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Tools and technics Tools and technics Presentation Transcript

  • Introduction
    • Todays Talk
    • web 2.0?what is it?
    • Tools to inspire.
  • What is web 2.0?
    • Web is the platform.
    • People are connected through social networking technologies.
    • Informations is fluid.
  • Social media Explained
    • Brain Stroming,
    • Creativity Triggers,&
    • mind maps
  • Google sets
  • ZOHO
  • Open Office
  • Mapwing
  • Social Networking
  • Social Networking(cont..)
  • Social Networking(cont..)
  • Tools for mashups
    • Building,Storing,Publishing functionalities.
    • Conceived as web 2.0 applications.
    • Targeted to both experts and non-experts users.
    • Open source to highly-cost licence tools.
  • Tools for mashups(cont..)
    • Dapper=Data+mapper.
    • Presentation,extraction,and consumer Mashup tool
    • DERL Pipes
    • Data, flow and consumer Mashups tool.
    • Inspired by yahoo!pipes.
    • It allows handling RDF documents semantics.
    • Does not require programming language skills.
  • Tools for mashups(cont..)
    • Serena Mashup Composer
    • Data,functionality,flow and enterprise Mashup tool
    • Information + Business Processes + Data
    • Syntax for Mashup Creation similar to BPEL.
    • -But allows consuming any kind of resource(feeds,plain,html,
    • services)
  • Tools(cont..)
    • Microsoft Popfly
    • Presentation,data,flow and consumer Mashup tool.
    • Does not require language programming Skills.
  • Tools and Techniques
    • Tools and Techniques takes a look at the proliferation of tools
    • available to design and build high quality applications.
    • Get tips for building an effective set of tools and using those tools
    • in the most productive manner possible.
    • These sessions help you make choices between different tools and
    • integrating those tools into a comprehensive development and build]
    • infrastructure.
  • Tools and Techniques sessions Confirmed
    • Buliding Enterprise Mashups with iBeans.
    • Developing Rich Web Service APIs with Java
    • Getting Things Done for Programmers
    • Hunting Memory Leaks
    • Just Tune It
    • Performance Anti-patterns in Ajax Applications
    • Push the Button – Improving the Current Practice of Continuous
    • Integration
    • Software Quality: The Quest for the Holy Grail?
    • Buliding Enterprise Mashups with iBeans
    • Get grounded in Enterprise Mashups and how they apply to the
    • enterprise.
    • Mashups break down traditional barriers around data and open up
    • powerful new ways for enterprises to leverage the web as a
    • platform
    • Developing Rich Web Service APIs with Java
    • This tech session is an overview of Web service development on
    • the Java platform, including the latest specs, technologies and
    • tools that are available for Java Web service developers.
    • In this session he touches on the JAX-RS, JAX-WS, and JAXB 2.0
    • specifications along with their respective implementations such as
    • JAX-WS RI, Jersey, CXF, and more.
    • Getting Things Done for Programmers
    • The core principals of Getting Things Done (GTD);
    • How programmers, architects, and technical managers can apply
    • GTD principles to improve the productivity of individuals and the
    • group as a whole.
    • Tools which can be used to successfully implement the GTD
    • methodology.
    • Just Tune It
    • Be methodical in performance tuning applications;
    • Read key performance indicators;
    • Develop more reliable and effective ways of performance tuning.
    • Hunting Memory Leaks
    • In Hunting Memory Leaks, Java performance tuning expert, Kirk
    • Pepperdine shows you how to bring JVM memory management to
    • the next level.
    • Memory leaks create latency, degrade performance, and put
    • developers in a bad light.
    • Performance Anti-patterns in Ajax Applications
    • Ajax development veteran Andreas Grabner walks you through
    • some real-life examples of Ajax anti-patterns and shows how to
    • solve them in this session.
  • Push the Button – Improving the Current Practice of Continuous Integration
    • Continuous Integration (CI) isn’t anything new in the world of
    • software development - you and your team of developers probably
    • already implement some, if not all, of the CI guidelines.
  • Software Quality: The Quest for the Holy Grail?
    • As Java projects evolve they become more complex to manage.
    • Getting a complete overview can be a painful task, especially if
    • proper metadata about dependencies isn't available.
    • Gain a solid understanding of the tools available to increase
    • productivity and keep your edge over time.