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Fingert resume912

  1. 1. Megan A. Fingert California Native, Boilermaker, Public Relations Professional A proud alumna of Purdue University who earned a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Rhetorical Advocacy in May 2012 was a member and executive officer of the Association for Women in Communications & the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the winner of The 2010 Liberal Arts Lucie Scholarship for Critical ThinkingA skilled and driven young professional who has worked with Purdue Marion & Associates as a Social Media Specialist and Account Coordinator in Las Vegas, Nev. from September 2012 to the present where she aids in identifying client goals and achieving them through media relations and public outreach, informing audiences with tailored and detailed social media strategies, and engaging publics in real, valuable conversations online Preferred Public Relations as a Public Relations Intern in Las Vegas, Nev. from May 2012 to the August 2012 where she was an assistant to associate publicists and client relations managers, a writer of copy, press releases, and media alerts, and an aid in event coordination Hungry as a Marketing Representative in West Lafayette, Ind. from October 2010 to May 2012 where she was a social media plan developer, a coordinator of marketing events for a campus ofover 40k students, a blogger aiding in SEO, and a marketer aiding in the acquisition of thousands of new registered users Chisenhale Dance Space as a Public Relations Intern in London, England from May to July 2011where she was a writer of press releases and media invitations that were published in the Guardian Newspaper and Time Out Magazine, a social media manager and planner, and a marketer that directly influenced increased profits Liberal Arts Career Development as an Intern in West Lafayette, Ind. from January to May 2011 where she was a writer of monthly newsletters that reached over 9k students, designer and executer of advertising campaigns, and a generator of over $3k in sponsorships for Career Week 2011 AND WHO HAS BEEN TRAINED IN R ADIAN 6, D AYLITE , H OOTSUITE , A DOBE C REATIVE S UITE , M ICROSOFT O FFICE , I M OVIE , V ERITCAL R ESPONSE AND F RENCH