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5 Deadly Sins of SharePoint in The Enterprise #5ds
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5 Deadly Sins of SharePoint in The Enterprise #5ds


Presented on O'Reilly Media Webcast …

Presented on O'Reilly Media Webcast
Nov 14, 2011

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. 5 Deadly Sins ofSharePoint in the Enterprise Dux Raymond Sy, PMP, MVP
  • 2. Presentation Objectives In this presentation, you will learn the 5 deadly sins of SharePoint in the Enterprise is and how to best avoid them  Treating governance as a one-time event  IT leadership abdicating responsibility for information architecture and road mapping  Treating user adoption & training as an after thought  Underestimating human resource implications  Failing to educate and engage executives
  • 3. Meet Dux  Managing Partner, Innovative-e, Inc.  SharePoint Server MVP  Author, SharePoint for Project Management  Connect with Dux  E-Mail: dux.sy@innovative-e.com  Twitter: twitter.com/meetdux  LinkedIn: meetdux.com/li  Blog: meetdux.com
  • 4. SharePoint Implementation Continuum
  • 5. Share Roundtable Hot Topics http://shareconference.com/us/
  • 6. #1 Governance as a One Time Event SharePoint Governance is more than just a document  Importance of SharePoint governance plan in addition to general IT governance  Balance of collaboration capabilities and their benefits vs organizational requirements  Ensuring the plan evolves with the business  Who creates the plan? Who owns the plan? Who enforces the plan?  Defined roles and responsibilities  Making governance part of the training process  Enforcement vs. empowerment approach Sample governance plan  http://spgur.us/IECSPGov
  • 7. #2 Leadership Not Involved in IA Inability to find information quickly and easily is one of the biggest frustrations  Involve business decision makers on information architecture design is critical  Establish a common language structure can greatly improve findability  Having a defined taxonomy strategy and ongoing management of metadata management  Understanding how to tag information correctly  Will out-of-the-box provide sufficient search capabilities or is a custom solution necessary? See IA design guidance  http://spgur.us/r2Vpv3
  • 8. #3 Training & Adoption an Afterthought It is common to see IT take a technology first approach and rollout SharePoint with little consideration for the user impact  Engage the business early on – identify and prioritize business solutions  Always remember the WIIFM user mindset  Relevant training approach  Process vs technology focused  Support mechanism See training and adoption resources  http://spgur.us/8sCiVR  http://spgur.us/ogHyvq  http://spgur.us/nXHggs
  • 9. #4 Underestimate Human Resources Management overlooks how broad SharePoint is and relies on existing personnel with little expertise to deliver platform and business solutions Various skillsets are needed – not just developer and or/admin Having a SharePoint business analyst is key
  • 10. #5 Failed Exec Education & Engagement Common theme among IT departments is that SharePoint doesn’t get enough executive attention and support  Executives want the benefits, but fail to make the investments that are necessary Lack of understanding of how SharePoint can deliver business value is the culprit  What are you trying to accomplish and why?  What is the value? If it is quantifiable, then half the battle is won When executives understand the Return portion of the equation, it is much easier to get them to commit to the Investment side
  • 11. Questions? E-Mail: dux.sy@innovative-e.com LinkedIn: meetdux.com/li Blog: meetdux.com Twitter: meetdux http://innovative-e.com/easy
  • 12. Thank Youfor Attending