Ashwini's 27th happy birthday


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Ashwini's 27th happy birthday

  1. 1. To my Dearest Ashu, wishing you a very Happy Birthday beautiful lady! May you have a hundred colours in your life and may all your wishes come true. I've been asked to say 'a few words' and that's a little difficult, given that I have SO MUCH to say, and so few words to even begin with. You, my dearest, are the best thing to have happened to me. When I met you a year ago, little did I know that God had sent me an older sister to care for me, to love me, to look out for me..we may not have spent as much time together, but Ashu, I will never forget how protective you were of me when I'd come home with my broken foot. Tuzha haath dharun challe tevha lakshat ale ki mothi Tai ayushat ashna, hyala pan nasheebvan asava lagte. We may not catch up as often, we may not speak as often, but I know for a fact that I have you, whenever I may need you. And it goes without saying that I will be there for till my last breath! I love you even more than you can imagine :) Stay beautiful, stay you! :* Happy Birthday once again.  - Poorva
  2. 2. Ashwini Happy Birthday…. God bless you… Do u remember v wer in college n used to travel together, kitna majja aata tha…. Haste haste katt jaye raste  As KC frends time spent with yu was so fun… All night outs, gurly talks, masti ke din, since vr d only singles nw had fun at Leo Pold  I really love you…. Tc…. Milte hai - Meenal
  3. 3. Bitchy Happy Birthday….. Have Fun!! As KC frends v realy had fun….. khup khup gosthi ahet which I want to share….but v already know so much abt each others dat words would be less… so enjoy ur day and have fun!!!
  4. 4. Hi Churi, very little did we spoke however since Manu always keeps on talking about you here are my heartiest wishes on ur Bday- Happy Birthday…. God Bless You… - Karishma
  5. 5. Hey buddy happy birthday all the best may god bless & may all your wishes come true.Your an awesome person & very hardworking & things will work out for you in a great way have faith have confidence & you shall definitely reach the stars have an awesome day and an even awesome year ahead.(And don't forget to get drunk on your birthday) Cheers!!! Well the memorable moment I would say with her is in fact everyday, the fact that we work together and we kill it as a team. - Kedar
  6. 6. My most memorable moment with Ashwini is when she trusted me with some problems she was facing. That really cemented the bond between us. Wish you a Happy Birthday, babes! Stay the same sweet, serene and wonderful human being that you are :) - Arti Deshpande
  7. 7. Happy Birthday …. Ur m best chatting fernd  I really enjoy talking with you a lot…. Ur my 1st chat female frend tai  Thank You for all ur guidance n support…. - Sudeep
  8. 8. Happy birthday to the most sweetest and sugary person I know. Have an awesome day ahead and stay blessed, Happy birthday! Ashwini Memorable moment was when she asked me to propose someone. - Mukhtar
  9. 9. Sugandhit ho jeevan tumhara Taron ki chamak se sammilit ho jeevan tumhara Subh din ye aaye aapke jevan mein hazaar baar Aur hum aapko Janmdin Mubarak kehte rahen har baar… aapun milke kaam karte the tabhi bahut maja aata tha. tum muje ye sachya karke bula ti thi. or kabhi bhi kitna bhi tuje bolu tune kabhi ghusa nahi kiya... tere sath kaam karne me maja aaya... best off luck all your future - Sachin Mahor
  10. 10. I don’t remember when and how we started talking, but I remember that we made a promise to be friends forever. We had such crazy time together. We laughed together, we cried together and had wonderful memories to cherish forever and ever. We stood up for each other when one or the other turned blue, supporting each other by holding hands. Time spend with you is unforgettable. Im taking your birthday as an opportunity to thank you for all that you are to me. Thank you for being their whenever I needed you. HAPPY B'DAY Sweetheart, MAY YOUR B'DAY BE AS SWEET AS YOU ARE. YOU ARE AN AMAZING FRIEND, WITH A GOOD HEART. MAY GOD POURs ALL THE LOVE AND WARMTH ON YOU. TAKE CARE LOVE YOU SWEETHEART, HAVE FUN :D :D - By Paagul :p
  11. 11. Well, to speak of memories we havnt really had many since we have hardly met twice. But yes both the times our meeting filled fullon wid fun, continuos laughter and also some serious talks. The best to choose out of the two would be the one when 'WE THREE' ie. Me,Meera, and Ashwini went shopping for dikshas budday. Oh god, the way and the amount we had laughed is just unforgettable. We laughed and laughed and laughed and den later we realised dat the purpose of our meet was Dikshas budday8-). Then the impromptu night out plan and meera lime juice and everything was simply great. Ashu I am really glad dat i have met you and we r friends the way we are. Happy Budday. Have a fantabulostic year.!:* Simone.
  12. 12. -Happy Birthday Churi beta… God Bless you… Sagle tuze change hoil, don’t worry…. -- Manus Dad
  13. 13. Churi beta Happy Birthday….. All the very Best… Lavkar lagna kar aata ani settle ho…Like me ,ur mom would be worried too…. Mehnat kar Mulga lagch melel….  Tuzi aathvan mhanje 11th pasun tumhi saglya mulli yaychat na khup majja yeychi….amoung all other tu ani minu mazi fav hoti  - Manus mom
  14. 14. Hi Churi…. Ur like my small sister, I really care for you..Ur not only Manu Best Frend but also my best saali  Wen u wer staying wih us, u wer so much like a family member, ur sensible talks, helpfulness, ur initiatives, ur household work really made me think u come from good grounded culture imparted to you from ur Mother  God Bless…. Vr always there for you…… - Gauresh
  15. 15. Hi churi………………… Kya bolu…. Tuze ytoh sab patta hai wat I think about u…. Kash tune shaadi ke liye haan kaha hota  joking…God Bless You… HAPPY BIRTHDAY -Shetty
  17. 17. Happy Birthday gurly…. All the very best in ur future life… Needless to say I am always there for you…. Ur my best buddy, sis, guide,mentor, philosopher…. I cherish you a lot…. I am always there for you…. Have a blast!! - Manali
  18. 18. Hi Ashwini, Many many happy returns of the day! Hope you have a fabulous day and have a blast. Our interactions have been that of client and agency. I remember the first time I met you for a project briefing at Phoenix. Prior to that I had heard a lot about you from Meera and Anisha and somehow it didn't strike to me that we were meeting you. I was under the impression we are meeting some other Ashwini. LOL :D You are a pretty cool, smart & confident person and would go to any lengths for your friends. You value relationships a lot. And I am looking forward to hang out with you as friends than professionally :P Loads of Love, Amu
  19. 19. Hey Ashwini, dance, sing, do something crazy this birthday fallout of a plane, do a wheelie on a bike, kick a guy …. break his nuts..( ok not that aggressive), buy a princess dress pretend to be snow-white for a day, eat a mysterious dish, have a drink with a stranger, or ….. just look into mirror and checkout a wonderful girl who has grown smarter, wiser, happier, younger by a year. Wish you a hearty happy birthday and may all your dreams and wishes come true ;) finally a naughty shayari for you :) Sabki shaadian karate hain, khud nithalle baithe hain, concept wedding karte karte saare concept kho baithe hain, time milta nahi ki ek ek karke ladko ko line maarein, mud rush ke maidan mein saare aiwyain kuware baithe hain. - Dhaval Pancholi
  20. 20. Hi Ashu, Where do I start from… there is so much to say that this place is not enough. I still remember the first day that we met was at the interview day of Social Wavelength and I had asked you why do you want to get into social (I am sure you must have felt I am the interviewer hahaha: P). And then, on my first day at office I clearly recognized you :D Ok, let’s stop the boring talks of SW. No matter whatever happened, there was some karmic connection between us which made us bond so well. Ur not a only a good friend to me now but my sister. To mention one memorable moment would be unfair to the zillion other memories we have created together. The most memorable moment is when you called me and Chirag home for that yummy lunch and gave Kelvan and stuff. Though we had many other fun filled days but this gesture of yours really touched my heart. You are and you will always remain one of my closest friends. Thanks for being there always and let me tell you that you can expect the same too from my end. God Bless you. N please next bday tak I want you to find a nice guy….these birthday plannings become far more easier :P Phewww J Mwuuuahh! - You know who am I … need not mention :P