpersonalities, which will help promote us as it will show what we are about. We hope thatthese shots will convey a sense of free spirit and youth, which will make a connection withthe audience.
  8. 8. TARGET AUDIENCE The target audience for our band is mainly • Favorite bands most likely to be Paramore, females ranged from the age of 15-25. Warpaint, The killers, Arctic Monkeys etc. • Likely to shop in Top shop, H&M, Urban The reason for choosing this age group is Outfitters, Vintage shops. mainly because of the genre of music the band makes. This will appeal more towards • Likely to wear on trend clothing and accessories. For example, skinny jeans, collard the younger generation as they are more open shirts, floral printed skirts, leather, studs etc. to different varieties of music. • Likely to go to gigs and festivals. Due to our genre being POP ROCK our • Likely to spend spare time listening to music, target audience will be more specific because going out with friends, socialising and partying. they have to be into the type of music to be able to like and appreciate the band. • Likely to take care in their appearance and have a sense of individuality.
  10. 10. RECORD LABELRough Trade Records is an independent record label based in London.It was formed in 1978 by Geoff Travis who had opened a record store off Ladbroke Grove.Having successfully promoted and sold records by punk, very early Indie Pop and early post punkbands such as Buzzcocks and The Smiths.We chose Rough Trade as the bands record label because we researched into the artists and bandsRough Trade manages. Our genre and style fits perfectly into this record label, as we are a poprock indie band, similar to the artist they already have.For example..
  11. 11. WARPAINT