5 Steps to Effective SharePoint Training and Adoption


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5 Steps to Effective SharePoint Training and Adoption

  1. 1. 5 Steps to Effective SharePoint
 Adoption & Training Dux Raymond Sy @MeetDux Chris Riley @HoardingInfo View Recording: http://vimeo.com/32421348
  2. 2. Presentation Objectives¡  In this presentation, you will learn 5 steps to delivering effective SharePoint adoption & training ¡  Engage the business to identify SharePoint-based business solutions ¡  Design & develop relevant SharePoint training programs ¡  Quantify & measure the  effectiveness of training programs ¡  Provide reliable SharePoint support to the business ¡  Deliver continuous SharePoint learning initiatives to the business @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  3. 3. Meet Chris and Dux chris@cloudshare.com dux.sy@innovative-e.com @hoardinginfo @meetdux @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  4. 4. http://innovative-e.com/5ds @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  5. 5. What’s This? 8 5 4 9 1 7 6 3 2 0 @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  6. 6. How About This? SharePoint @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  7. 7. 1. Engage the Business @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  8. 8. Educate and Engage¡  SharePoint is more than just a glorified network share ¡  Stress that SharePoint is a platform¡  Tip: Address their pain points ¡  Provide high-level technology overview ¡  Discuss business challenges ¡  Map it to a SharePoint solution @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  9. 9. Success Factors¡  Identify business processes that need improvement (look for quick wins)¡  Build “Out-of-the-Box” solutions - Keep it simple¡  Build only what is necessary to accomplish the mission, avoid things that are “nice to have.”¡  Change your business process if necessary @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  10. 10. Don’t Call it SharePoint¡  Enterprise-Wide Solutions ¡  Corporate Intranet ¡  Content Management¡  Specific Solutions ¡  Employee Onboarding System for Human Resources ¡  Conference Room Scheduling System for Facilities ¡  Project Management Information System for PMs¡  System Integration¡  Custom Application Development @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  11. 11. 2. Develop Relevant Training @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  12. 12. Change Management Strategy¡  Collaboration culture¡  Governance plan ¡  Business ¡  Technology¡  Adoption plan ¡  Incentives ¡  Training ¡  Support @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  13. 13. Teach Them How to Fish¡  Showcase SharePoint solutions, not features ¡  Share use cases¡  Group users based on roles and business needs ¡  IT ¡  Business ¡  Executives ¡  Business Units¡  Training should include ¡  Technology ¡  Roles & responsibilities ¡  Business Process @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  14. 14. 3. Measure Training Effectiveness @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  15. 15. US Department of State¡  The Bureau of Diplomatic Security is responsible for the protection of personnel, information and facilities worldwide. ¡  Solution collects various reports from over 200 Security Officers around the world ¡  Automatically generates 20 reports for management in budgeting, and planning. (Old system required hours of work to create reports by hand) ¡  Allows Security Officers to focus on other things ¡  Enables Security Officers to better manage their staff as 
 well as learn from more experienced Security Officers ¡  Enables analysis, identification of deficiencies, 
 corrective action and performance improvement @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  16. 16. Are You Better Off with SharePoint?¡  Compare the Before with the After ¡  Manual processes are now automated ¡  Uncover OOB SharePoint integration w/ Office and Windows ¡  Increased adoption ¡  Decreased support ¡  Exploring new features ¡  Requests for more¡  Increasing user efficiency¡  Gather feedback ¡  Anecdotes ¡  Performance metrics @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  17. 17. 4. Provide Reliable Support @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  18. 18. Less is More + @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  19. 19. Provide Structured Support¡  Self-service support ¡  Create a SharePoint FAQ site for basic how-tos ¡  Include external references for advanced topics ¡  Make sure it’s accessible to the entire user community ¡  Removes most of the support bottleneck¡  Site Manager support¡  IT help-desk support ¡  Create a SharePoint help-desk site ¡  Intended for higher-level support @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  20. 20. 5. Encourage Continuous Learning @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  21. 21. Guide the Business with their Journey @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  22. 22. Learning is Not a One-Time Event¡  Mentorship can help guide users through their SharePoint journey¡  Informal sessions ¡  Brown Bags ¡  User Groups ¡  Webcasts¡  Conferences¡  Provide a playground to power/super
 users @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  23. 23. How We Can Help http://cloudshare.com http://innovative-e.com/easy @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  24. 24. Questions? chris@cloudshare.com dux.sy@innovative-e.com @hoardinginfo @meetdux @hoardinginfo @meetdux #SPAdoption
  25. 25. Thank You
for Attending