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Was were-1 Was were-1 Presentation Transcript

  • Bob is eighty. He’s old and weak.Mary, his wife is seventy-nine. She’s old, too.
  • Fifty years ago they were young. Bob was strong.He wasn’t weak. Mary was beautiful. She wasn’told.
  • The past simple of the verb “to be” is was & were. I We He was You wereShe They It
  • • We form questions by putting was/were beforethe subject pronoun. She was ill yesterday. ( + ) Was she ill yesterday? ( ? )• We form negations by putting not after was/were. She was not ill yesterday. She wasn’t ill yesterday.
  • • We use the past simple for actions whichfinished at a definite stated time in the past.That is, we know when the action happened. I went to Mersin last summer. My father painted our house yesterday.
  • They were in Berlin last month. (When? Last month)
  • He was in hospital twoweeks ago.(When? Two weeks ago)
  • square JohnJohn was at the square.
  • castle Mary and PeterMary and Peter were at the castle.
  • palace JillJill was at the palace.
  • souvenir shop George and MaryGeorge and Mary were at the souvenir shop.
  • museum Nina and RhondaNina and Rhonda were at the museum.
  • 1. Were there CDs 100 years ago? No, there weren’t.2. Were there boats 100 years ago? Yes, there were.3. Were there helicopters 100 years ago? No, there weren’t.
  • 4. Were there bowls 100 years ago? Yes, there were.5. Were there videos 100 years ago? No, there weren’t.6. Were there irons 100 years ago? No, there weren’t.
  • 7. Were there washing machines 100 years ago? No, there weren’t.8. Were there motorcycles 100 years ago? No, there weren’t.9. Were there cookers 100 years ago? No, there weren’t.
  • 10. Were there TVs 100 years ago? No, there weren’t.11. Were there bicycles 100 years ago? Yes, there were.12. Were there glasses 100 years ago? Yes, there were.
  • Where / Lyn / last Tuesday / ?Where was Lyn last Tuesday?She was at the supermarket.
  • Where / children / yesterday afternoon / ?Where were the children yesterday afternoon?They were at the playground.
  • Where / John / last night / ?Where was John last night?He was at the cinema.
  • Where / Kevin and Sally / two days ago / ?Where were Kevin and Sally two days ago?They were at the museum.
  • Where / you and your friends / last Saturday / ?Where were you and your friends last Saturday?We were at a restaurant.
  • Where / Diane / yesterday / at noon?Where was Diane yesterday at noon?She was at a train station.
  • Lisa / actressLisa wasn’t an actress ten years ago.She was a singer.
  • Betty and Tom / poorBetty and Tom weren’t poor ten years ago.They were rich.
  • Bob / fatBob wasn’t fat ten years ago.He was thin.
  • Tina and Allison / doctorsTina and Allison weren’t doctors ten years ago.They were students.
  • Ted / in ItalyTed wasn’t in Italy ten years ago.He was in Spain.