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Social media introduction

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  • 1. Social Media- a powerful force People having conversation online
  • 2. Changing our world
    • The web is essential in our daily lives. Social media now surpasses email in global reach
    • Word of mouth is reaching new level
    • Millions of interaction takes place every hour
    • Brands are being discussed 24/7
  • 3. Social media = Knowledge Enhancement Look who is talking? -your school friends -your family -your college friends -your surfing friends Group of people or friends who never have been exposed to each other offline are linked online
  • 4. A shift to publishing a conversation
    • People are increasingly using web to get the required information from each other
    • We are also seeing how people are spending much more time interacting with people, and much less time consuming content from websites. Such a bigger shift is not about any one particular social network. Its all about people connecting to each other online
  • 5. Your face on facebook
    • Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected
    • Fastest growing social network in the world (millions of active members)
    • People spend on Facebook to keep up with friends, upload unlimited photos, share videos and many more
    • Powerful tools to engage and understand your audience:
      • Brand pages
      • Custom applications
      • Targeted advertising
  • 6. Fan pages for business
    • Brand’s homepage on Facebook.
    • Allows you to post photos, videos, events and other messages.
    • Users interact with you by
      • Becoming fans
      • Commenting on your posts
      • Participating in discussions
      • Post photos to your page
    • Fans see your page updates in their newsfeed
    • Build your network
  • 7. Best practices on facebook
      • Have a conversation and get feedback
      • Connect and grow your network
      • It’s not what you know…
      • It’s whom you know
  • 8. Facebook features
    • Use Publisher (News feed) to keep your users updated on new content.
    • Write or import Notes and share them with your audience.
    • Post Photos and Videos of your events.
    • Add Applications that enhance your Page experience.
    • Create Discussion Boards to solicit user feedback and generate brainstorms.
    • Create Groups to help people with similar interests connect with one another
    • Set up Events and have your fans RSVP
  • 9.
    • Linkedin is an online network of more than 30 million experienced professionals from around the world
    • When you join, you create a profile that summarises you professional accomplishments. Your profile helps you find and be found by former colleagues, clients and partners. You can add more connections by inviting trusted contacts to join Linkedin and connecting you.
    • Your network consists of your connections, connections’ of connections, and people they know, linking you to thousands of qualified professionals
    • On Linkedin you can:
      • Post a profile and resume
      • Connect with colleagues
      • Share professional recommendations
      • Find jobs
      • Forums to demonstrate expertise and find answers
  • 10. Linkedin Profile Connection + Conversation= Opportunity
  • 11. Linkedin features
    • Use recommendation to recommend someone and to ask people who we know to endorse us
    • Network statistics
    • Create groups and know your followers
    • We can post jobs, manage jobs
    • Receive messages at your linkedin inbox
    • Create events, discussions
    • Link to your word press blog which helps get featured in search engines
    • Explore more about linkedin at learning centre
  • 12. Twitter
    • Is a communication tool, a Microblog
    • Microblogs are blogs limited to a sentence or two (about 140 characters )
      • People use microblogging to promote themselves, share content and follow friends, celebrities and brands
      • Companies use it for marketing, public relations and customer service by giving their brand a voice within the community
  • 13. Twitter Profile looks like
  • 14. An application-Tweet Deck An application to manage multiple twitter and other social networking accounts
  • 15. Blog
    • A blog is a website with regular entries of commentary or news
      • Blogs serve to establish your company as transparent , relevant , active , and expert .
    • Engage in dialogue with your customers
    • Improve your search engine visibility
    • Promote product launches and events
    • Gain expert status by providing useful tips
  • 16.
    • Video sharing sites let you upload videos and share them with people.
    • They’re a perfect repository for video blogs , taped seminars , witty Power Points , commercials , how-to’s and a behind-the-scene look at your organization.
    Video sharing
  • 17.
    • A wiki is a website that allows visitors to easily add , remove , and edit content – this makes them great collaboration tools
    • Wikipedia, for example, is an encyclopedia is written collaboratively by volunteers from all around the world; anyone can edit it
  • 18. Business and Social Media
    • Social media provides an array of new “touch points” for business individuals to interact with prospects and customers.
    • It is about realizing that “focusing on important marketers and influencers will have a far greater impact than trying to reach the masses with any one message or tool”
  • 19. Key Characteristics
    • Transparency for the right and honest, not always positive
    • Active listening: responsive to the dialogue
    • Voice of many
    • Conversational
    • Facilitate and enable 2 way communication
    • Contributing to brand and marketing goals bottom line this is for a marketing end
  • 20. Benefits for you and your company from leveraging social media
    • Listening- using social media as “real time” research and gaining insightsfrom listening to customers
    • Talking - using conversations with customers to promote products or services
    • Energizing - building brand stewardship; and identifying enthusiastic customers and using them to persuade others
    • Supporting - making it possible for customers to help each other
    • Embracing - turning customers into a resource for innovation
  • 21. How do we start?
    • Research
    • Strategic planning
    • Implement strategy
    • Evaluation
  • 22.  
  • 23. Experiment with social media
    • Identify goals and objectives, define target audience, know what our competitors are doing in social media
  • 24. Make a plan Schedule your objectives, know the audience interest and grab the opportunity
  • 25. Multi-tier Social media approach Create your profile, share photos, video, audio, links, send private message, start buzzing through events & campaigns, involve audience with good content and information
    • Try a variety of social media tools
    • Be yourself , make some friends , and share
  • 26. Listen Review performance with real time monitoring and progress checking. This allows us to know the critics and to maintain public relations
  • 27. Social Media Tools Popular networking sites which are majorly driving audiences and giving sales
  • 28. Thank you Meena.K Sr. Executive, Natural Remedies Pvt Ltd Email: [email_address]