Rebel Webinar: Highlight Your Community with RebelMouse


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Slides from our first ever Rebel Webinar. Full video available here

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Rebel Webinar: Highlight Your Community with RebelMouse

  1. 1. #RebelWebinarHighlight Your CommunityMegan Berry, Director of Community@MeganBerry, @RebelMouse
  2. 2. The Power is Moving to SocialYou don’t “just tweet.” You are creating your brand’s real-time voice and messageIf brands are now publishers, you are their editor-in-chief.
  3. 3. 78% of people said that a companies’social media posts impact theirpurchases- Mass RelevanceSocial Content Should Not Get Lost in the Stream
  4. 4. Your Site and Blog Aren’t Keeping Up
  5. 5. BackgroundPaul Berry: CEO & Founder of RebelMouseCTO, The Huffington Post Ran Product, Design and Engineering Top 10 Trafficked Site in USCollaboration with Best in the World Twitter, Facebook, Google GE, IBM, Johnson and JohnsonWorld Class Team Team is 30 developers strong Core team in NYC coming from Google, Klout, CNN, Vayner Media and HuffPost
  6. 6. Board of DirectorsAll Star Investors, Advisors and Board(Advisor)John Battelle Jonah Peretti Chris Dixon Greg Coleman Gary V Nicholas N Howard Lindzon Marcy SimonEric Hippeau – Lerer Ventures (Chairman)Ken Lerer – Lerer VenturesFred Harman – Oak Investment PartnersJordan Levy – Softbank CapitalAngel Investors:Venture Investors:
  7. 7. A Real-Time, Truly Social Blog or Front Page
  8. 8. GE Social News
  9. 9. Two Minute Set-up.
  10. 10. Social Blogging is Here“Increased frequency of blogging correlates with increasedcustomer acquisition” – Marketing Charts
  11. 11. Increase Engagement and Visits“Time spent is TWICE site Avg [for RebelMouse page on hissite]”-Markus Stolz (@elloinos)Los Angeles News Group Saw 10-30% Increase in PV’s due toRebelMouse- Full post at
  12. 12. Add RebelMouse anywhereWordpress Plugin to easily add to any blog or Wordpress site.Search in your plugins or find it at embed anywhere!Grab code in our embed tab.Power a full domain for any campaign.For instance,
  13. 13. It’s Not Just About You53% of users say they use Twitter to recommend companiesor products in their Tweets-Mass RelevanceYour advocates belong on your site and blog not lost in yourfavorites
  14. 14. Fox’s ShockCamFox’s new show The Following (withKevin Bacon) engages fans
  15. 15. Highlighting Tips and Tricks• Curate with favorites or Retweets. See a great post from a fan oradvocate? Simply favorite, Retweet it or add it directly to RebelMouse tobring it to your site.• Let your fan know they’re on your site! Send an @mention or similar toshare that you’re highlighting them• Create a campaign around any hashtag instantly.• If you’re doing a Twitter chat or meetup, pull in the hashtag into aRebelMouse site to track and bring together the whole experience.
  16. 16. React in Real-Time
  17. 17. First steps• Sign up your company or community and get their own RebelMouse site.• Move things around, freeze things you care about. Check out the Designtab. Make the site your own.• Integrate it into your own site. Options:• Social subdomain (• Embed on the front page (can be in the footer)• Social Sidebars• Blog Front Page• Consider Powering Your Site• Remove some RebelMouse branding• Google Analytics• TypeKit integration• MailChimp integration coming shortly• $9.99 a month
  18. 18. Questions?Free Month of RM Powered site: CMLoveContact: