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  • 1. DEMONSTRATIVEPRONOUNSSINGULAR - PLURALNOUNS(IWhat are these/those?/they? What is this/that?Is this …?-Are these……?Singular/Plural Nouns
  • 2. thisWhat is …………….? It is an apple.
  • 3. thisWhat is …………….? It is a mouse.
  • 4. What is that…………….? It is a school.
  • 5. thisWhat is …………….? It is a foot.
  • 6. What is that…………….? It is a radio.
  • 7. What is that…………….? It is a baloon.
  • 8. It is a pencil. Is it a pencil ? Yes,it is a pencil.
  • 9. It is an eraser. Is it an eraser ? _____ Yes,it is an eraser.
  • 10. That is a bird. Is that __________a bird ? Yes,it is a bird.
  • 11. It is a knife. Is it_______ a book ? No,it isn’t. It is a knife.
  • 12. not : olumsuzluk ekiis + not isn’t It is a pen. This isn’t a pen. That isn’t a car. It isn’t a tomato. That isn’t a dog. It is a cat.
  • 13. Is it a wolf ?No,it isn’t.It is a sheep.
  • 14. Is this a table ?No,it isn’t.It is a chair.
  • 15. Is this a deer ?No,it isn’t.It is a wolf.
  • 16. Is this a box?Yes , it is a box.
  • 17. Is this a bird ?No,it isn’t.It is a fish.
  • 18. Is this a door?Yes,it is a door.
  • 19. Is this a cat ?No,it isn’t.It is a mouse.
  • 20. Is that a monkey ?Yes,it is a monkey.
  • 21. NOUN + Sa cat catsan egg eggsa tables
  • 22. ….-s , –ss, -sh, -ch, -x, -o + es watchesa watcha bus busesa box boxes
  • 23. a tomato tomatoes a dress dressesa toothbrush toothbrushes
  • 24. CONSONANT+Y + IESa baby babiesa lady ladiesa cherry cherries
  • 25. VOWEL+Y + Sa boy boys a a a key keysa monkey monkeys
  • 26. ….- f -ef + ves knivesa knifea leaf leaves a wolf wolves
  • 27. IRREGULAR PLURALS a mouse mice a man men a sheep sheep
  • 28. a foot feeta child children a fish fish
  • 29. a woman women a tooth teeth a goose geese
  • 30. These/ Those /TheyThese are mice. Those are children.They are children.
  • 31. These are feet.Those are leaves.They are leaves.
  • 32. These are sheep.They are men.
  • 33. What are these? These are eggs. They are eggs.
  • 34. What are these? These are boxes. They are boxes.
  • 35. What are those? Those are toothbrushes.
  • 36. What are these? They are cats.What are those?They are keys.
  • 37. What are these?They are monkeys.What are those?They are knives.What are these?They are fish.
  • 38. What is this ?It is a watch.What are these?They are feet.What is this ? It is a table.
  • 39. These are dresses. Are these ___________ dresses? Yes,these are dresses.
  • 40. ________ leaves? Are theyNo,they aren’t.(are not)They are cherries.
  • 41. Are they mice?Yes,they are mice.Are they books?No,they aren’t.They are teeth.Are they monkeys?No,they aren’t.They are geese.
  • 42. Are they windows?No,they aren’tThey are clocks.. Are they books?Yes,they are books.Are they potatoes?No,they aren’t.They are tomatoes.