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Customer satisfaction & service excellence @ kingfisher

  2. 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Kingfisher Airlines has spread its name far and across for its high levels of customer satisfaction through excellent service. This project was carried out in order to get acquainted with the processes and methodology of customer management. We carried out a research through employees, websites and articles in order to understand the Kingfisher Experience. The report here gives a detailed analysis accompanied with facts on the high customer satisfaction levels. It helps to figure out why Kingfisher Airlines stands out in the civil aviation industry in India. The chairman, Dr. Vijay Mallya is the man behind the great success. He has formulated values, vision and culture in a way that puts the customer first. It follows the key values of Safety, Service, Happiness, Accountability and Teamwork. It is a result of the synergies of all departments‟ and employees‟ focussed mind on perfection in service delivery. The rigorous training process through the industry best trainers is the backbone of Kingfisher Airlines success. The employees are trained to handle every known as well as unexpected situation without panic and with a smile. The hospitality of the crew in-flight is what matters most to guests and that is guaranteed here At Kingfisher Airlines. Vijay Mallya sets international standards and chooses each employee to match and carry forward his values. He has ensured the culture of treating each individual passenger as a guest in his own home. The feedbacks of passengers provided in this report serve as evidence to the same. Customer needs are understood through feedbacks, complaints and suggestions which are directly handled by the chairman. Kingfisher Airline has a branch to handle guest queries, complaints, requests and suggestion called the Guest Care Team. It shows the commitment of giving the customers the best value for their money. It is setting up latest course updates for training, getting latest technology communication devices for aircrafts and it stills continues to operate with all new aircrafts. Kingfisher‟s USP is the safety it guarantees. It is then accompanied by warmth and endearing attitude of the employees in making it a major candidate for the Best Airlines in India. With the success rate of its present marketing strategies of reaching out through all communication channels (print, video, shopping malls etc.) acting like a topping on a cake the future is definitely bright. 1
  3. 3. CONTENTS TOPIC PAGE From The Chairman‟s Desk 3 "Welcome To A World Without Passengers" 4 About The Company 5 Services Provided By Kingfisher Airlines 7 Customer Defection Of Kingfisher Airlines 9 Customer Satisfaction Measurement 11 Recruitment, Promotion, Empowerment And Training Of Employees 12 Heroic Example Of Service Recovery 16 Achievements Of Kingfisher Airlines 19 References 21 2
  4. 4. FROM THE CHAIRMAN’S DESK Dear Guest, I intend to make Kingfisher Airlines the best in the world and pursue this goal seriously; as I am sure you pursue your goals equally seriously. I have always aimed at delighting you and giving you nothing but the best. It is my passion to deliver a world-class experience. And since work and play can go hand-in-hand, I am sure you need some time to relax in the skies after several pressing commitments and stressful work obligations. I make this happen, by being personally involved and ensure that every Kingfisher aircraft meets the global standards that I have set in terms of safety. I am proud of our brand-new fleet which incorporates the latest technology available. I have insisted upon a personalised entertainment system for your personal viewing and listening pleasure, to create an environment that you will truly cherish. Aboard every Kingfisher Airlines flight you will meet your crew that I have hand-picked and approved after a rigorous training programme. They have been instructed to treat you in the same way as if you were a guest in my own home. So, leave the stress of daily life behind and enjoy a Five Star experience with Kingfisher Airlines. I try hard to exceed what you expect, however, if I have missed something or fallen short of meeting your expectations, please feel free to mail me directly at I invite you to fly Kingfisher Airlines and experience an unforgettable journey my team and I strive to create every day. Warm personal regards, Dr. Vijay Mallya Chairman Kingfisher Airlines 3
  5. 5. "WELCOME TO A WORLD WITHOUT PASSENGERS" Welcome aboard Kingfisher Airlines, where you are made to feel like an honored guest and not just a passenger. At Kingfisher, a flight is not a journey between two airports but an experience of a lifetime. As our esteemed guest you can experience Kingfisher Airlines in three unique classes of service - Kingfisher First (Business class), Kingfisher Class (Premium economy) and Kingfisher Red (Low fare). Kingfisher First and Kingfisher Class is available on our international routes too. As Kingfisher takes off into the international skies, you can expect a world-class experience. Every Kingfisher aircraft meets the global standards that I have set in terms of safety and performance. Our brand-new fleet incorporates the latest technology and each aircraft is fitted with a personalized in-flight entertainment system and top quality programming content from around the world for your viewing and listening pleasure, and to create an environment that you will truly cherish. Aboard our flights, you will be delighted by the various sensory experiences on offer – from tantalizing aromas of world cuisine to the magic touch of your personal therapeutic massage seat - we really have thought about every little thing that will exhilarate you. In fact our commitment to delivering the Kingfisher experience has won us many accolades. We were voted the "Best New Airline of the Year" within a few months of launching. Of course, being part of a Global conglomerate, the UB Group, has helped us strengthen our service quality even more. We invite you to fly Kingfisher Airlines and experience a journey we strive to create every day. A journey like never before. 4
  6. 6. ABOUT THE COMPANY Kingfisher Airlines is an airline based in Bangalore, India. It operates 218 flights a day and has a network of 38 destinations, with regional and long-haul international services. Its main bases are Bengaluru International Airport, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and Indira Gandhi International Airport. Kingfisher Airlines, through one of its holding companies United Breweries Group, has 50% stake in low-cost carrier Kingfisher Red, formerly known as Air Deccan. Kingfisher is one of six airlines in the world to have a five-star rating from Skytrax, along with Asiana Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airways. According to a survey held in September 2008, Kingfisher was the most admired airline brand in the Asia-Pacific region. In July 2008, Kingfisher's share of Indian aviation market stood at 14.3% while its sister carrier Air Deccan's share stood at 13.5%. Kingfisher‟s chairman Vijay Mallya and his Jet Airways counterpart Naresh Goyal announced the alliance after a marathon meeting on 13th October 2008 at Mumbai, India. The alliance will include code-sharing on both domestic and international flights, joint fuel management to reduce expenses, common ground handling, and joint utilization of crew and sharing of similar frequent flier programmes. On January 12th, 2009, Kingfisher Airlines announced its alliance with Hilton HHonors the guest rewards program for the more than 3,000 Hilton Family Hotels worldwide. The new alliance allows members of King Club, frequent flyer programme of Kingfisher Airlines, to earn both King Miles and HHonors points when they stay at Hilton Family of hotels. History The airline started operations on 9 May 2005, following the lease of four Airbus A320- 200 aircraft. As of July 2007, Kingfisher started operating domestic routes. It has announced plans to start flights to the USA with Airbus A340-500 and Airbus A380-800aircraft. The airline 5
  7. 7. is owned by the United Breweries Group. In October 2007, the airline announced Deepika Padukone as its brand ambassador. In September 2008, Kingfisher announced its plans to raise US$100 million through equity. Vision “The Kingfisher Airlines family will consistently deliver a safe, value-based and enjoyable travel experience to all our guests.” Values  Safety: This is our overriding value. In our line of business, there is no compromise.  Service: We are all in the hospitality business; we must always seek to serve our guests and gain their trust, goodwill and loyalty.  Happiness: We seek to build an organisation with people who choose to be happy, and will endeavour to influence our guests and co-workers to be happy too.  Teamwork: We will succeed or fail as a team. Each one of us must respect our colleagues regardless of their rank, and we must work together to ensure our mutual success.  Accountability: Each one of us will be held accountable for the successful execution of our duties, commitments and obligations, and we will strive to lead by example. Mission  Be the most successful Full Service, True Value airline operating in India  Create a following of „fans‟ and not just loyalists.  Drive „Addiction‟ to Kingfisher Class and Kingfisher First.  To be the Market Leader by 2010. 6
  8. 8. SERVICES PROVIDED BY KINGFISHER AIRLINES  Personal valet at the airport to assist at every step of the way, from baggage handling to boarding  Exclusive lounges with private space accompanied with refreshments and music  In-flight entertainment to take-off with Personalized video screens and headphones broadcasting 5 video channels of the trendy FUN TV and the exclusive Kingfisher Radio - 10 channels of chartbusting music from across the globe.  Safety: They have done everything possible to ensure it. With the most sophisticated communication, navigation and security systems - both in the air and on the ground. As well as with a highly trained and skilled team of pilots and cabin crew who operate in completely state-of-the-art paperless environments.  Comfort: Seats are indulgently wide with plenty of legroom and adjustable headrests. The superbly groomed flight attendants will ensure that the guests are well taken care of.  A special selection of food and beverages is available on board with an individual Menu Card for every guest to enable them to choose from the finest on offer.  Individual moving map on the personalized video screen will let you know of the flight position. It continuously keeps track of the aircraft's altitude and speed, as well as flight time remaining to keep the guests on top of things at all times. These services provided by Kingfisher Airlines shows how market oriented the top management is starting from the chairman Dr. Mallya and the different means they have to ensure customer satisfaction by providing excellent service. Kingfisher Airlines understands customer needs through feedbacks. The website of Kingfisher contains a feedback page where anyone is free to write their feedback. These are evaluated by the guest commitment team of Kingfisher headed by the Chairman himself. Whenever a passenger asks to give a feedback his feedback is taken at the terminal in the current working system. Kingfisher Airlines with its inevitable charm has the capability to acquire new customers by providing services that many international airlines have failed. Ms Shietal Rane, a customer once traveled from Mumbai to Jaipur. This was the first time she was traveling through a domestic airline. Although she had traveled earlier to Europe, the poor condition of the aircraft 7
  9. 9. and the bad service made her lose the charm of flying. But Kingfisher Airlines proved her wrong by treating her like a guest rather than a passenger. The everlasting experience she had, made her rate Kingfisher Airlines as a 5 ***** airline. She points to travel by Kingfisher whenever she travels in the future. Jonty Rhodes, the South African cricket legend feels that when in Kingfisher he feels like a guest as Dr. Mallya says “a guest in my own home”. According to him Kingfisher flights in India are by far the most welcoming domestic journeys that he undertaken at 30,000 feet. Dr. Vijay Mallya has redefined airlines in India. The actual experience onboard is exactly the same that has been portrayed in the promos. The airlines stewards and the airhostesses perform their duties with a smile and overall helpfulness that said “welcome to India”. Couple of noted points 1. Attendants helping with the luggage refuse tips. Such a gesture and disciplined character is not noticed in other airlines. 2. Attendants at the ticketing counter are friendly and smiling 3. Excellent food 4. Complete entertainment during the journey. 5. Help at the baggage claim. This is the most helpful service Kingfisher Airlines provides. Kingfisher also provides promotional offers which facilitate more customer satisfaction and retaining loyal customers. Fly Kingfisher Toyota Panasonic Racing promotion was one such where a family was sponsored a complete trip to Malaysia to watch the Malaysian Grand Prix from 7th April to 9th April, 2007. It is indeed a privilege to be a Guest of Kingfisher. The ground staff helps the passenger from the entrance at the airport till they get the boarding cards. This is the strength of Kingfisher Airlines where it beats the other airlines. Kingfisher Airlines notably has gone an extra leap and provides customer delight. International comforts for the first time in the Indian skies; such as personalized video screens, wider seats, adjustable headrests, world class cabin crew, designer interiors and taking care of guests immediately. Right from getting the ticket there are two elements a customer views – aesthetic beauty and consistency in look and feel (Red and White colors). Right from the boarding pass till the aircraft seat, including the flight attendants‟ uniforms, everything is in red and white. 8
  10. 10. CUSTOMER DEFECTION OF KINGFISHER AIRLINES Kingfisher Airlines has always the level of service provided since the year of inception. Although the satisfaction level of Kingfisher customers is quite high, there is defection which is quite low. The actual figures of customer defection rate are still unknown because of company policies. The major reasons for defection are yet very insignificant; high price being one of them. Kingfisher in India is considered to be a luxury airline and very few people can actually afford them for a very long period of time. Also the competitor prices snatch few customers from Kingfisher. The cancellation/rescheduling charges of Kingfisher are very high approximately Rs. 800 per ticket. The average price of a Kingfisher trip is Rs. 8,000. If we consider a person travelling for 40 years in his life-time with an average of 6 trips per year then the life-time cost of losing a customer is:- 8,000*40*6 = Rs. 19,20,000 which can be taken as an approximate of Rs. 20,00,000 per customer. The company keeps track of defection through their database where they have complete information on the track record of every customer. For these reasons the company takes care of every passenger as an individual guest. Minute attention is paid to every guest so that defection is minimized and the customers give more value to the service offered than the price they pay. There is an example of a very regretful journey by one of the passengers who has directly complained to the chairman about an incident where there was level of negligence shown by the crew. “Posted: 2008-12-03 by Vishal Maheshwari I had been a regular customer of yours as I undertake my travel using your airline always. The courtesy and response shown by your staff on board and at airport are the catching points which forces one to prefer private airlines over the old master Indian Airlines. However today's incident has actually shattered the iconic image of your airline in our minds. Today I had been traveling vide your Kolkata – Mumbai flight No. IT 514 – Seat No. 18C and to my surprise despite additional security checks today at Kolkata airport involving your officials 9
  11. 11. also, there was one passenger in row 17 who had boarded the flight and was excess drunk and I could smell the stink as I was sitting near to him . Immediately after 30 min since when flight had started, the subject passenger, well dressed in suit and age group around 30-35 yrs, started shouting and within few minutes undressed himself taking out his shirt completely and also walked naked ( upper half ) up to the first seat of executive class . During the next 2 hrs, I along with other travelers had to carry on the disturbing journey and was expecting that once the flight lands, the passenger should definitely be handed over to police custody for indecent behavior. After the flight landed I along with other passengers were evacuated and was waiting to collect my luggage . Just that moment I saw the person proceeding towards exit door of airport along with his hand baggage but moving with vibrating steps as was still under drunk effect. This casual treatment from a pioneer airline was never expected which claims to give high profile customer satisfaction. I think this journey has opened my eyes and horizon as to why old players and public sector airlines like Indian Airlines/ Air India are still superior since they don't cover the mistakes and take stern action over issues which are assigned maximum priority. To garner volumes, private sector airlines do ignore and try to hide such indecent behavior of customers. Such examples will definitely re-occur considering casual approach to problem as witnessed today. I think this would have been my last journey by your airlines expending 9000/- for an uncomfortable journey and culprit being allowed to go scot-free. A very sorry state of affairs indeed.” 10
  12. 12. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION MEASUREMENT Kingfisher Airlines monitors the customer satisfaction through the different feedbacks it gets through Skytrax, a UK based specialist global air transport advisor. Here the customers send feedbacks about different airlines they have traveled in; Kingfisher being one among them. Skytrax then rates the airlines with respect to the different levels of feedback. Kingfisher has been rated as the "India's only 5 Star airline" and "6th airline in the world" by Skytrax. Apart from these the company also has its own feedback section in their website where anyone is free to register their thoughts about Kingfisher. These are handled by the Guest commitment team, headed by the Chairman Dr. Vijay Mallya. These customer satisfaction data is shared with everyone in and out of the company as these are also situations that are used by the company during their training process. We also think that certain customers fail to register their feedback online because of their own personal reasons. These customers are often not in the customer satisfaction data. If Kingfisher starts with a system where they can acquire feedback from the customers directly face-to-face in the flight or in the airport lounges where the customers are taken care of then the results would be far more beneficial. They will get to know the current loopholes in their hospitality and would be able to work on them effectively. This is necessary because the service provided by Kingfisher Airlines is so great that customers overlook the faults when putting forward a feedback online. If the feedback is taken right on the spot then the small loopholes will come out and the company can work on them and provide better service thus making Kingfisher the best airline in the world. At present they run a feedback session only when requested by a passenger. 11
  13. 13. RECRUITMENT, PROMOTION, EMPOWERMENT AND TRAINING OF EMPLOYEES The recruitment process of Kingfisher Airlines starts with application form submission and short listing of candidates. The interview process is a drill in itself. The candidates are tested for communication skills, visible tattoos and scars, confidence and presence of mind. The next round consists of medical tests for tension, blood pressure and body stimulation and reaction to a certain situation. The final round of recruitment is with the Chairman, Dr. Vijay Mallya interviewing the candidates. The interview is rigorous wherein he questions them on real life situation on customer behaviour management. Only when a candidate meets the high levels of confidence, politeness, right attitude and convincing capability is he or she selected. Dr. Mallya in his interview makes sure that the right candidate has actually been selected. He makes the candidates at home and makes them aware that they need not be nervous and scared of talking to him as the guests on board a flight will also be like him. This frankness in making the candidates aware of the reality is what endears him to his staff. The cabin crew training is the toughest as is said by Sneha Gadiyar, a former cabin crew at Kingfisher Airlines. It is the toughest to handle guests with different choices, wants and temperament but Kingfisher Airlines makes sure that nearly 100% of the various situations are covered during training. Any trainee who does not pass through an examination during training is given a second attempt and yet if he or she does not clear then there are chances of termination also. This reflects that KFA keeps only the best with it. Sneha shared with us the rigorous training process of Kingfisher Airlines for its cabin crew. The candidates are put through rigorous real life environments with various types of interaction that can arise between the guest and the employee. The trainees are put through a training process of at least 3 months. The first month of training has lessons on grooming, fitness and personal care. The grooming lessons are on make-up, hair styles and tidiness. The fitness training combines of yoga classes, stress management exercises and body toning exercises. This training has both light and heavy exercises to suit an individual‟s weight, body mass and requirements. The personal care is basically taking care of one‟s own hygiene, skin care, body care and making oneself look better. The first month training is given by the best in the fashion and beauty industry. Trainers of 12
  14. 14. beauty pageant candidates or trainers of Miss India and the like are hired for training. Different trainers for different requirement are also brought in. The 2nd month of cabin crew training comprises of learning the processes that KFA follows within the flight. They are taught where the food is kept in the craft, when and why the different food items are kept at designated places. Here the in-flight manager and others in the group pose as passengers on board and make requests for food and various items that one may require and the attendant(s) have to serve within a specified time limit. The crew is given a gist of which flight has refreshments at what times and when the entire process of serving to trash collection is to be completed. The trainees are given drills on the same. The trainees are also given voice modulation so as to ensure a control on one‟s voice at any given situation. The in-flight announcements are also given as a part of the training. The next training is on first aid and is 10-15 days long training. They are trained on choking troubles, dizziness, infant problems, breathlessness besides hurt or wounds. This too is a real life simulation and trainers poise as passengers with health problems and the trainees are expected to deliver first aid with given time limits. The last month of training is the most important month and has safety training as the module. The safety training is the toughest training to clear and is the base of getting a license to fly. Kingfisher Airlines train through drills on all situations of emergency landing, turbulent weather, crashing on land and sea and fire. The trainees have to remember every little process of every emergency situation. The drills begin with question and answer sessions and then display of emergency situation handling. Kingfisher Airlines also trains for handling situations of hijacking, bombing, and passenger carrying dangerous weapons. This is definitely the adaptation shown by KFA with changing times and requirements. The trainees after successful completion are taken into real work. The new employees are reviewed after every 6 months. The in-flight manager if gives a good feedback with worthy remarks, then only a trainee is chosen for training for the Kingfisher First cabin crew. This is the royal class of people with many of them having good relations with the chairman Dr. Mallya. The requirements for service change here. The mistake reduction and recovery is the soul of excellent service for this class of passengers. 13
  15. 15. The above rigorous elaborated recruitment and mainly training process reflects the fact that Kingfisher Airlines gives the guests the best treatment through its employees. The principles and values of safety, happiness, accountability, teamwork and service are reflected in the above process. Kingfisher‟s top management understood that the frontline employees are the face of the company and they need to the best. They need to be even better than what the guests expect them to be. The Kingfisher Training Academy The KINGFISHER Training Academy provides the right infrastructure, meticulously designed training programs and an eminent panel of academicians and industry professionals. At the academy, full potential is assessed and tapped, talents are honed, and skills are groomed to bring out the best in an individual by imparting customized and quality education in the new-age sectors of Aviation, Retail, Customer Services Management and Hospitality. It focuses on Professional and Personal Development, Expertise where main focus is on attitude, Creative and Analytical skills. The training academy has a virtual university portal enabling students to gather and share information. The Academy also has the „train the trainers‟ programme which enables the trainers to update themselves and improve their own skills. Training Management System This is an end-to-end back-bone system for administrative, operations and record tracking activities to facilitate the Training Administrators and Management. Key functions include:  Maintaining Database on Instructors and Training Activities  Register student and track progression  Evaluation of Instructor effectiveness  View Assessment Results and provide feedback  Training Manager to view overall Training and Learning Progress There is also an online assessment of the courses and to facilitate respective needs of the students and provide faster updates. 14
  16. 16. Employee Empowerment Kingfisher Airlines through its training process enables employees to take challenges and analyze situations. They are therefore prepared to take responsibility and accountability for their actions. Thus employee empowerment is prevalent which is reflected through the various guest testimonials. They are trained and given the authority to take action on matters that require immediate attention. The basis of this empowerment is the synergy of teamwork. When a problem arises the employees do not wait for an order from the top but instead listen to the matter and take initiative in solving it. Employee empowerment is evident in all services that Kingfisher provides from ground services to baggage handling to in-flight services. The prime concern of all that make Kingfisher Airlines is safety and maximum powers are given to employees to ensure it. This is the reason why Kingfisher is way ahead of other airlines. Decisions are prompt, services are excellent, least delays and a warm welcome is what makes Kingfisher the most admired airlines. 15
  17. 17. HEROIC EXAMPLE OF SERVICE RECOVERY 20th NOV 2008, An Unforgettable Day in this year. “Greetings, Like to share my experience with Kingfisher and few words of appreciation to Ms. Anupama - Guest Agent Service - Employ # 3574 - New Delhi. I booked in Air India Flight to visit my native for short days on 20th Nov from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to Delhi and from there connecting flight to Chennai in Kingfisher and on 21st NOV from Chennai to Madurai in Jet Airways. I accepted this route as there was no seats in direct flight from Riyadh to Chennai due to Hajj season. I regret for my booking in Air India when the first announcement came as the Flight would fly to Mumbai first and then to Delhi due to the cancellation of Mumbai flight from Riyadh. Usually I use to book in Saudi Airlines for its prompt services. But all the other direct flights are booked fully. With a delay of around 2.30 Hrs without any specific reasons, our flight took off from Riyadh to Mumbai. I explained the Air India Manager at Riyadh airport about my next connecting flight in Kingfisher in Delhi is about on the same day night and I would miss my connecting flight which would completely turn out my schedule. He could not suggest me anything worthy enough as an alternative and told that it would be taken care by Air India at Mumbai airport. Again I approached Air India Manager at Mumbai airport explaining that the shorter route to reach Chennai is from Mumbai and there is no point for me in travelling to Delhi and back to Chennai. He ignored stating that my baggage is already sealed to Delhi. Yet with the hope that Air India would take the responsibility of very long delay and would make arrangements to reach me to Chennai, I reached to Delhi by the next day morning 1 AM. Delhi Airport being the International Clearance terminal I had to collect my entire luggage which were about 70 Kgs. When I approached Delhi Airport Manager, the same story prolongs stating that delays in Air India Flights are nothing new to them. I didn‟t even dream about all these that I had only few Saudi Riyal currencies with me and the remaining I have changed to DD. I request 16
  18. 18. him to take the responsibility of Air India delay and make arrangement to fly in their united airlines Indian Airlines. He has no objection but Indian Airlines rejected with the fear to which this credit has to be undertaken. All these drama goes on till the dawn. In the mean time I approached Kingfisher Airlines Counter at Domestic Terminal. They too rejected stating that they cannot help me due to the delay of my previous flight. After very long waiting to Toll free of Kingfisher and also after a lot of call transfers, they finally comes out that my ticket booking can be cancelled and after a lot of detection the amount would be paid to my Saudi Travel Agent and I have to book a new ticket to fly from Delhi to Chennai. Here I suggest our Kingfisher Airlines to make arrangement to keep a land line facility in all your counters to call your Toll free numbers with ease. Being travelled from a foreign country my mobile needs a new SIM card to contact your Toll free number. I have no time to leave my luggage and move around to get a new SIM with more formalities. I should thank the boys at that Counter who helped me by lending their mobiles to call the toll free. With no ideas what to do next with no much Indian Money in wallet and no Money Exchanges in domestic airport, I hardly prayed for my safe reach to home in time. The new dawn brought me a good change and hopes when I met our Kingfisher Guest Agent Service – Ms. Anupama (3574). Understanding the real situation she shot out very clearly that she would take the responsibility to reach me to Chennai in the next flight. She also helped me by arranging her subordinate crew boy to escort me to exchange my Saudi Riyals into Indian Rupees in International Airport Money Exchange. She was helpless when I told my luggage weight is about 70 kg whereas the allowed baggage is just 25 Kgs in the domestic flight. But still she manages to charge me for the rest of the weight which I paid in Indian money which comes over for another flight ticket charge around 4000 Rs. I request our Kingfisher to consider the luggage fares for International flyers like us when we board Kingfisher as connecting flights. Really I appreciate Ms. Anupama (3574) who decided to sort out the issue in a very short span which was not able to take a proper decision to solve my issues my well experienced Airport Mangers and Flight Managers (Air India & Indian Airlines). Also I appreciate our Kingfisher who has given the right opportunity for our Indian Youth with more wisdom and courage to take quick decisions. I tasted the quality of our Kingfisher‟s Services to the customers like us right in the first shot of the crew dedication in taking care of the passengers from the step out from the 17
  19. 19. cabs till they reach safely to their destinations. I couldn‟t stop comparing the hospitality shown towards the domestic travelers with that of Air India. When our Kingfisher Flight was delayed due to Fog at Delhi Airport along with the delay announcement comes the next announcement for the travelers to have snacks and tea at free of cost from the nearby café. Whereas when our Air India Flight was delayed by 2.30 Hrs in the mid afternoon, all passengers were kept on board without any food. All Air India crew waits for the flight take off and only then they are supposed to serve the meal. Baggage check-in ends by no time as same as the baggage collection timing. It took for around solid one hour to collect my baggage when I land at Delhi Airport in Air India. I was shocked when I land at Chennai airport in our Kingfisher. I couldn‟t see all my luggage. I couldn‟t believe when I saw Ms. Candy – another Guest Service Agent at Chennai Terminal who has collected my entire luggage on behalf of me with the help of another crew member and waiting for my arrival. I like to thank her too for her hospitality shown towards us. She helped me by instructing the kingfisher helper boy to escort me till the nearby luggage room to keep my baggage safe until my next flight on the same day night in Jet Airways to Madurai. This is the first time that I experienced the class service of our Kingfisher. I liked to convert all my local flight travels to Kingfisher but unfortunately there is no service from Chennai to Madurai. On my return travel the same story as I flew from Madurai to Chennai, Chennai to Trivandrum thru Jet Airways and from Trivandrum to Riyadh with my wife and new born kid in Air India which was again 2 Hours delayed in Cochin. I have shared my pleasant experience with Kingfisher to my abroad friends and they too have started booking Kingfisher Airline for their transits during their oncoming vacation trips. Once again I thank personally to Ms. Anupama, Ms. Candy and Kingfisher Crew to establish the good will thru great quality services by all time. None other than Kingfisher can secure the Best Domestic Air Services to India. We wish our Kingfisher to delight us always, as a real kingfisher to the abandoned sailor.” Mohamed Kishore S. 18
  20. 20. ACHIEVEMENTS OF KINGFISHER AIRLINES  NDTV Profit Business Leadership Award for Aviation" - awarded to Kingfisher Airlines by NDTV twice in two years  "India's only 5 Star airline" and "6th airline in the world" to be certified as 5 star airline by Skytrax  Rated India's "Second Buzziest Brand 2008" by agfaqs! and The Brand Reporter  Ranked amongst India's "Top Service Brands of 2008" in a ranking by Pitch magazine  Voted as "India's Favorite Airline" in a survey conducted by an independent research firm with 46% votes compared to 9Ws 23%  Rated as Asia Pacific's "Top Airline Brand" in a survey conducted by TNS on 'Asia Pacific's Top 1,000 Brands' for 2008  "Brand Leadership Award" in the service and hospitality segment against several acclaimed hotels, leading banks and other airlines  Economic Times Avaya Award 2006 for Excellence in "Customer Responsiveness" the prestigious award is presented by the highly acclaimed Business Daily, Economic Times  "India's No. 1 Airline in customer satisfaction" - Business World  "Rated amongst India's most respected companies" - Business World  "Rated amongst India's 25 Innovative Companies" in a survey conducted by Planman Media in 2006 19
  21. 21.  "The Best Airline" and "India's Favorite Carrier" in a Survey conducted by IMB for The Times Of India  "Best New Domestic Airline for Excellent Services and Cuisine" Pacific Area Travel Writers Association (PATWA) the biggest travel writers' organization, representing members from 70 countries across the globe, that conducts independent annual surveys across various industries related with Travel and Tourism in order to select the best in each category  "Service Excellence 2005-2006 for a New Airline" by Skytrax, a UK based specialist global air transport advisor  "Ranked Third in the survey on India's Most Successful Brand launch of 2005" under the Brand Derby Survey conducted by India's leading business daily - Business Standard  "Buzziest Brands of 2005" ranked amongst the Top Ten buzziest brands of 2005 and 2006 across product categories, in the survey conducted by agencyfaqs and The Brand Reporter  Rated amongst the Top Ten Internet Advertisers - Yahoo! India  Rated amongst "the top ten in the Best Television Commercial Jingles" - NDTV  "Best New Airline of the Year" Award for 2005 Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) Award in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East region 20
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