DENEME1.Cümleyi doğru olarak tamamlayan ifadeyi              8.Aylin:Where is Galipoli?bulunuz.                           ...
22.A:__________________________________?                                                       B:Arda wants to g oto Marma...
30.__________is a funny television series aboutthe different situations of the same characters.a)co-star               b)p...
46.A:Did you________Anıtkabir?   B:Yes,l__________last year.a)visit-visit      b)visit-didn’t visitc)visited-visited  d)vi...
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  1. 1. DENEME1.Cümleyi doğru olarak tamamlayan ifadeyi 8.Aylin:Where is Galipoli?bulunuz. Suna:______________ a)It’s a monument. b)Galipoli is in England. My best friend is Tülay.She is very ……… c)l’m from ltaly.a)rude b)friendly d)ln Çanakkale.c)funny d)stingy 9.Aşağıdaki boş bırakılan soru cümlesi hangisi olamaz. A:__________________________ B:Turn right into the Ata’s near the bank.2. My sun sign is ……………….a)pisces b)aries a)Excuse me ,where is the police station?c)taurus c)cancer b)Are you near the bank? c)Could you please tell us the way to the police station? d) How can l get to the police station?3. a)They are rude. b)They are clever. c)They are lazy. d)They are generous. 10. Yukarıdaki resimlere göre sıralama nasıl olmalıdır?4_____________you will have a good luck. a)island-peninsula-strait b)strait-peninsula-island a)lf you found a horse shoe c)peninsula-strait-island d)peninsula-island -strait b)lf you will find a horse shoe c)lf you find a horse shoe 11.A:How can l get to the airport? d)lf you finds a horse shoe B:lt’s very near here.You can___________. a)go by bus b)go by train c)go on foot d)go by underground 12.Trabzon is in Black Sea has got a lot of historical places________natural beauties. a)and b)or c)but d)for5. lf you ______a black cat,you______bad luck. 13.Bodrum is in the ___________part of Turkey.a)will see-will have b)saw-hadc)sees-has d)see-have a)north-west b)south-west c)south –east d)central6.Libra:You will have health problems thisweek………………………………………..a)You shouldn’t have breakfast.b)You should be careful.c)You must eat junk food. 14. _________are really comfortabled)Drink cold water. in this city.7.You can access to İzmir ______road,sea or air. a)transportation b)food a)under b)to c)Turkish Doner Kebap d)hotels and hostelsc)in d)by
  2. 2. 22.A:__________________________________? B:Arda wants to g oto Marmaris? a)Where is Arda now? b)What do Arda wants to do?15. lf we don’t have enough c)Does arda wants to g oto Marmaris?forests,___________________________. d)Where does arda want to go?a)there will be enough oxygen.b)we will protect the environment. 23.Turan is __________than Emre because hec)people will have enough food. passed the exam.d)the climate of the world will change. a)happier b)sadder c)the happiest d)the saddest16.People should ride a bike or walk if ________. 24.Climbing is ________than football.a)their home isn’t far. a)more good b)more dangerousb)you want to use chemicals. c)excitinger d)popularc)they can water trees.d)we buy new cars. 25. a)A bus isn’t slower than a plane. b)A plane is faster than a bus.17.A:I’m too fat. B:______________ c)A bus is faster than a plane. d)A plane is slower than a bus.a)You should eat junk food.b)You mustn’t do exercises. 26. He is as…… a……….c)You should eat less. a)happy-childd)You shouldn’t use the stairs. b)fat-horse c)srtong-lion18.lf you see someone throwing a rubbish on the d)beautiful –roseground,what do you say?a)You should turn the lights on. 27.Planes are faster than hlicopters.Helicoptersb)Put it in the dustbin. aren’t ________________________________.c)We shouldn’t leave electronic devices on. a)as fast as planes b)as cheap as planesd)Don’t make water dirty. c)as slow as planes d)as small as planes19. How much is the keyboard?a) b) 28. Ahmet’s language __________ Trevor’s language. a)isn’t different from b)is the same as c)are the same as d)is different fromc) d)20.People can_________with each other by theircomputers.a)information b)communicate 29.c)microphone d)machines Ayse’s balon My balloon21. What do you prefer watching? Ayşe’s balon ____________mine.a)l prefer news. a)is different from b)is the same asb)l prefer watching radio programmes. c)are the same as d)isn’t the same asc)l don’t like films.d)Yes,l like documentaries.
  3. 3. 30.__________is a funny television series aboutthe different situations of the same characters.a)co-star b)prime timec)sitcom d)remote control 39. Was she fat in 2000? a)No,she isn’t. b)Yes,she is.31.”Avrupa Yakası” is__________at 8.00pm onWednesdays. c)No,she wasn’t. d)Yes,she was.a)on the air b)targicc)sitcom d)about musics 40. l lastweek ll car lll he lV a new V bought32.A:___________________________________? B:l watch documentaries. a)lll-V-lV-ll-l b)lll-l -V-lV-lla)What kind of programs do you watch? c)lll-V-ll-lV- l d)lll -lV-ll-l-Vb)Do you like watching TV?c) What is your favorite programme? 41.Hansel and Gretel ________some bread on thed)Do you watch advertisements on TV? way of the forest. a)pulled b)scattered c)called d)cut33.Sports programmes are more popular thanmagazine programmes.Do you agree with me?a)Yes,channel NTV is beter. 42. He startede to feel sleepy.Thenb)No,I don’t.c)No,l doesn’t think so. he__________.d)l don’t mind.l like sports programmes. a)had a nap b)have a nap c)sat on the chair d)didn’t sleep 43.________was a clever Turkish character.He gives lessons in his stories.They are very funny.34.What do you prefer ____________?a)eat b)eats c)to eat d)eating35. Tom_________to play basketball. a) b) a)prefer b)prefers c)want d)wants36.l prefer _________car to ___________a bike. c) d)a)use –drive b)driving-ridingc)ride-drive d)to drive-to ride 44.Mrs.Özer ______a new handbag yesterday.37.When l_____young,l________a beautiful a)buys b)buy c)bought d)buyedwoman.a)were-am b)was-am 45.A:_______________________________?c)was-was d)am –was B:At half past seven.38.The trees ______green in May but now they a)What did you do last night?_______yellow because lt’s autumn. b)Who helped you?a)were-are b)was-is c)Where did you go yesterday?c)was-were d)were-were d)What time did you get up?
  4. 4. 46.A:Did you________Anıtkabir? B:Yes,l__________last year.a)visit-visit b)visit-didn’t visitc)visited-visited d)visit –visited47.a)Tom repaired his car.b)Tom painted his car.c)Tom rode his bike.d)Tom was in the park.48. Einstein ________do well inMaths and Science when he was a student.a)can b)could c)will d)must49. She ________speakwhen she was a baby but now she ________speakfluently.a)couldn’t –can b)can’t-couldc)couldn’t-can d)could-can50.A:What games did you use to play ,grandma? B:We _______________marbles.a)use to b)didn’t used toc)used to c)did use to51.A:Did you use to have a mobile phone? B:_______________but l have now.a)No,l did. b)Yes,l did.c)No,l didn’t d)Yes,l didn’t. TEST BİTTİ