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Ultimate Language Shootout IV: CoffeeScript
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Ultimate Language Shootout IV: CoffeeScript


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A presentation on CoffeeScript given at ChiPy's 2013 Ultimate Language Shootout on June 13, 2013. …

A presentation on CoffeeScript given at ChiPy's 2013 Ultimate Language Shootout on June 13, 2013.


Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Ultimate LanguageShootout IV: CoffeeScriptChiPyJune 13, 2013
  • 2. What is CoffeeScript?It’s basically syntax sugar for JavaScript.Perhaps some analogies are in order...
  • 3. If JavaScript is gluten-freehaggis pizza
  • 4. Then CoffeeScript is anenchanted thincrusthandcrafted by Gandalf
  • 5. If JavaScript is a corrupt,lecherous cop
  • 6. Then CoffeeScript isSynchronized SwimmingDetective
  • 7. If JavaScript is Smaug, theevil dragon
  • 8. Then CoffeeScript is anadorable frog-shaped lighter
  • 9. If JavaScript is a terrifyinghell clown
  • 10. Then CoffeeScript is PrincessAmidala
  • 11. If JavaScript is a smellydonkey with bad knees
  • 12. Then CoffeeScript is a robotunicorn
  • 13. If JavaScript is a grumpyblobfish
  • 14. Then CoffeeScript is a muppetfish quartet
  • 15. If JavaScript is a poisonmushroom
  • 16. Then CoffeeScript is thehammer suit
  • 17. If JavaScript is A Night atthe Roxbury
  • 18. Then CoffeeScript isAnchorman
  • 19. If JavaScript is a poo-flavored Tootsie Roll
  • 20. Then CoffeeScript is a baconchocolate bar
  • 21. If JavaScript is a lonecommando with a crappy gun
  • 22. Then CoffeeScript is a giantrobot made of other robots
  • 23. I guess I’m trying to say thatCoffeeScript might not be aterrible idea.
  • 24. CoffeeScript does borrowfrom some of the bestlanguages.The Python and Rubyinfluences are glaringly obvious.
  • 25. Let’s walk through a simpleCoffeeScript application.
  • 26. Multiline comments###Implement a shuffle() function that randomlyrearranges the elements in a given array.Also demo its usage and effect.###
  • 27. Multiline commentnotes• Multiline comments appear as-is in thecompiled .js file, using the /* */ commentsyntax.
  • 28. Main functionmain = ->array = (c.toUpperCase() for c in abcdefg)display array$(document.body).append <hr>for i in [1..6]shuffle arraydisplay array
  • 29. Main function notes• Whitespace delimits blocks• Define function using -> operator• Array expression uses parentheses• Parentheses not required for functioninvocation• Ranges specified using [a..b]• No colon at end of looping statement
  • 30. Shuffle functionshuffle = (array) ->i = array.lengthj = nullif i == 0returnwhile i -= 1j = Math.floor(Math.random() * (i+1))[array[i], array[j]] = [array[j], array[i]]
  • 31. Shuffle function notes• Parentheses somewhat advised whencomplex expressions are passed into afunction• No colon at end of conditional statement• Destructuring assignment requires squarebrackets
  • 32. Display functiondisplay = (array) ->para = $(<p></p>)$(document.body).append parafor char in arrayval = 60 # simplifiedstyle = """background: rgb(#{val}, #{val}, #{val});border: 1px solid black;padding: 5px; margin: 5px;"""h = "<span style="#{style}">#{el}</span>"para.append h
  • 33. Display function notes• Multiline string takes indentation intoaccount (resulting string doesn’t containextra spaces).• String interpolation requires double-quotedstrings
  • 34. CoffeeScript’s bigweaknessDebugging sucks! Errors in the console referto the generated .js file, not theoriginal .coffee file.
  • 35. Chrome to the rescue!• Open Developer Tools• Click gear icon in lower-right corner• Check “Enable source maps”• Compile your .coffee files using the -moption
  • 36. Compiling CoffeeScriptRunning “coffee -c -m”produces main.js and
  • 37. So, in conclusion...
  • 38. CoffeeScript might notbe terrible.
  • 39. The end