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hawkesdale  coollege 2008
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hawkesdale coollege 2008

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we mase thid show fot the transition of year 7 they all came to have a look at the school

we mase thid show fot the transition of year 7 they all came to have a look at the school

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    • One aspect of Hawkesdale is the calmness of the whole-school tone
    • Individual needs are catered for at all ages
    • Our size allows all students to have a variety of opportunities not available in larger schools.
    • Our teachers’ use of technology is recognised as cutting edge and used as an example for other schools.
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    • Mr Distal is the Vice Principal.
    • He helps people when they are in trouble
    • He teachers some maths and science
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    • She is funny careful and helps us with anything .
    • She teachers maths and science
    • She always has a smile.
    • She likes doing all fun stuff
    • She doesn’t want to teach anywhere else
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    • Mrs Keith loves to cook with the year 7s
    • We have fun with her cooking
    • She cooks nice food
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    • Mr Clark is very sporty
    • Has good thinking skills
    • “ We love sports” all year 7 said
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    • She loves us cares for us and gets sad when we go.
    • She teachers Chinese
    • She takes students to China
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    • Mrs Murch love to work hard on the computers
    • She loves all the kids
    • She loves technology
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    • Miss Regan teachers us in art and vis com
    • We love to do vis com the best we love hear
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    • Mr Matters is the wood work teacher
    • In year 7 you make Spoons, Forks and a Utility Box
    • He loves to work with all of the year 7s and helps us when we ask
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    • Mrs Matters is the school librarian
    • Mrs Matters has work at the college since 1992
    • When Mrs Matters started working at the college she was in the office
    • She loves the changes that have happened
    • She always has a smile
  • 13.
    • Tracey thinks that the students are great
    • She likes the technology that we use with our blogs
    • Tracey loves our garden
    • She loves the way we are a team with our garden
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    • Ms Murnane teachers English and Humanities
    • Ms Murnane said that we have different opportunities then other schools
    • That we do very well in competitions
    • That we are like one big happy family
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