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Academic information for POLI 341 and 347
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Academic information for POLI 341 and 347


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  • Ask students to find their liaison librarian.
  • Besides access to the library catalogue – lots of other things to find on the library’s homepagehighlight a few important links (e.g. opening hours, room bookings, borrowing from mcgill/other libraries)Also many shortcuts to things we have already seen: Course Materials tab, My Library Account link
  • Want more? Attend all 3 (tour + 2 workshops) and win great prizes!(Fill out the today’s sign-in sheet, get your sticker, and when you’re done all 3, bring in your Orientation bookmark/ballot to bring it to any library branch to get a free USB key and a chance to win an iPad2!)ToursTake a library tour to find things like:1.      How do I check out a book?2.      How do I borrow a laptop?3.      How do I print in the library?  Getting Started:1.       How do I find stuff at the library?2.       How do I find my course readings?3.       How do I access electronic resources? Finding the Right Stuff1.      How do I start my paper?2.      How do I find journal articles?3       How do I develop a good search strategy? 
  • [Show only between Mon Aug 29-Thurs Sept 22 (last session)]Have an e-reader, smartphone, or iPad? Another workshop to check out is:“McGill Library from the palm of your hand”From the Library’s mobile website and catalogue, to downloadable e-books, journal articles, audiobooks and music, you can take your Library on the go with you. Bring your smartphone, iPad or e-book reader to this workshop and let us show you how to access library resources and services on it.(E-readers are also available for borrowing from the library)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Engaging withacademic information POLI 347 The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Crisis, War, & Peace September 13, 2011
    • 2. How big is the internet? 2
    • 3. One Trillion URLs +++… 3
    • 4. Research = hard work
    • 5. How many of you use Google?
    • 6. Lesson 1: the web is not neutral
    • 7. Lesson 2: Google doesn’t find everything
    • 8. Lesson 3: academic work requires the right tools
    • 9. Joining the scholarly conversation Evaluating information Finding Academic information integrity Scholarship
    • 10. Tools for understanding academic conversations
    • 11. Have you ever edited an article?
    • 12. Understanding academic conversations• Course syllabi• Textbooks• Encyclopedias and handbooks• Country profiles• Current journals• Article databases• Guides for student writers
    • 13. Encyclopedias and handbooks• Gale Virtual Reference Library – Contains: • Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World • Dictionary of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict • Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa • Historical Atlas of the Islamic World• Blackwell Reference• A Political & Economic Dictionary of the Middle East• Encyclopedia of Political Science
    • 14. Country profiles• Europa World Plus• Economist Intelligence Unit• Various rankings/indicators
    • 15. Current journals
    • 16. Article databases• International Bibliography of the Social Sciences• PAIS International• Middle Eastern & Central Asian Studies
    • 17. The literature continuum
    • 18. Professional advice
    • 19. Regardless of the source, read critically!
    • 20. Understanding academic conversations• Course syllabi• Textbooks• Encyclopedias and handbooks• Country profiles• Current journals• Article databases• Guides for student writers
    • 21. Skills check: where would you find…
    • 22. Access point for all materials & services
    • 23. Subject guide
    • 24. …in sum…1. The web isn’t neutral2. Google doesn’t find everything3. Academic work requires the right tools
    • 25. Research = hard work
    • 26. It’s up to YOU to pursue guidance from:• Library materials• Librarians• Professors• TAs
    • 27. Why stop here?
    • 28. Why stop here? McGill Library from the Palm of Your Hand Workshop
    • 29. What are your questions?
    • 30. Thank you! 398-4696
    • 31. Credits• Slide 2: Pargeter by b_d_solis License: Attribution 2.0 Generic• Slide 4: Data from P. Gil, "What is the invisible web?" Dec. 2010. Schematic by N. Tann, Goshen College, March 2011.• Slide 13: Wikipedia image copyright Wikimedia foundation big.png• Slide 12: Chocolate tools by By JanneM License: Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic