Edp 2.1 assignment
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  • 1.  Instructional Design Systems ADDIE, Dick & Carey, Smith & Ragan Megan Biggs
  • 2. What is Instructional Design?  Instruction is defined as a systematic process where all components (teachers, students, materials, etc.) are crucial to successful learning  Based on a theory of the reliable link between materials (stimulus) and learning of materials (produced response)
  • 3. Dick & Carey System  System starts with stating objectives and goes through to evaluating learners
  • 4. Smith & Ragan System  Much simpler than the Dick & Carey system  3 major parts (Analysis, Strategy, Evaluation)
  • 5. ADDIE System  5 major parts  Analysis  Design  Development  Implementation  Evaluate
  • 6. ADDIE System Analysis  Statement of problem  Goals and Objectives  Learner characteristics  Learning environment  Deadlines/Timelines Questions to ask  Who is the audience?  What are their learning styles?  What are the characteristics of the learning environment?  Are there any barriers?  How will learning be delivered?
  • 7. ADDIE System Design  Are the objectives specific and relevant?  Are the lesson plans systematic and logical?  Do the lesson plans include solutions for barriers?  Is the assessment connected to the real world as much as possible? Questions to ask  Develop specific learning objectives  Gather media and technology resources  Write lesson plan  Create assessment pieces
  • 8. ADDIE System Development  Develop actual instructional pieces  Incorporate educational technology  Test and debug educational technology  Create backup plans for educational technology Questions to ask  What happens if technology fails?  How/When will backups be used?  Do instructional pieces provide learner accommodations?
  • 9. ADDIE System Implementation  Teacher training  Student training  Placement of instructional technology  Teach the lesson Questions to ask  Is the teacher and student training adequate?  What if the technology fails?  What are the backups?  What accommodations are used and how?
  • 10. ADDIE System Evaluation  Successful lesson  Both formative and summative evaluations  Questions to ask  Did students master the content?  What worked well?  What did not work well?  How can I improve the lesson?
  • 11. Overview  All learning systems include:  Analyze/Analysis  Develop/Development  Design  Implement/Implementation  Evaluate/Evaluation
  • 12. Why do systematic approaches help?  Allows instructional designer to preview and plan every aspect of lesson plans to make for successful learning