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The American West Powerpoint by Megan Holmgren.

The American West Powerpoint by Megan Holmgren.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • Promoters of westward movement…-didn’t want people to think it was isolated from civilization-wanted people to think western land provided many amenities
  • Promoters of westward movement…-wanted people to see the benefits of traveling west-wanted to spread the popularity of Colorado too
  • Modern Advertising:-Caribou Springs Ranch, Boulder County, Colorado-focuses on “Wild West” feel-”Open Space” meant to be attractive to buyers
  • Denver subdivsions:-making people feel hopeless that the beauty of natural landscape is vanishing-encourages a kind of geographical fatigue in Coloradans
  • People from Colorado did not want…-California Settlers to immigrate to Colorado-the California lifestyle to take affect in their state
  • People in Colorado…-were careful about which immigrants came to Colorado*Many curious about possibilities the West held….
  • Sickness in Kansas…-plagued settlers along the Verdigris River-needed money to help settlers recover-requested aid from the “National Kansas Committee”
  • The Frontier Process…-was often overlooked-was seen as useless-appeared to not be necessary to some
  • Indians & Hispanics…-were rarely given fair treatment by the white man-though settling the land first, did not retain primacy-often were harshly discriminated against
  • Western settlement…-could be seen as a land of promise-was encouraged to ALL people for the most part-was advertised as endless possibilities-appealed to some looking for wealth
  • Many Californians headed to Colorado…-to escape the smog and smoke filled towns of California-were attracted to the fresh feel of the Rocky Mountains
  • -wanted to attract settlers to Colorado with the awesome soil
  • Kansas…-appealed to some because it wasn’t as far to travel as further west areas-attracted those interested in the cattle industry-advertised itself as the land for the farmer as seen here on this poster
  • The Colorado Resorts…-is a place where all want to come-is a great break from the busy eastern life
  • The West…-is an undying trademark of what America is today-is awesome! ;)
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Evolution of the American West…
      Megan Munson-Holmgren
    • 2. Wheat Field: Kearney County, Kansas1890-1900
      Courtesy of Kansas Memory []
    • 3. Union Pacific Railroad Company Advertisement: 1920s
      Courtesy of Kansas Memory []
    • 4. Caribou Ranch, CO: Modern Advertisement
      Courtesy of: “Promised Land” by David M. Wrobel
    • 5. Denver Subdivision Expansion
      Courtesy of:
    • 6. Say “NO” to “Californication”!
      Courtesy of: “Promised Land” by David M. Wrobel
    • 7. Emigrants setting out for Colorado…
      Courtesy of Western History and Genealogy from the Denver Public Library []”
    • 8. Letter from Dr. A. Venard to Thaddeus Hyatt requesting funds for settler sickness in Kansas.
      Courtesy of Kansas Memory []
    • 9. Frontier Associations were/are often looked over…
      Courtesy of: “Promised Land” by David M. Wrobel
    • 10. Al-Le-Ga-Wa-Ho:Head Chief of the Kaw
      Courtesy of Kansas Memory []
    • 11. Opportunity in the West!
      Courtesy of: “Promised Land” by David M. Wrobel
    • 12. From Smoky Cities to the Fresh, Clean Rockies!
      Courtesy of Kansas Memory []
    • 13. A Poster advertising the “Great Things” to be had in Colorado.
      Courtesy of: “Promised Land” by David M. Wrobel
    • 14. What’s not to love about Kansas!?
      Courtesy of: “Promised Land” by David M. Wrobel
    • 15. The Colorado Resorts:Who wouldn’t want to come to Colorado?!
      Courtesy of Kansas Memory []
    • 16. Come One, Come All…to the Wild Wild West!
      Courtesy of Western History and Genealogy from the Denver Public Library []”