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Hemlock grove Communications strategy
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Hemlock grove Communications strategy


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Communications strategy for my skillshare course on Netflix and hemlock grove.

Communications strategy for my skillshare course on Netflix and hemlock grove.

Published in: Technology, Art & Photos

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  • 1. Megan Hanney@meganhanneySkillshare: Crash Course in Digital StrategyFriday, 21 June 13
  • 2. Friday, 21 June 13
  • 3. Due to broadband availability,TV viewership is goingdown, while streaming content has become the mostconvenient way to ‘watch your stories’.Friday, 21 June 13
  • 4. Netflix has invested hundreds of millions of dollars inoriginal series—House of Cards,Hemlock Grove,ArrestedDevelopment, Orange Is the New Black, a Ricky Gervaisshow called Derek, and Turbo: F.A.S.T., a kids show co-produced with DreamWorks Animation“We think of the technology as a vehicle for creating a better,more modern experience for the content we have,” says ChiefExecutive Officer Reed Hastings.“What we’re really competing for quite broadly is people’s time.”Friday, 21 June 13
  • 5. The uptake of ‘bingewatching’Even the latest update of Netflix includes thephrase ‘binge-watching in the descriptionFriday, 21 June 13
  • 6. Friday, 21 June 13
  • 7. Insight #1How consumers view TV:Watching content online and watching an more content ina shorter space of time is becoming increasingly common.Friday, 21 June 13
  • 8. what is up with all thewerewolves these days?Friday, 21 June 13
  • 9. about Hemlock groveStaring European andAustralian talentDirected by Eli Roth(Known for his Gore-teamed movies)eg: HostelSeason 2 LaunchingJuly 2013All episodes availablein one hit.Other Werewolf/vampire series:True Blood, Supernatural, BeingHuman,Vampire Diaries, Grimm,Teen Wolf...You could say its a trend.Friday, 21 June 13
  • 10. “There are certainexpectations whenhorror master EliRoth puts his nameon a project, chiefamong them: gore.”(Cassandra Szklarski, The Canadian Press Apr 16, 2013 04:31:19 PM)Friday, 21 June 13
  • 11. “Of course, there’s a reason the impossibly attractive “Twilight”creatures appeal to large — mostly female — audiences.” Eli Roth“But when they grow out of that phase, they’ll be looking forsomething else,” he suggests.“They’re going to want to see stories with similar themes — not justwerewolves and vampires, all kinds of monsters. But really, you know,done in a much more adult way.Those kids are going to grow up andthey’re going to want something that’s much harder.”Friday, 21 June 13
  • 12. Insight #2Gore/scary topics are a trending topics for TV/MoviesFriday, 21 June 13
  • 13. According to Quantcast, Hulu visitors are mainly 18-24,whereas, Netflix visitors are mainly 25-54. ->A potentialgrowth area for Netflix and Hemlock Grove is thedemographic taken by hulu.Hemlock Grove makesthe perfect catalyst fora new audience to signup to NetflixInsight #3Friday, 21 June 13
  • 14. So their Next step?,World domination:In its first quarter earnings report, issued Monday 6th of May, Netflix said:“Given our expected return to global profitability in Q2, and how well weve been received in the UK,weve decided to open an additional attractive European market in Q4 of this year. Assumingcontinued success, and additional markets we can enter with confidence, we expect to roughly matchthe roll-out of new markets to global profitability for the foreseeable future.”Netflix knows that their audience isGlobalFriday, 21 June 13
  • 15. Netflix starting to promote ArrestedDevelopment in LondonFriday, 21 June 13
  • 16. Netflix top subscription cities:LA/NYC/Toronto/Chicago/SFand LondonFriday, 21 June 13
  • 17. Insight # 4Target Major European London, Paris, Berlin.Friday, 21 June 13
  • 18. ProblemLow awareness of Hemlock Grove as an original series on Netflix.ObjectiveIntroduce people to Hemlock Grove and increase subscriptions toNetflix by 30%YOY.Friday, 21 June 13
  • 19. TimeframeBudgetIncrease subscriptions of Netflix by 15% overall bySeptember 2013 and Increase subscriptions of Netflix inEurope by 30% by December.800,000 poundsFriday, 21 June 13
  • 20. Data InsightsCommon searchterms are ‘netflixmovies’ (not tv)People tweetwhat they arewatching onNetflixmore commonlywatched on PS3’sthan any otherdeviceHemlock grove is currently ranked a 7.1 on IMBDHemlock grove ranks very highly onGetglued with checkins (streaming forfree is high)Netflix accounts for1/3 of US internettraffic.Mainly LA/NYC/Toronto/Chicago/SF and LondonFriday, 21 June 13
  • 21. Current consumerprofile• 56% Female• age: 25-44• 56% no kids• household income of100-150k• graduate/post graduateeducated• Mainly in Major cities:LA/NYC/Toronto/Chicago/SF/LondonFriday, 21 June 13
  • 22. Target women18-34who live in London/Prague/Berlin/Rome/Madrid and othermajor cities acrossEurope.The strategyby targeting women inthe age group,statistics say 85%there is a likely towatch with a friend orboyfriends of a similardemographicFriday, 21 June 13
  • 23. IDEAMovie theatres set up to premier (in the top citiessimultaneously) all in one big binge. (but how does thistranslate to Netflix subscriptions)Tickets can be won by subscribing to Netflix in themonth prior to the launch of season 2.Each episode is slightly under an hour x 13 episodes= 13 hours. Overnight slumber party at the theatres.Major Prize being a screening in Eli Roths’Goreatorium in LasVegasFriday, 21 June 13
  • 24. #NOTFORKIDS CAMPAIGNReal interactive experience when you see all 13 hours in thetheatre with other fans all dressed up.They will think it is just a huge sleep over with people wearingpyjamas and bringing blankets.But when the gore-y parts start happening the audience will besurprised by some of their fellow viewers jumping up to scare thefellow patrons.Friday, 21 June 13
  • 25. #NOTFORKIDSThese people who arejumping up to scare theaudience then take photosand post on facebook/twitter/tumblr for the restof the audiences across theglobe to see and share theirfavourites.Friday, 21 June 13
  • 26. Awareness Consideration PurchaseCommunications frameworkCurrent ConsumerbehaviourDesired behaviourSign up for NetflixFacebookYoutubeTwitterPintrestIMBDAsk FriendsYoutube trailersMicrositeMovie trailers RedditTumblrCreative messaging:Win achance to go to the premier inLasVegas or in your home cityto watch all at onceMedia Media MediaHorror blogs GetgluedCreative messaging: Not for kids.Creative messaging: Netflix is theonly place to binge-watch Hemlockgrove.Reasons to believe: Competition.Also a great chance to promotesmaller screenings.Reasons to believe:Themes inHemlock Grove of sex, drugs,violence and bad language.Reasons to believe:Themes inHemlock Grove of sex, drugs,violence and bad language.MicrositeNetflixEli Roth websiteGoretorium siteYoutubeIMBDHorror BlogsEli Roth hosted RedditYoutubeFacebook adsNetflix adsBanner adsFriday, 21 June 13
  • 27. KPI’sRetentionPurchasePreferenceConsiderationAwareness20,000 Facebook likes2,000 new Twitter followers1.5 million visitors to the Hemlock Grove website200,000 trial sign ups for NetflixNetflix subscriptions up 30%YOYkeeping or higher a 7.2 star ratingon IMBD,2 million impressions to target market (facebook/twitter)Friday, 21 June 13
  • 28. Digital ecosystemOvernight screening(also helps spreadawareness to otherswho didn’t sign upbefore the launch)Social Media: Facebook/twitter/instagramGoogle search and banner adsAwarenessConsiderationYoutube trailersHorror bloggersReddit with Eli RothYoutube adsTumblrGetGluedPurchaseNetflix sign up competitionHemlock Grove MicrositeGoreatorium MicrositeFriday, 21 June 13
  • 29. BudgetBanner ads 50,000 poundsFacebook 40,000 poundsTwitter 20,000 poundsCompetition 500,000 poundsReddit with Eli Roth 10,000 poundsYoutube 100,000 poundsNetflix ads 30,000 poundsHorror Blogs outreach 60,000 poundsTotal 740,000 poundsFriday, 21 June 13
  • 30. @meganhanneyFriday, 21 June 13