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Beers @ Meers: 2011 Cheers @ Meers
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Beers @ Meers: 2011 Cheers @ Meers


While 2011 still looms large in our collective rearview mirror, we thought it would be interesting to take a hard look back at the ad campaigns, industry developments and technology advances that have …

While 2011 still looms large in our collective rearview mirror, we thought it would be interesting to take a hard look back at the ad campaigns, industry developments and technology advances that have made the past 12 months memorable. Join us for an evening of cheers, jeers and, yes, beers as we share our rapid-fire personal picks for what we're calling 2011's Cheers@Meers.

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. 2011’s Cheers@Meers§  Sheree Johnson: Blundering Through 2011§  Julie Parker: Facebook (R)evolution§  Allisyn Wheeler: QRs Function vs. Fantasy§  Sam Meers: A Piece of Cake§  Aubrey Ammon: The Fifth Screen§  John Kreicbergs: Getting Siri-ous
  • 2. 2011’s Cheers@Meers Sheree Johnson §  Director, Business Intelligence §  @SAJohnson
  • 3. If Only They Had Done Their Research: Top Media/Marketing Blunders of 2011
  • 4. What the heck were they thinking?
  • 5. #10 –’s Relaunch §  Unshackled itself from Amazon on 8/23/11 §  Enlisted more than 20 vendors to build its own e-commerce technology and website §  Site crashes, broken links, missing baby and wedding registries AND shopping carts with a mind of their own §  Too many cooks in the kitchen
  • 6. #9 – Pulls Back § changes its name to §  Created major confusion §  “Going too fast, need to try this at a slower pace, not flipping back, just refocusing” §  Kinda, sort of, going back to its original name
  • 7. #8 – Huffpo Punishes Aggregator §  AdAge busts HuffPo staffer for using one of its columns §  HuffPo talks zero tolerance and suspends the staffer §  Punishment far worse than the crime? §  Writer publicly skewered for doing what she was taught §  “Overaggregating” basically their business model
  • 8. #7 – Ongoing J.Lo/Fiat Fiasco §  Puzzled/furious Fiat and football fans with intro of Fiat 500 –  Chrysler: “not an ad for the car, but marketing tie-in for J.Lo’s new music video” §  Appearance of both at AMA’s Tweeted as “shameless” §  Released a “real ad” of J.Lo driving around the Bronx –  J.Lo too busy shoot, so double was used –  Too much like Eminem/ Made-in-Detroit Super Bowl spot
  • 9. #6 – The Charlie Sheen Show §  One man wreck §  Brought #1 comedy to complete halt §  Deranged Tweets, interviews, rants §  Fueled gossip blogs for months §  Results: –  Charlie Survived/Sober –  FX gets new show – Anger Management –  Comedy Central got a top rated roast –  Ashton snagged a new job
  • 10. #5 – Groupon’s Super Bowl Fumble §  Some thought Super Bowl ad hilarious –  Timothy Hutton/Plight of Tibet §  Other 99% – not so much –  Huge social-media multiplier effect §  Full scale scandal, CEO threw Crispin under the bus –  “Too edgy/entertaining, too much trust” §  So who’s he going to blame for that IPO
  • 11. #4 – Social Media #FAILs§  Kenneth Cole sticks fashionable foot in mouth§  Af-Quacked: Gilbert Gottfrieds inappropriate Tweets§  F-bomb in tweet from @ChryslerAutos that criticized Detroit drivers§  GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons tweeting a video of himself shooting an elephant in Zimbabwe
  • 12. #3 – BoA Tries to Make You Pay §  Consumers still feel we are in a recession §  Middle America angry about bailouts & bank profits §  Occupy Wall Street was in full swing §  BoA announces $5 monthly debit card fee –  “So tone deaf bordered on stupidity” –  Abandoned scheme after customer outcry
  • 13. #2 – Frosty Reaction to Holiday Coca-ColaWhy?1.  Confusion with Diet Coke –  So, fact sheet about differences created2.  Swear that it tastes different –  New Coke conspiracy??3.  Ardent fans find the change in color blasphemous –  Outrage shared on Facebook/Twitter –  Don’t mess with tradition
  • 14. #1 – Netflix Angers Everyone§  July price increase announcement with scant explanation (60%+)§  CEO Reed Hastings issues email apology in September with “I messed up,” consumers expected price rollback§  Instead, announces spilt: –  Qwikster DVD by mail service •  Bad name •  Failed to get @Qwikster Twitter handle! –  Netflix streaming service§  Customers revolted, industry leaders shook heads, Netflix abandoned plan§  Lost 1 million customers, $12 billion in market value
  • 15. 2011’s Cheers@Meers Julie Parker §  Senior Account Manager §  @JulesPHoo
  • 16. Facebook Evolution and the Launch of Timeline or….Incoherent Ramblings
  • 17. “How on Earth did we stalk our exes,remember our co-workers’ birthday, bug our friends, and play a rousing game of Scrabulous before Facebook?”
  • 18. The beginning…§ launched Feb 4, 2004§  Harvard University§  Required a university email address features§  By the end of the year, §  Profile §  Text-Only Wall reached 1 million users §  Messages §  Poke §  Groups ex. “Number 10 Party School in the Nation…I’ll Drink to That!”
  • 19. Original profile
  • 20. Pages over the years Tabs   Photo  Bar   Mini  Feed   Notes   Events   Marketplace   Ticker   Status   Ads  2006 2007 2008 2010 2011
  • 21. Timeline§  Unveiled at the f8 conference onTimeline…wanted to convey two feelings: The “Facebook’s September 22 feeling of telling someone your life story, and the feeling of§  Worldwide memory -- of remembering your own life.” rollout began December 15 --E.B. Boyd,
  • 22. Gems…
  • 23. The real stuff…
  • 24. What does it all mean?
  • 25. But what does it really mean?
  • 26. And…
  • 27. Bottom line
  • 28. 2011’s Cheers@Meers Allisyn Wheeler §  Channel Strategist1.  Download a QR Scanner application onto your smart phone (QR Code Reader and Scanner, QR Reader for iPhone)2.  Open application and scan the QR Code to learn more about me and follow me on Twitter
  • 29. Quick Response Codes
  • 30. What are QR Codes?§  Specific matrix bar code (two-dimensional code) that is readable by smartphones§  A way to digitally connect consumers of primarily non-digital content to the Internet –  Conduit to more robust information, offers, freebies, etc. –  Provides a quick alternative to a consumer having to type an actual URL into their web browser
  • 31. A Brief History§  Developed by Denso Wave in 1994§  Widespread in Asia, have made inroads in Europe and are still gaining traction in the U.S. Total U.S. Population (June 2011) U.S. Mobile Phone Owners 73% own a mobile phone 40% 73% own a Smartphone smartphone owners 16%   16% Scanned a QR code Comscore, August 2011 in June 2011
  • 32. Who is Using QR Codes?§  Male, young-middle aged and upper income –  Men are 25% more likely than the average mobile phone user to scan a QR code (60.5% of the scanning audience) –  More than half of all QR code scanners are between the ages of 18-34 (53.4%) –  More than 1 of every 3 QR code scanners (36.1%) had a household income of at least $100,000 Comscore, August 2011
  • 33. Source and Location§  Nearly half of U.S. mobile phone users who scan QR codes do so from a printed magazine or newspaper –  35.3% from product packaging –  27.4% from a website on a PC –  23.5% from a poster/flyer/kiosk§  58.0% of mobile phone users scan QR codes from their home –  39.4% from a retail store –  24.5% from a grocery store –  12.6% from public transit/while outside –  7.6% from a restaurant Comscore, August 2011
  • 34. Successful Executions§  Call-to-action§  Instructions§  Set Expectations§  Be careful with time sensitive offers§  Keep measurement and evaluation in perspective§  Avoid making critical information accessible solely through QR codes§  Make it worth the consumers while Comscore, August 2011
  • 35. The Hits
  • 36. Calvin Klein
  • 37. Victor Petit’s Resume
  • 38. Tesco Home Plus
  • 39. The Misses
  • 40. Red Bull
  • 41. Continental
  • 42. Esquire
  • 43. Nirvanas Nevermind 20th Anniversary Edition
  • 44. 2011’s Cheers@Meers Sam Meers §  President §  @sammeerskc
  • 45. A Piece of Cake
  • 46. 1983
  • 47.
  • 48. 2011’s Cheers@Meers Aubrey Ammon §  Channel Manager §  @aammon
  • 49. Traditional OOH
  • 50. “The 5th Screen”
  • 51. Cinema in the Sky
  • 52. Year In Review§  Many large cities and 82% of U.S. states now allow digital billboards§  By the end of 3rd quarter, Clear Channel had a total of 768 digital displays deployed in 37 U.S. markets, with more than 200 installed over the past year§  Spending increased in 2011 (4.3% from 2010 to $4.8 billion) –  Newspapers: Dropped 7.6% –  Magazines: Dropped 5.6% –  Radio: Increased 2% •  Still down 20.5% from 2007
  • 53. Eyes On§  Audience measurement was DECs past 75 years§  EOIs are fairly new measurement –  Based only on audiences actually seeing your ads –  Available for all major demographic audience segments (age, gender, race, income) –  Weekly impressions vs. Daily measures
  • 54. Benefits??§  High traffic locations§  No extra production costs –  Vinyl is gone§  Flexibility –  Last minute updates§  Latest technology –  Dynamic content
  • 55. Dynamic Content§  Change messaging at the speed of the internet
  • 56. Law Enforcement Support§  FBI and OAAA launched a multi-state man hunt for the East Coast Rapist§  The campaign proved successful –  Authorities credited the apprehension of the suspect to the media blitz initiated by the 30-plus digital billboards –  The story made national and international news§  Since 2007, the FBI has credited digital billboards with the apprehension of 45 fugitives
  • 57. Non-Profit Support§  10-year anniversary of the observance of the moments on September 11, 2001§  More than 450 digital billboards§  23 markets across the nation§  One hour and 17 minute takeover
  • 58. Planes, Trains, Automobiles Gas Stations§  Other Digital OOH Airports Malls Bus Shelters
  • 59. What’s next?1.  Growth in numbers –  More than 2,500 digital boards nationwide2.  Steady decrease in prices –  Fallen nearly 20% in past couple of years as LEDs become affordable3.  Better energy efficiency –  Energy requirements cut in half over the past year4.  Advertisers understand the value –  Dynamic Content – Cinema in the sky5.  Boards look good over time –  Preserve through time, elements and still look good
  • 60. 2011’s Cheers@Meers John Kreicbergs §  Director, Digital Strategy §  @patchchord
  • 61. “Siri, you autocomplete me.”
  • 62. Meet Siri
  • 63. What We Know About Siri§  Proprietary Apple search algorithm –  Sources: Google, Yelp, Wolfram Alpha and more§  Great at sending emails, texts, setting reminders, calling contacts§  No so great at more “esoteric” searches
  • 64. Yes. There’s a blog for that.
  • 65. Siri’s Impact On Search§  SEM spending projected to reach $19.3 billion in North America in 2011*§  Siri effectively bypasses SEM advertising§  Siri heavily relies on natural search data –  Page titles, descriptions, keywords & CONTENT§  iPhone 4S sold over 4MM units in first week of release in October§  25MM customers already using iOS 5* Source: SEMPO State of Search Engine Marketing Report 2011