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My final project for new media driver's license.

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  1. 1. A Digital Marketing StrategyBy: Megan Ewend
  2. 2. WHO IS URBAN OUTFITTERS?FASHION: HISTORY: AUDIENCE: • Educated Urban• Men and • Opened as The Minded Women’s Free People’s Individual clothing Store in 1970 • Adults age 18-30• Accessories • Over 130 Stores • Seeks to create differential in Canda, United shopping• Gifts States and experience• Furniture Europe • Vintage, bohemian, retro,• Books • Publicly Traded: hipster, ironic, URBN humorous• Home Décor kitschy• Antiques
  3. 3. URBAN OUTFITTERS CURRENT SOCIAL MEDIAWebsite Twitter VimeoFacebook Blog FlickrTumblr LinkedIn Pinterest
  4. 4. WHAT THEY ARE DOING WRONGUO is centered around being creative and appealing tothe urban Individual – the person who is often on top ofthe latest trends. Why do their social media sites all Why doesn’t the content show look the same? real life examples of UO customers? Why don’t all the social media sites Why are the images associated link to each other? with their social media mostly aimed at women?
  5. 5. ACTION: CREATE CONTENT TO CONNECT TO THE AUDIENCE What is the typical UO consumer looking for? Something: new, original, different, artisticThe content of the goals of UO consumers need to be reflected in their websites.Action:• Feature customers of the month on blog site. Find a consumer with a cool hobby or with something to say and share it with the world. BE PROUD OF YOUR COSTUMERS.• Tweet about how your products are effecting the world! Retweet companies/products/music that is inline with your consumers and values• Change the Facebook page with a cover photo of men and women. Switch the profile picture sporadically between male and female.• Create a contest where the customer can upload one of their artistic creations and let them come to the New York Headquarters and do an art panel display in a NYC store. By interacting with the consumers and using similar interests the social media with gain a larger fan base
  6. 6. ACTION: BRING SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS TOGETHER• Consumers (especially age 18-30) have multiple social media networks.• UO needs to link together their multiple social media sites so it is easy for the consumer.• The content of the sites shouldn’t be identical but having in text links to and from UO sites would help traffic across all sites.• Dedicate certain sites to certain ideas. Create the facebook page for the consumers that aren’t as active on social media. Create the Twitter for the consumers with short attention. Use the Pinterest to connect to women (since Pinterest is mostly women). Use the blog as a way to connect and speak with consumers.
  7. 7. THEME• UO has done a great job getting their brand across different social platforms, but much of there content is the same.• The theme of this Digital Marketing Strategy is to get consumers to LIVE the brand, LOVE the brand and BE the brand.• In order to create a better brand UO needs to get consumer interaction through various contests, using certain social sites for certain purposes and showing UO interests and values through supporting people, events, and music.• UO is for shoppers who keep with the latest trends and enjoy originality. If they take advantage of this and show the up and coming fads (restaurants, hang outs, music, etc), they will be able to create an explosive brand.
  8. 8. SUCCESS METRICS• 20% Increase if Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr and blog followers• 1.5x the amount of customer interaction on social media sites• Measuring the success/following of the contest winners• Media coverage of contests and events• Increase in sales
  9. 9. BUDGET $225,000 1 year budgetAlotted by the following:• $25,000 for the art panel project (travel expenses, material expenses, hiring to run the project)• $100,000 Redesign of social media sites (finding content, promoting things inline with UO values)• $100,000 year long customer of the month program (finding content, photo shoot with the customer, travel expenses, hiring to do this project)
  10. 10. URBAN OUTFITTERSLIVE the brand.LOVE the brand.BE the brand.
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