My MAS application


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This is my Miami ad school application where i attended last fall.

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My MAS application

  1. 1. Megan presents with an obsessive love of advertising on 13th July 2012. Born 4th February, 1984this is a highly unusual occupation for someone from Tulloona, in regional New South Wales, Australia.Although Megan grew up in a hot, dry part of the country with limited access to other people, she loves to travel and explorethe world and she is persistent this must continue. Megan also has delusions of grandeur and fantasises about beinga strategist and working for a large agency in America, which is inconsistent with her family history of hard workingteachers, nurses and farmers.The patient has tried to treat this infection on her own by studying a Bachelors degree in Mass Communications with a triple major in Marketing,Public Relations and Media Production and a Masters of Business in Integrated Marketing Communication. This is clearly a sign that provesthat Megan’s problems run deeper than the typical strain. She aims high, takes on a lot at one time, and is dedicated to the field.Having worked in advertising as an Account Manager and client side for the past 5 years she has completed a variety of tasks from the small(getting a logo embroidered on a professional boxers’ shorts hours before a big fight and couriering them to the venue) and large (Coordinating the launchof a new international brand). Moving to London to work in branding agencies is when Megan’s fever for planning started to spread to her brain.Megan’s symptoms include: delusions of grander, addiction to advertising, curious questioning and problems saying no.Caused by: her ambitious thinking, creative writing and understanding of human behaviour.Diagnosis: Strategic advertising has clearly affected megan’s brain, after careful observation and a CT scan, this is clearly a serious infectionand must be treated STAT.Recommended course of action, a 3 step plan:1) A 12 week program of Account Planning Bootcamp in San Francisco2) Miami ad School injection into her career3) Combined with regular meetings with successful Account Planners and Strategistswho work in the field for real world experience.QUESTION : 11Write a short biography of yourself. Include yourmajor accomplishments— personal, educationaland professional.MIAMI AD SCHOOLMEDICAL HOSPITAL
  2. 2. QUESTION : 22Because you know you are meant to be a planner when;1. You love advertising even on the bad days10. Your morning coffee doesn’t taste the same without reading a research report.9. You wrote more words planning your Miami ad school application than your thesis.8. As a child you quoted Tv ads instead of Tv shows.7. Your dream trip is to the south of France, but not for a vacation, to go to the Cannes Lions.6. The bedtime stories for your future children involve case study reports and award annuals.5. You stalk planners as if they were rock stars4. You want to make a graph on the most mundane correlating factors3. You have theories on solving problems no one asked you about2. Your friends dating lives have been strategised according to a focus group you did with their ex-boyfriends.and the number 1 way you know you are meant to be a planner...Why do you want a career in account planning?
  3. 3. QUESTION : 3Barack Obama’s campaignscall upon the United States publicto unite them with his campaigns‘It begins with us’ and ‘Yes we can’.The campaigns targeted the minoritiesand youth who have not previouslyvoted in great numbers. He to tell themthat they can make a difference withtheir vote. That they can take controlover the outcome.If you had to explain to someone what the failureof the US automotive industry, DVR (TiVo),the successful campaign of Barack Obama,the popularity of reality television and the riseof social networks (Facebook,MySpace, etc.)all have in common, what would you say?Social networksallow users to connect withevery human (and some animals)they’ve ever been in contact with.Social networks only work when the massesget behind the platform. Twitter, Facebook,LinkedIn, Google+, Myspace, Youtube for example haveall created different a platform for which individualscan communicate their individuality to their friendsand family, while also only revealing the things youwould like others to see. This control over theoutcome allows for one’s self image to be edited,contained or spun in a more desirable way.Social networking allows me to to show onlythe things I want to reveal about myself,I have full control.Reality TVrelies on the masses for input/support/votingand interactivity to choose the adventure.Our society has become obsessed with becoming famous,and reality TV allows for ‘every day people’ tonot only get their shot at fame, but to choose whobecomes a star or who fails. The mass audience hasthe ownership over the outcome.When circumstances change (weather it be economical,social, political, technological) and the public aregiven more options. Consumers are going to choose withtheir feet. This forces companies or political partiesto adapt to what consumers want. I think the successfultrends here have used the power of the consumerchoice, power of the consumers to join together to havetheir voices heard. and their failures of abovehave neglected to change and adapt to a changein consumer opinion and social attitudes.The U.S car industryhas been increasing productionof large SUV fuel guzzling vehicles formany years and failing to give its public moreefficient options. With the oil/energy crisis ofthe past 10 years (approx.) and the mortgage crisisof 2008, consumers have been looking at more efficientways of saving energy and money. The European andAsian markets were increasing the choice from moreeconomical option when fuel prices have beenincreasing. Consumers reacted positively tothe new choice of fuel efficient smaller carsand turned their backs on US mademanufacturers who did not offer a‘green’ product to the market.Tivo and DVRsgives the audience ownership of whatthey want to watch, and when. The audienceis taking back control from the stations andchoosing what we can watch, which was once dictatedto us. The control to fast forward through thecommercials which we have previously had no choice in.Consumers can not only watch their TV shows at a timethat suits them, but they are now becomingmore active viewers to fast forward thecommercials where this has been a muchmore passive experience.The masses takingback control.3
  4. 4. QUESTION : 44How would you evolve the state of advertisingto be successful in the year 2020?Project: Droga 5, New York. The Million projectAim: improving truancy and poor grades in public schools of New York. In conjunction with Harvard, DOE, Verizon, and Samsung, Droga5 rebranded educational achievement and byhighlighting the benefits of academic achievement to be “as covetable as an escalade or the new Jay-Z CD”. Initially conducted with 7 schools and 3000 students, an incentivebased mobile platform was created where students earn air-time minutes based on their performance and participation in class. Every two weeks the teachers awarded a‘million points’ students could exchange for free texts, calls and extras such as music downloads.Results: 75% said that it positively impacted their school experience and 65% of parents with students in the program said their child was doing better in schoolbecause of the program. The Program is now being implemented in Saudi Arabia, Oklahoma, and Australia.Project: Droga 5, New York. Tap water project for Unicef.Aim: Raise awareness and funds for the 4,100 people that die from water born diseases every day due to poor sanitation. The money was raised by patrons of New YorkRestaurants paying $1 for drinking tap water, which they would usually get for free. For one weekend in 2007 the test of paying a minimum of $1, with other Americanand International markets following.Results: The campaign is now in its 5th year has raised over $3 million USD and with sponsors and advertising agencies in 23 US markets and internationally donating mediaspend to the cause. This campaign was also announced “Best of the Decade” in 2009.Project: Leo Burnett, Sydney. Earth hour campaign.Aim: To take climate change to the mainstream without burdening the public with statistics and serious scientific data, butalso engaging people in the discussion about energy usage and climate change, by calling upon the public to switch of their lights and electronic devices for one hour.Results: The first Earth Hour was held in 2006, in Sydney the impact was said to be would be equivalent to taking 48,616 cars off the road for a year.Now a global annual event Earth Hour’s impact on emissions continues to grow each year. This year the launch on ‘I will if you will’ engages the public to sacrifice somethingand invite their friends to do it.These campaigns are examples of ideas coming from hope and not fear, where everyone who participates is making a difference, which drives more participation,and more action for the cause. While all these campaigns are of a humanitarian nature, are also big thinking and are ideas based with a solution in mind. The ideasmay seem simple, but it allows for the public participants to have a small slice of the success of the campaign and therefore a hand in making a difference tothe cause. I think these short case studies show that with the right strategy, and insights we can really make a difference to some important issues, onecampaign at a time, and I would like to see more of this in 2020. And I think we are on our way.I truly believe that some of the world greatest thinkers are in advertising. I would like to evolve it to help solve society’s biggest problems.3 examples of Advertising solving a societal problem:
  5. 5. QUESTION : 55What is a good metaphor for how you approachproblem solving?There is:Interrogation: I think the first step in solving a problem, is to ask questions and to interrogate the problem.Making friends withthe enemy: Doing research to gather more information. This may require going to spy on the competition, or crossing enemy lines.Delegation: Some missions can be too big for one ninja. A strategy has to be formed to integrate the strengths of each ninja in the group.Contingency: Every good ninja has a plan ‘b’.Final instructionsand confirms: Before a ninja strikes he makes sure the optimal conditions are in place for the battle.Battle day: If a ninja has done his preparation the battle day should run smoothly. The opponent will fall into the carefully weaved trap that the ninja has planned and taking them down should be a matter of executing the plan. Of course, can be some unforeseen circumstances, however with all the preparation that the ninja has done, some minor changesI problem solve like a ninja!A ninja is in training for many years, they practice every day. In battle, a ninja knows how use the weaknessesof the opponent against them. A ninja bides his time for the optimum moment to strike. And when he doesthe opponent doesn’t know how it happened right under their nose. A silent and deadly killer.
  6. 6. QUESTION : 66Being aware of the grass is always greener on the other side paradox forces me to take a step backfrom a situation to evaluate options and situations based on their merits not on a whim, or you couldget caught on the fence.What is an essential paradox that definesyour life?My mother was born raised in the cityI was born raised in the countryMy mother moved to the countryI moved to the city
  7. 7. QUESTION : 77What is the animal you have most in commonwith and why?Epilogue:Growing up on a farm with a rat plague you get to know their behaviour quite well. For those who have not been privy to such anexperience, rats can chew through anything if they think it could be food; walls, shoes they will even try to chew through metal objects- they are clearly a determined breed. They save what they find in order to survive and to protect their family or pack and will keepgoing in the pursuit of survival under extreme circumstances, drought, famine, or flood. Rats can also make great pets, are smart, learnnew things, and will find a way to the end of the maze to find the cheese using what they have, even if it is not the easiest route.I am a rat. I am outgoing and ambitious, I want to get the cheese without setting off the trap.I am inquisitive and curious, I will travel far and wide to find what I’m looking for. I am diligent,but not always conventional. I am a hater of waste and adaptable to most situations, during acrisis I come into my own. I prefer the company of close family and friends to that of strangers.I am level headed and intuitive and full of imagination. I make a better leader than follower,however I can be bogged down with routine. I am resilient cunning and thrifty. I save for a rainyday. In strapped times I know how to make something from nothing. Forever busy in the pursuitof an ambitious goal. I am loyal and loving, I am honest and loath betrayal.I am practical and hard working. I am a rat.
  8. 8. QUESTION : 88The Pineapple Represents the tropical state of Queensland of which I was born, educated and currently live in. Its sweet and juicy, yet tart.The Teeth My love of food. I love to cook and bake, it’s how I show my friends and family that I love them.The Race car My love of travel and adventure, I also learnt to drive at the age of 7 on the farm where I grew up, when I could barely reach the peddles.The Rasberry While I’m not naturally a sour person, I will stick up for what I believe to be right.The Lips My gift of the gab. I’m a story teller and love get together with friends and family and talk about our latest adventures.The Strawberries Cream Represents my time I lived in EnglandThe Cola bottle My addiction to caffeine. Honey Bears Everyone likes a cuddleIf I were a brand I would beAllen’s Lollies.If you are unaware of Allen’s they are an Australian Jelly lolly brandthat has been around since 1891 (which is a long time for Australia)They are famous for their mixed lollies as shown.I chose Allen’s as an example of a company that hasn’t lost its funand zest for life, yet they are still organised as you have to be tohave over 20 different types, shapes and flavours of lollies in thesame packet, not to mention quality assurance. It is an establishedAustralian company, that distributes nationally, and a brand thatis always exploring new and innovative products, yet keepingits traditional routes.I am a huge sweet tooth! There have been many afternoonswhere I ashamedly have polished off a 750g (1.65lb)bag of Allen’s mixed lollies by myself.If you were a brand, which one would you beand why?I love the random nature in every handful, each and every item in that bagrepresents something about me and grabbing a handful of these lolliesreminds me of myself:When eating my Allen’s Retro Party Mix lollies I select my random handful then take great care in matching them up in groups of their own kinds, just like planningisn’t just about collecting exciting things and understanding consumers it is connecting the dots between them.
  9. 9. QUESTION : 99Make up a story about yourself as anunconventional superhero.The tall skyscraper casts a dark silhouette over Brisvegas, the Evil Mundane overlord, looks out his window over the factory floorto his newly reprogrammed clientele robot army. With an evil laugh he decides that MWAHAHAHA! they are ready to be releasedonto the world. Evil Mundane presses the big red button and out march the clientele robot army onto the city of Brisvegas.Meanwhile, back at agency headquarters, Megan receives an email from her Clientele saying that they would like to add instarbursts, turn every headline to red and wants to fit more messages into each ad. Megan asks her Clientele if they wouldlike the logo bigger? The Clientele replies with a robotic “Affirmative”. Megan knows that the Evil Mundane is at it again andit is time to release the Organisational Ninja.From the top of the tall skyscraper, Organisational Ninja peers from the shadow and moves into the sunshine. She quickly studies the plans ofthe building and fits in through the air conditioning vent and slides through, carefully flinging herself out. Organisational ninja rushes over tothe mainframe computer and starts to re-program the Clientele. The Evil Mundane catches Organisational Ninja try to reset the Clientele“Silly ninja, you can not stop my flawless plan!”Evil Mundane releases his sidekicks Budgetess and Deadline to destroy Organisational Ninja. Budgetess creeps into the room unannounced,skulking closer and closer while Organisational Ninja tries to deprogram the computer and give each Clientele back their individuality.Budgetess leaps forward andstarts to strangle Organisational Ninja! Ninja struggles for a moment, but finds the strength to surpriseBudgetess with a swift blow to her bottom line.Budgetess withdraws for a moment and draws her powerpoint deck to challenge Organisational Ninja to a battle of the presentations.Budgetess starts confidently, but fades quickly lacking in substance and focusing too much on finances. Organisational Ninja wins withher psychic ability to engage the Budgetess with her flawless argument. Budgetess EXPLODES!Evil Mundane, watching from his office sees all the Clientele robots stop in their tracks. He lets out a GASP! and sends Deadline into the room tofinish Organisational Ninja, but she is too quick! With the final push of a button the Clientele start to wake up from their robot-state, dazed andconfused the Clientele start returning to work as normal. Organisational Ninja turns around to face Deadline. “I’m too quick for you, Deadline!”she says. She then runs upstairs to find Mundane. Evil Mundane sees that Deadline has failed and presses a button on his desk to unlock his escapepod from behind the bookcase. He gets in and fastens his seatbelt, closes the hatch and launches the pod into the atmosphere.WHOOSH!Organisational Ninja sees the pod take off, but what catches her eye is the complicated computer system on his desk. A new light appearsto blink under a ‘Self-Destruct’ label.Organisational Ninja runs for the building, escaping just before the building starts to implode behind her.BOOM!The next day at work Megan receives a call from her client asking why the latest proof had star bursts and is so overcrowded with text.“Where did this come from Megan?” says the Client. “ came from your email yesterday!” “Really!?” says the Client,“What was I thinking?! Can we put it back to the way it was?”“Sure can!” says Megan.
  10. 10. QUESTION : 1010Invent a word that could be adopted into thelanguage and change the culture’s attitude toa particular issue.1. The act of procrastination through the practice of baking.2. The act of moving a stressful situation (such as a big decision, or difficult task) to the back of your subconscious to let it ‘bake’ (or helpprocess it) and in doing so, delaying the onset of the difficult task, by doing other unrelated tasks.The act of procrastibaking has the ability to make an individual feel productive due to the accomplished they have made in their day.Particularly evident when the duty or task they are procrastinating from does not have an end in sight or is overwhelming.Usually the task an individual is procrastinating from is something one doesn’t want to emotionally deal with e.g: difficult universityassignments, a difficult discussion with someone etc. The act of procrastibaking can allow the procrastibaker to share the baked goods andreceive complements and get to eat muffins, or brownies etc making the baker feel better about approaching the difficult taskz.The issue I want to change my cultures attitude is that procrastinating is not a useless action, that while you may not want to do somethingat that current time if you think about another topic for an hour it may help clear your mind, make you feel good about accomplishing yourgoals and fill your tummy with yummy warm treats. We need to change the negative view of procrastinating as a time wasting activity, andview it in a more positive light and as an integral part of the problem solving process, by allowing your subconscious to solve the problemthis is best achieved by clearing your mind with a less mental task.Procrastibake.[Procrastinating + baking]Noun. Pro•cras•ti•bakeVerb. Pro•cras•ti•baking