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Building professional narratives






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    Building professional narratives Building professional narratives Presentation Transcript

    • Building Career Narratives Meeta Sengupta @meetasengupta A part of this talk was delivered to a WIPRO Leadership group on October 22, 2013 (c) Meeta Sengupta No part of this is to be replicated without permission or attribution
    • Do stories have names?
    • Tell me a story... • Your story.. • Or maybe just the punchline..
    • Was that your Elevator Pitch or Story?
    • So, What is a story?
    • What made it a story? Tone Pace Voice Dialogue ... Dramatic Question Characte rs Plot Rhythm Conflict Motivatio n PoV ... Conflict ...
    • Let me read these to you...
    • Passage 1 • “Some people climb mountains, one day I may.”
    • Passage 2 • “Everyday, as a child growing up in the hills, I would look at the snowy mountain peaks and tell myself, ‘One day I will reach the summit’ ”
    • Before I ask you the real question, very quickly: Do you have anything to say to A or B? Do you have anything to say to A or B?
    • Why did A engage us less/more than B?
    • Stories are Sticky • Whether in learning • Or in Selling...
    • What makes stories enhance learning? • Emotional connect • Nested loops • Personal branding • Flow and rhythm • Glamour and Aspiration
    • Classically.. • “Tell me, and I’ll forget. Show me, I may remember. But involve me, and I’ll understand” • A story is the shortest path to involving the audience in the content.
    • On that note, a story.. • Mr. Prabhu has been to many training courses and has learnt a lot from them. He is also a very dedicated reader of business books. He is a steady worker at office, and often gets a chance to sit in on senior leadership meetings. • Mr. Prabhu was recently rather upset. He had found out that the COO of the company did not even remember his name, despite having met him a few times and discussed projects. • Mr. Prabhu does not like this situation. What can he do?
    • Elements of a Career Story Identity Establishing Your Circle Intertwining of Stories Personalise Industry Insights Achievements Against all Odds - Conflict, Struggle, Victory Reason to meet again - this is a serial, not a short story (c) Meeta Sengupta Not to be used without permission or attribution
    • What of career goals? • Explicit or Implicit? • Career Goals are the reason for telling the story, they are not directly part of the story.. Embed your Goals in your Story
    • Storifying your goals • Let us ... • Take 3 minutes... • Embed your professional goals in the story of your career goals so far. Maximum 30 seconds to speak Personalise for Resonance
    • Who cares? • Who cares for your plan? Or your goals? • How do you make them care? • Who is part of your team in the journey to your goals? Build your Story Teams
    • Pch. Not Enough. • Storifying makes it interesting... • Is that enough for impact? Build Narratives
    • A Narrative... • A consistent interweaving of stories and evidence over time • The Ramayan. The story of Pakistan. The story of the Indian as IT geek. Narratives are built on consistency
    • Types of Narratives... • The hero • The victim • The firefighter • The captain • .... The Narrative Feeds the Brand
    • The Power of the Narrative... • What did Dravid and MSD do differently? • Did their narrative impact their value? Narrative Drives Value
    • Narrative Building in Action.. • Narendra Modi • Rahul Gandhi Narratives need Substance
    • Narratives of Leadership • Stories of rescuing the team via thought leadership • Stories of standing up for the welfare of the team without compromising the deliverable • Stories of creating impact for self, company and team • Stories of creating followership in clients and staff
    • Building Narratives... • Your personal Narratives... • Who builds them • What are the elements • Sustaining the Narrative
    • Your Narrative... • What do you want to be known to be... • A good leader • A mentor • A team player • A visionary ....... ........ ........
    • Writing your Epitaph • In memorium to....
    • Growing into Leadership • From task to ask • From delivery to accountability • From managing people to being an ambassador • From inward looking to outward facing Leaders Tell Stories
    • Do you have what it takes? • Yes? • No? • Not yet? Find and Fill the Gaps
    • How would you know? • Johari Window • Peer Review • Positioning Exercise Map to Expectations
    • Not yet? • Plan for when... • Plan development needs.. • Plan lifelong learning.. Narratives need Curation
    • Carpenters bend wood, Fletchers bend arrows, Wise men fashion themselves Buddha
    • The Case of MM, (almost) General Manager • MM has been a project manager for over ten years, and has received glowing reports for the past three years. • She had some difficulties adjusting to a managerial role but has now found her groove • She is being considered for promotion to a General Management position. But is not sure she can make it. • What can MM do?
    • LLL is about Self Determination • Hierarchies and Beyond • Cognitive Choices • Giving fuel to your Targets Beyond the myth of corporate slavery
    • Self Determination Personal Vision Stories Sustain Narratives Stories feed Narrative Learning grows Stories Leaders build strong Narratives
    • You are the storyteller of your own life, and you can create your own legend or not -- Isabel Allende -- Isabel Allende
    • Thank You
    • @meetasengupta