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Magazine Cover

  1. 1. Analysing Magazine Front Covers
  2. 2. Masthead Direct Mode of Address Strapline Main cover line Puff/cover lines
  3. 3. Masthead The masthead is usually based at the top of the magazine cover with the biggest font which can be read from a distance. The font size is normally larger than the cover lines, and the colour of the masthead is different to the cover line colours to make sure it stands out. The masthead colour co-ordinates with the image. It is normally the first thing that you would see in a magazine cover after the main picture. By looking at the masthead you can tell that the magazine is for women.
  4. 4. Strapline The strapline is based at the top of the magazine, just above the masthead. The word ‘exclusive’ is in pink which makes the strapline stand out from above the masthead and the language that is used in the strapline makes the reader want to open the magazine and find out more on the story.
  5. 5. Main Cover Lines The main cover line is smaller than the masthead but larger than the other cover lines. The font colour is the same as the other cover lines but it is written in bold near the masthead. It is meant to be the eye catching cover line. After having read the masthead the readers eyes will go straight down to the main cover line. It is the biggest typeface on the page (apart from the masthead) and in white against the models brown hair so that is stands our clearly.
  6. 6. Cover Lines Cover lines also known as ‘puffs’ tell us the stories that are in the magazine. The colour of the cover lines is the same as the main cover line but the font is smaller to make the main cover line stand out. There are quite a few cover lines which are spread around the magazine cover. They are normally the last thing that is read. The language that is used in the cover lines are used so the reader want to open the magazine and read on. This particular cover line suggests that the magazine is for adult women.
  7. 7. Image The image plays an important role as it represents the ideal reader. It is the first thing a reader would see on the cover. It needs to be able to stand out from a whole range of magazines in the shop and grab the audiences attention. This image of the model is conventional for this genre of magazines. She looks straight out at the audience ( direct mode of address) in a confident manner with a friendly smile rather than a proactive way, reinforcing the notion that the magazine is a friend.
  8. 8. Overall Analysis The magazine is targeted for young adult women. This is shown by some of the cover lines for example ‘ Get the love you deserve’. These lines also give a good indication about what to expect inside. This magazine would not appeal to men of any age. The masthead and image lets the audience know that it is a magazine for women. Overall this magazine cover is eye catching and can grab the audiences attention from far. The image plays a important role and the smile of the model gives of a friendly vibe.