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What is social media and what it means to me as an individual and as an marketer.

What is social media and what it means to me as an individual and as an marketer.

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  • 1. Assignment 1 Submitted By: Meenakshi Pradhan
  • 2. What It Means? Me as individual Me as Marketer• For friends • Awareness • Hang out • Spread awareness about my company/brand/product • Chat • Present details • Sneak into their lives (photo and status updates ) • Any new activity or event by to company • Connect to old pals • Consumer profiling • Make new • Demographic info• Just for FUN!!! • Psychographic info • Browse some cool stuff: funny and comical • Likes/dislikes • Games • Direct communication• Showcase myself • Handle grievances • What I am thinking-status update • Handle queries • Where I was- photo upload • Create a BUZZ!!• For some serious stuff as well • About something new • Professional networking- LinkedIn • By contest • Spread awareness about some important social • Substitute happenings • To microsite via applications to bring in advance • Raise voice against injustice features in the portal • Express dissatisfaction
  • 3. Why It is important?With big companies getting into the social media domain proves its potential in the market
  • 4. Why It is important? LeadMonitor Respond Amplify consumer behavior
  • 5. Why It is important?
  • 6. What Works better in India? No of users in India (Mn)50 Platforms No of users in40 India (Mn)30 Facebook 45+20 Twitter 15+ No of users in10 India (Mn) Linkedin 15+ Youtube NA0 Google+ 12.3+
  • 7. What Works better in India? India page views per month (in Mn)40003500 Platforms India page3000 views per25002000 month (in1500 India page views Mn)1000 per month (in Facebook 3809 500 Mn) Youtube 1010 0 Linkedin 935 Google+ 32.3 Twitter 12.4
  • 8. Why Facebook works best in India? Resonates with the idea of social networking • Friends destination to hang out • Do fun activities Easy to use • User friendly UI • Does continuous improvements to improve user experience Good Marketing • Portal was marketed well, also gaining word of mouth publicity
  • 9. Thank You