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  • 1. August 29, 2008 2 HOLLYWOODWill a Bollywood Nana Patekar in Chrisactress play Bo Derek? Smith`s English film The PoolWhen it comes to sex sym-bols, Bo Derek has ruled theworld for decades with just comedy co-starred the ‘The Sound of Music’ actress Ju- lie Andrews and actor Dud- the remake rights of ‘10’ and is all set to cast ‘the next Bo Derek’.one performance that shook ley Moore with Bo Derek. “Mr Amritraj plans to launch There is no denying the fact - to dive into the glimmering of the household (Nanathe world and made men Now, almost thirty years lat- a worldwide search for the that Nana Patekar is one of swimming pool of an upper- Patekar), and begins to palgo weak in their knees for a er, Hollywood’s biggest In- girl who will play Bo’s role the finest actors of our coun- class family that never actu- around with his upstart,couple of decades. dian producer Ashok Amri- in the remake, “ informs the try. cosmopolitan teenageWhen Bo performed the traj has managed to procure filmmaker’s publicist Dale Now Nana, who has daughter Ayesha, Ven-classic scene where Bhagwagar. When won over countless katesh subtly, but as-she came out of the asked if there is a fans, through his per- sertively sets his sightswater of a Mexi- chance, the maker formances in Hindi and on a more comfortablecan beach, clad in might cast a Bol- Marathi cinema, will way of life for himselfa golden bikini in lywood actress for now be seen in an Eng- and his friend.her 1979 film ‘10’, it, the PR specialist lish film. Yes, you heard His friend is the 12-she sent countless doesn’t rule out the it right, Nana stars in a year old self-suffi-hearts aflutter not possibility, though film called The Pool cient and charismaticonly in the US but he says, “it’s a lit- which is directed by Jhangir who manages a Hollywood director restaurant pretty muchall over the world. tle early to throw Chris Smith (of Ameri- by himself. The threeOvernight, the ac- up names, but you can Movie and The Yes youngsters are resil-tress became the will soon get to Men fame) ient as they navigateworld’s biggest teen know”. Chris Smith’s The Pool an adult world, in be-icon; a fantasy for One thing is rest is a charming, elegant- tween enjoying simpleevery man; a sort of assured, whoso- ly shot fable set in the pleasures like pickingphenomenon, going ever plays the role neighborhoods of pov- mangos or traveling todown in the history in the remake, is erty and privilege in the ocean.of cinema as the going to be closely Goa, India. It tells the The Pool, which hasbiggest sex symbol watched and adu- story of an 18-year-old received some rave re-the world had ever lated by millions Venkatesh, who ekes views from internation-seen. all over the world. out a living working in al critics, is expected toWritten and di- Only time will tell, a hotel and pounding release across theatresrected by Blake if that name is go- the pavement selling in US this SeptemberEdwards, the tempt- ing to be from Bol- plastic bags. ally swims in it. in English and in Hindi (withingly tasteful adult lywood. It’s a far cry from his fantasy After he befriends the head English subtitles).
  • 2. August 29, 2008 NEWS 3Aamir gets in touch with his Storm Saifeena all set to hit Gulf !!!feminine side In a strategic move hi-profile celebrities and real life lov-IT’S the X and Y chromo- duce it himself. Aamir Khan and forth between the man couple because they are usu- ers Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan will be performingsomes at war within Aamir Productions has worked on and his wife that keeps the ally outspoken, their excite- for their first solo show in Sharjah. The deal marks KareenaKhan. The actor plays a the creative by Rediffusion viewer in splits - Aamir does ment is wider and they are and Saif’s venture into doing shows apart from films andwoman again, or at least half and the ad has been directed it so effortlessly, switching so colourful. I knew Aamir endorsements and half woman. For a by dialogue writer and Phir his voice from high-pitched would play it best.” Bringing Kareena and Saif together for live performance washilarious TV commercial for Hera Pheri director Neeraj to baritone in the blink of an Since Aamir’s look was key the brainwave ofTata Sky, Aamir plays both Vora. eye. in the ad, make-up was done Morani brothersa Punjabi bride and bride- Aamir Khan, currently in the “It was bizarre because it’s by the gifted Mickey Con- who are goinggroom bickering over what me as a man and a woman, tractor, who fashioned one to script and di-satellite TV connection to just by turning around, “ he side of his lip with a curvy rect Jashan 2008install. says. moustache and painted an- to be held at theThe commercial, that airs Director Neeraj, whose as- other a plum red. Sharjah Stadiumon Monday, shows the actor sociation with Aamir dates Costume designer Arjun in Dubai.dressed one half in a pink back to his Rangeela and Bhasin also got into the act, “Kareena has asalwar kameez complete Mann days, told Sunday creating an outfit that was huge fan follow-with dupatta and the other MiD DAY, “Aamir has the one half a sherwani, the ing in Dubai. Sohalf in a blue sherwani. capacity to surprise. Work- other a salwar kameez down has Saif! WhenThis Punjabi bride and ing with him is like driving a to the separate jootas, while the Moranis ap-bridegroom squabble on Mercedes or BMW over any hair stylist Adhuna Akhtar proached themtheir suhaag raat over other car.” fashioned a wig that was to come togetherwhat satellite connection Neeraj remembers how both a crop and a long, deco- for a show, theto install - the woman says Aamir painstakingly spent rated choti. first of its kind,she’ll go back to her maai- six-seven hours in a parlour “The wig was tricky, “ grins both, Kareenake in London if she doesn’t to transform into a woman Aamir, who even wore a and Saif wereget ‘technological’ Sky, for a song in Baazi. “But he half-bra to get into the act. thrilled! Theywhile the groom forcefully captures the attitude and es- Aamir is now signed on as agreed instantly,insists that he will only sence in such a correct man- the new face of the brand, “ said a source.use the ‘barosemann’ Tata. US, comments in the making ner that it’s never undigni- confirmed Vikram Mehra, The only otherOf course, it all ends lovey of segment, “I had to change fied. It doesn’t look as if he’s chief marketing officer of star to join thedovey when the couple find my body language from a mocking women, just play- Tata Sky. “We were really duo for the show will be Minnisha Lamba.out that they are quarrelling woman to a man in a split ing them.” holding our breath when we The three stars will make solo entries. Besides the solo acts,over the same product. second so the mind had to be Neeraj is curious to see how approached Aamir with the Kareena and Saif will be performing together too.The star was so taken in by alert and sharp.” viewers respond to the man- concept, but he bought it.” Kareena said, “I am very excited because this is for the firstthe idea that he agreed to pro- Indeed, it is this quick back woman. “We chose a Punjabi time that Saif and I will be performing together on stage.”The Right Wing ActorPolitics is not meant for ev- lation and money that Bol- He is the son of S.S.Bajwa,eryone. Only the very tough lywood could get for them, the BJP ex-Deputy Mayor ofand the determined can sur- it is but obvious that there is Delhi. So, for him politics isvive here. So also is Bolly- more to the lure of the poli- more a call for duty than awood. tics than what we confess to. way to grab power.Actors can be politicians And our Arjan happens to No wonder he is always therebut a politician as an actor have politics in his blood. to support the party. If calledis a rare breed. for to campaignBut, here is he is more thanone actor who willing to dois not shying whatever he canaway from for the party.politics just Though his fatherbecause poli- made a name fortics is a much himself in poli-maligned pro- tics Arjan chosefession. Arjan Bollywood toBajwa might make his mark.only be two And like hisfilms old but father, he is al-he has already ready shining asproved that a bright star inhe has what it Bollywood’s ho-takes to make rizon.a star. So, residents ofThis ‘model’ Savita Vihar un-actor with a der Anand Viharfabulous phy- Ward and Viswassique has an Nagar constitu-intelligent ency of Delhi as-mind at work sembly, be pre-as well. With pared for someveteran actors home grown startrying their power this com-hand at politics ing Assemblyin spite of all elections.the name, adu-
  • 3. August 29, 2008 4 INTERVIEWI don’t care if people think I am Gay: Karan JoharThe trailers are out for It has absolutely nothing Ho. And in these trailers you had a lot of fun making these rious film like Brokeback you are homophobic. It eitherKaran Johar’s new produc- in common with that film seem to be making fun of trailers. In Bollywood we Mountain yet? I would say it means you are insecure ortion Dostana (directed by (which my father made) ex- your older films. have a new romcom coming won’t go down too well yet. you have never read a book.Tarun Mansukhani, starring cept the name. Oh, and both Oh yes, Tarun and his team out every month. These trail- But we will open the doors Or that you are in denial ofAbhishek Bachchan, John films have two actors ers have you thinking, for other filmmakers in the your own orientation.Abraham, Priyanka Chopra with a sexy girl between “Oh God, another film future. Homophobia speaks vol-and releasing in November them. that says it’s an eternal Communities who have umes about who you are.2008). So you would be sur- love story” and then you made major contributions That’s as far as the industryThe teaser suggests that most prised to hear that the plummet straight into is concerned. As filmmak-of the romance and frolic in original Dostana that this mad plot. ers I think we have a greatthe sunshine of Florida takes starred Amitabh Bach- In Kal Ho Na Ho, you had responsibility to be sensitiveplace between the two male chan and Shatrughan a gay subplot. In this film to the feelings of all commu-leads, Abhishek Bachchan Sinha is also occasion- the fake gay relationship nities.and John Abraham. ally read as a film with is the main thread of the We Asians are an emotion-Is Dostana a gay romance? gay subtext. story. Do you think you ally volatile and dramaticNo, John and Abhishek play I wonder what my father will ever make a film that lot. Tarun and his team havetwo straight guys who pre- would think of that. But is actually about a gay made a film that is fun buttend to be gay. As the trailers you know in India we couple? does not poke fun. It is notsay, it’s a tiny lie that they find it slightly embar- I learnt something from callous and does not hurt thetell because of certain cir- rassing to watch male making Kabhi Alvida dignity of gay people in anycumstances. bonding. (Laughs) Naa Kehna. I learnt that way. It may shock a smallIs it an updated version of You started a trend of it’s possible to make a Rs part of the population, but Ithe 1980s buddy film with self-referencing in Bol- 70 crore film about infi- think most people would en-the same name? lywood with Kal Ho Na delity with stars as big as joy it. Shah Rukh Khan. What do you feel about be- Publisher: And people accepted it. So to cinema have been oddly ing a gay icon? Meena Chopra subject to terrible stereotyp- STARBUZZ MEDIA I will push the boundar- It’s very flattering to be an ies with each of my films. ing on screen. Like Muslims icon to any community. I 71 Glenn Hawthorne Blvd. Mississauga ON L5R 2K4 People judged me far too and Anglo-Indians in Bolly- have been asked many times Contributing Writers: KumKum Ramchandani, Gautam Chaturvedi, SS Anand, M.P.Singh quickly. They decided that wood. Do you think the in- about my own orientation I would make only mushy dustry is homophobic? but I will never discuss my ADVERTISING : 647 802 2899 : 905 507 2579 films but I will break new I don’t think people con- personal life. People can Email: ground every year. fident in their own skills look at me or look down at We have to leave behind the would be homophobic. If me, I don’t care. What I do StarBuzz is published every week, 52 times in a year by StarBuzz Media. Entire contents are the copyright of tone of the films we made you are educated and have and where I do it and who I StarBuzz Media. Opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the publisher. StarBuzz welcomes submissions but is not responsible for unsolicited material. All Rights Reserved. All advertisements in the 80s and the 90s. But been brought up in an urban do it with is nobody’s busi- are deemed to be reliable for their claims but all liabilities are those of the claimants/advertisers is India ready for a big, se- milieu it’s quite ridiculous if ness but mine.
  • 4. August 29, 2008 NEWS 5Wait is over for SRK and Sushmita Now Fashion in DiwaliShah Rukh Khan and nounced right here that the The precise films slated today, “ Madhur tells us.Sushmita Sen’s chemis- film is now 90% complete. for release this Diwali Meanwhile, a section of thetry set the screen on fire The makers are even eyeing is still unclear. Madhur (irresponsible) media hadthe last time they were a release sometime around Bhandarkar’s FASHION reported that SRK’s BIL-paired opposite each oth- January next year. The film, was scheduled to hit the LO BARBER and Karaner in Farah Khan’s Main directed by Mudassar Aziz screens on October 17, Johar’s DOSTANA wouldHoon Na. also stars Fardeen Khan in but with KARZZZ arriv- clash on the same date (No-That was a long time a prominent role. ing on this date and T-Se- vember 14), but it’s untrue.back, 2004 to be precise. Dulha Mil Gaya, apart ries ready to bombard the The date for BILLO BAR-Now the duo would once from a stellar cast, also has channels with promos of BER is yet to be confirmedagain be seen together in some beautiful scenes shot this Himesh Resham- (a decision would be takenViveck Vaswani’s film aboard a luxury liner and in miya film, FASHION once Priyadarshan arrivesDulha Mil Gaya. the Carribean islands. has decided to look at a in Mumbai), but the date isThis film has been long So that’s one more reason better date. either last week of Octoberin the making due to var- to check out this film when “It’s now confirmed for or the first week of Novem-ious reasons. However, it opens across cinema halls Diwali, as things stand ber.Viveck had earlier an- early next year.
  • 5. August 29, 2008 6 NEWSSlumdog Millionaire in Toronto Esha goes chantingInternational Film Festival Esha is chanting these days. Speak- ing more precisely, her beautiful backAnil Kapoor’s first Inter- The film is based on the up to distribute the film. The is chanting thesenational project also star- best selling novel Q and film also has a few more In- days. Still can’t getring Irrfan Khan, Slum- A by writer Vikas Swar- dian names attached to it. Millionaire is going up and has been shot on Sukhwinder Singh has sung Esha has got a tat-to premiere at the pres- location in Mumbai. It is a song for the film given mu- too made on hertigious Toronto Interna- the story of an illiterate sic by A.R. Rehman which back which recitestional Film Festival. The young boy (Dev Patel) has lyrics by Gulzar. lines of the famousfestival is being held in a resident of Mumbai’s Earlier, Amitabh Bachchan ‘Gayatri Mantra’.Toronto from September infamous Dharavi slums was offered the role of the She has got the tat-4 – 11. who becomes a contes- quizmaster since he had too made on herAcclaimed British film- tant on the Desi version played the part on the Kaun right back part ofmaker Danny Boyle who of the famous game Banega Crorepati with great her upper shoulder.has directed films such as show, Who Wants to Be effect. We really wish toTrainspotting, 28 Days a Millionaire? in order to But after he expressed his know what gaveLater and Sunshine has re-establish contact with inability, Shah Rukh Khan her this unique ideadirected Slumdog Mil- the girl he loves, who was approached but then the of having Gaya-lionaire. Anil Kapoor is is an devoted fan of the King Khan cited date prob- tri Mantra. Guessexpected to attend the show. lems and excused himself she’s becoming re-premiere along with the Hollywood big studios out. Anil Kapoor was the ligious these cast and crew of the Fox Searchlight and War- next choice and he lapped up Somebody please ask Esha to recite a few lines too (condi-film. ner Bros. have teamed the chance immediately. tioned to, if she knows any).
  • 6. August 29, 2008 MONEY 7Critical protection for youand your retirementRetirement. It’s supposed to bookkeeping. They are very sider critical illness insur-be a wonderful time… a time comfortable, but definitely ance to help protect theirof relaxation and enjoyment concerned about saving for retirement savings. He ex-that you’ve worked hard for, retirement, sending their plains that some group planssaved for and looked for- kids to university and saving now offer critical illnessward to over the course of for a rainy day. insurance, but since Mikeyour working career. Mike and Sandy have a to- owns his own company,But what if you or your part- tal of $250,000 in retirement he’ll need to consider an in-ner is diagnosed with a criti- savings and are working dividually owned illness just before or after with their advisor to protect Mike and Sandy think aboutyou begin your retirement? the future growth of these it. They’re non-smoking,If you’re not prepared, you assets so they can enjoy healthy individuals, so it’scould spend a good portion their retirement. They think hard to imagine either one ofof your savings dealing with that putting money into their them suffering a critical ill-that critical illness, putting ness. Still, they know it cana major dent in the retire- happen.ment portfolio that you’ve Jim assures them that the fi-worked so hard to build over nancial commitment to pur-the years.The five- to 10- chase a critical illness policyyear period just before and is affordable and, dependingafter you retire is known as on how much coverage theythe “retirement risk zone.” purchase, the premium canWith such a short time hori- be about the same as the totalzon to retirement, absorbing fee that they pay on the mu-the cost of a critical illness tual funds in their RRSPs.during this period could put MIKE AND SANDY AREyour retirement plans in se- READY. ARE YOU?rious jeopardy. But there is Mike and Sandy decide tosomething that can help mit- RRSPs will cover all their buy critical illness insuranceigate that risk: critical illness bases. and help protect their retire-insurance. However, Mike and Sandy’s ment income.SAVING FOR RETIRE- advisor, Jim, poses a ques- Take a look at your own situ-MENT INVOLVES MORE tion: Suppose that, at age ation. Could you survive theTHAN RRSPS 60, one of them is diagnosed financial strain of a criticalMeet Mike and Sandy – both with a critical illness or has a illness? For most people, theare 37 years old, nonsmok- stroke or a heart attack. How answer is no. Talk to yourers and have three young will they cover the costs to advisor today about criticalchildren. Mike owns his own recover without tapping into illness insurance and howlandscaping business and their retirement nest egg? it can help protect you andSandy does the Jim suggests that they con- your retirement.
  • 7. August 29, 2008 8 NEWSAmitabh is crowning gloryof The Last LearProducer Arindam Chaud- Besides Amitabh, Chaudhuri ‘Om Shanti Om’, but I know of “The Last Lear” werehuri can’t stop raving about is also all praise for director there are better people who added to Akshay Kumar-Amitabh Bachchan’s per- Ghosh, who has earlier made are making such masala and starrer “Singh Is Kinng”,formance in his ready-to-re- critically acclaimed films romantic films. Now more which has created waveslease English language film like “Chokher Bali” and intelligent and meaningful at the box office. “ ‘Singh“The Last Lear”. He says the stories need to be told. Even Is Kinng’ has turned out toBig B’s work in the movie is ‘Mithya’ was such a film, “ be a huge success. I thinkeven better than in “Black”. he said. The producer says it will also help our film as“I feel this is Amitabh’s best that he intentionally delayed seeing a trailer in a theatreperformance. He was the ob- the film’s release in India. is very different from see-vious choice for the role, “ “The Last Lear” was ready ing it on TV. The theatricalChaudhuri, managing direc- for release last year and trailer definitely has moretor of Planman Motion Pic- was screened at the Interna- impact and also generatestures, told in an interview. tional Film Festival of India more curiosity in the audi-“Amitabh suited the role of (IFFI). ence, “ he said.the ageing theatre actor per- “’The Last Lear’ is a niche “The Last Lear”, shot infectly. I don’t think anyone “Raincoat”. He said: “Ritu- film and so it was required Kolkata, Mussoorie andwould have fitted the bill so parno Ghosh creates magic to be shown internationally Uttarakhand, will be dis-well. He is so eccentric, per- out of relationship based before being brought it to In- tributed by PVR across allforms so brilliantly and the cinema. I don’t think anyone dia. It has already travelled multiplexes, “ Chaudhuriway he speaks English is so would have treated the script to film festivals in Toronto, added.impeccable and clear. I feel the way he has done it.” Rome and London.he is the crowning glory of The producer currently “When we thought of releas-the film.” “The Last Lear”, has no plans to release this ing the film around the sum-directed by award-winning Rs.8.5 million film in Hindi mer vacations this year, thefilmmaker Rituparno Ghosh, and feels it is meant for a IPL (Indian Premier League)highlights the different act- niche audience. matches were on and thereing skills required for theatre “This film is in English and were also a lot of big filmsand cinema. anyone who understands the packed till now. We wantedBased on Utpal Dutt’s play language can enjoy it. It im- to release it at a decent time“Aajker Shahjahan”, the parts undertones of various when there won’t be manyfilm also stars Preity Zinta, messages and talks in partic- commercial films to competeArjun Rampal, Shefali Shah ular of the conflict between with, “ explained Chaudhuri,and Divya Dutta. It is slated theatre and cinema. who is also a managementfor a Sep 12 release. “I love watching a film like guru. The theatrical trailersAamir plays half man-halfwomanAlways experimenting with new styles, Bol- done the same so effectively, “ Vikram Meh-lywood star Aamir Khan will now be seen ra, chief marketing officer, Tata Sky, the mythological half “Many people didn’tman-half woman ‘Ardh- know that in Tata Sky -narishwar’ in a Tata Sky Sky stands for the com-ad. pany which is the biggestThe 70 seconds com- player in DTH technologymercial will show half of in the world market.Aamir as a Punjabi girl, “Tata stands for theand the other half as a knowledge of India andboy. trust factor, whereas SkyIt is the first ad by Aamir stands for the knowledgeafter he became the com- of technology and DTH, “pany’s brand ambassa- Mehra added.dor. It will go on air from The ad has been concep-Monday. tualised by the company’s“We are proud to have marketing team alongAamir working on the ad with Rediffusion. Bol-and happy with the out- lywood writer-directorcome of the final product. Neeraj Vohra has directedNo other actor could have the ad.
  • 8. August 29, 2008 FASHION 9Season’s top lingerie secretsLadies, you gotta agree on this oneSexy lingerie is an aphrodisi- the luxury lingerie boutique Etam opines that the hottest college girls prefer theac. And it’s simply amazing Boudoir London. According colours for this season are simple yet smooth bras.what a little bit of colour can to her, the other in things in shades of pink. “It ranges “The want seamless brasdo to lift one’s spirit. Keep lingerie include funky geo- from the extreme fuchsia to to wear with figure hug-aside your clothes, shoes and metric prints, animal prints light pink. Red is also com- ging T-shirts. Also, theaccessories. What we are and the shadow effect. Prod ing back internationally,” she multi-way bras — onestalking here about is pure, her a bit and she’ll be more says. The other in colours, which can be used withsinful indulgence with your than happy to show you a she adds, are jewel colours racer tops and halter topslingerie collection. Gone are range of mind-blowing lin- like rust, electric blue and are highly in demand. Onethe days of strictly blacks, gerie, be it the electric blue emerald green. other hot trend is detailingwhites and nudes. Now it’s bra with pink lining with And while you freak out on on the straps. Since many the colours, Shra- girls wear colourful ganjis, boni Mukherjee of they are more than happy Triumph says one to show of their intricately of the hottest trends designed bra straps,” she this season is bras explains. with scallop lace Another in trend accord- trimmings. “In fact, ing to Shraboni is that of a lot of bold wom- young girls wearing vi- en who sport deep brant coloured bras and necklines even want semi transparent tops. the lace to peek “They are no longer the out,” she says add- shy, not wanting their ing that pink, green, lingerie to show types,” lacy white and rose- she says. And for the next wood are among season, watch out for the most happening wild prints and soothing colours currently. colours and stock up on According to those purples, the experts Anuradha, while warn. the college crowd goes crazy over funky colours and prints, young work- ing girls prefer conservative “struc- tured and more functional” lingerie for their day wear. Internationally, the trend is also about co-ordinated buy- ing — matching bras and knickers and less coverageall about colours, right from matching knickers or the bra bras. “These days a lot ofthe sizzling hot fuschias and with print in front and lace women are into deep neckspurples to the soothing aquas behind. “Print and lace, print and cleavages,” she explains.and yellows. and solid colours, smooth In the knickers segment, theSo what are the hottest bras with animal print, that’s bikini style, thongs, G-stringcolours for this season? what everyone wants this and boxer shorts are still go-“Fuschia, purple, gold, tur- season,” she adds. ing strong, Anuradha says.quoise, chocolate, green and Mean-while, Anuradha Bur- Dalbir meanwhile sayswine, “ says Dalbir Bains of man, production head at
  • 9. August 29, 2008 10 TV TALKSuniel Shetty takes to Television in a Big wayAfter the epoch-making suc- at a go….it was no mean bringing back the show. But Ekta Kapoor and I went will be a light-hearted action now Suniel wants to use allcess of his fitness-formulat- achievement.So yeah, I’m I’d leave the practical execu- on air with our Bollywod film directed by Apoorva the finalists in his movie pro-ed realty show Biggest tion and the nitty-gritty to talent-scouting show called Lakhia. Sanjay Dutt, Zayed ductions.Loser Jeetega on Sa- my co-producer Rahul Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Khan and Tusshar Kapoor “Bollywood needs as muchhara One, Suniel Shetty Aggarwal. For me giving Ticket. will also be part of it.” talented as it can get. So yes,who brain-stormed, the full-on time attention The winners will be part of a Earlier the plan was to select I’d like to find a place in myconceived executed and and focus that the show big film co-produced by me only the 2 winners from the movie productions for all theanchored the show to a requires is not possible at and Ekta called Gen Next. It show to be in Gen Next. But finalists.”path breaking weight- the moment.”losing phenomenon, is Suniel is extremely busyready to give the en- as an actor and producer.deavour another lease “But yes I’d be there toof life. give the show all the boostBut this time Suniel it requires. We want thewill be supervising second innings of BiggestBiggest Loser Jeetega Loser Jeetega to be biggeronly from the behind and more decisive thanthe scenes. the first part. OtherwiseSays Suniel, “Biggest there’s no point in encor-Loser has been my ing the show.”life’s biggest challege This isn’t the only realityand victory. To get so show on television thatmany contestants to Suniel is excited about.lose as much as 40 kgs “In the first week of JulyTroubled celebs using BigBoss for national sympathyMonika Bedi is ‘using’ the show to gain nationalsympathy, while Rahul Mahajan is ‘using’ it as aplatform to rectify his cocaine-snorting image.And UK’s firebrand publicist Max Clifford isbusy breaking the notorious Jade Goody’s ‘can-cer story’ to the world (note that she hired hima day before she entered the reality show). He’sagain ‘using’ the show as a public-sympathyplatform.All of them are ‘paid’ for all this personal revela-tion. And the channel is enjoying and ‘using’ thesponsorship earnings too. It’s a vicious moneycircle, whether we like it or not.Shweta Tiwari goes SuicidalBefore your minds wonder and you start missing you favorite Bahu, hold on We are just talk-ing about her new role on a show Ajeeb on 9X.Shweta Tiwari is all set to play her very first chal-lenging role as a manipulative, greedy and calculativewoman who attempts to kill herself to blackmail a topBollywood director. She has been hospitalized andcalls the press for an apology, as interesting as it maysound the plots thickens even further.Watch Shwetaplay this completely negative character with brilliantaplomb in Ajeeb on 9X.
  • 10. August 29, 2008 NEWS 11Now Animation versions of Big Ranbir-SonamB, Rajesh Khanna starrer show Chak DeOne of our most prolific sen-sitive and underrated director Why not the other classics like Aradhana, Amanush and have re-mix version of the originals side by side.” Melodies: Aaye meherbaan: Asha spiritShakti Samanta who made Kati Patang? In the meanwhile Mr Nan- Bhosle: Howrah Bridge Despite delivering a dud like Saawariya Ranbir and Sonamsome of the most enduring Says Mr Nandy, “ I’ve cho- dy speaks for the first time Taarif karoon kya uski: Mohd Kapoor are coming together in a true chak de spirit, thanksand melodious mellow-dra- sen Howrah Bridge, Amar on his international project Rafi: Kashmir Ki Kali to Shimit Amin. The duo has been signed by Yash Raj Filmsmas in the 1970s, is about to Prem and Barsaat Ki Ek Karna. “It’s tie-up between Raat ke humsafar: Asha & but the genreget an unusual boost up into Raat because they not only PNC and a Hong Kong com- Rafi: An Evening In Paris of the unnamedthe limelight. represent three phases in pany. Earlier we tied up with Kora kagaz tha yeh man movie is stillPritish Nandy Communica- Shakti Samanta’s career but Motion Pixel Corporation mera: Kishore& Lata: Arad- under wraps.tions (PNC) is about to make also three generations of with whom we’re doing six hana There has beentrendy spruce-up animation superstars Ashok Kumar, animation films starting with Roop tera mastana: Kishore: a lot of specula-versions of three Samanta Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Ek Haseena Ek Deewana.” Aradhana tion regardingclassics Howrah Bridge, Bachchan. Barsaat….is not Mr Nandy denies that the Yeh shaam mastani: Kishore: the relationshipAmar Prem and Barsaat Ki one of Mr Bachchan’s bet- animation version of the Kati Patang of the duo. Be-Ek Raat. Says the company’s ter known films. So there’s Fardeen Khan-Koena Moi- Yeh jo mohabbat hai: fore the releaseprime mover Pritish Nandy, an added excitement there of tra starrer will be true to the Kishore: Kati Patang of ‘Saawariya’,“ This is my homage to one introducing a neglected AB feature film. Raina beeti jaye : Lata the two child-of the most underrated film- film through animation.” “It just uses the two main Mangeshkar: Amar Prem hood buddiesmakers of the country. PNC won’t only pay a hom- characters played by Koena Yeh kya hua: Kishore: Amar were said to beWhen I met Mr Samanta he age to the Bengali mellow- and Fardeen as a spring Prem going around,was so pleased to know his dramatist but also to the im- board. The animation fea- Sun ri pawan: Lata: Anurag then Deepikafilms would reach out to a mortal melodies of Sachin ture takes the characters Aapke anurodh pe: Kishore: Padukone en-new generation. Howrah and his son Rahul Dev Bur- forward. We’ll have a series Anurodh tered Ranbir’sBridge is one of my favou- man in the cinema of Shakti of animation films based on Chotasa ghar apna: Lata: life, puttingrite noire films. Samanta. the adventures of these two Charitraheen a full stop onThe magic of Sachin Dev We’ll be hearing the anima- characters.” Teri meri yaari badi purani: Ranbir-SonamBurman’s music, the chem- tion figures sing songs like With PNC, Yashraj Films, Asha: Charitraheen affection.istry between Ashok Ku- Aaiye meherbaan in How- Karan Johar and Ajay Dev- Dil aisa kisi ne mera toda: Rumour hadmar and Madhubala and the rah Bridge, Yeh kya hua and gan doing animation, is that Kishore: Amanush it that postseductive charm of Ashok Raina beeti jaaye in Amar the flavour of the season? Do labzon ki hai dil ki kah- ‘Saawariya’,Kumar’s baritone….all that Prem and Apne pyar ke sap- “What we’re doing is some- ani: Asha: The Great Gam- the duo was not on talking terms. Ranbir denied it in theI want to capture in anima- ne in Barsaat Ki Ek Raat. thing different. We also have bler interview and now, after their mutual consent to Amin’s film,tion form.” Explains Mr Nandy, “We’ll an animation version if the Mere naina sawan bhadow: it is evident that all is well between the two.Why these films from Shak- have the original music from Sholay, signs off Mr Nandy. Lata/Kishore: Mehboobati-da’s astonishing oeuvre ? these films. But we’ll also Shakti Samanta’s MagicalKay Kay Menon`ssuper-busy CareerKayKay Menon had two re- ers to sing for me. I’m only bomb blasts in Mumbai.leases this week. an actor.” I play a slightly unemployed“I get to do comedy again The last time KK tried a hand guy. He can apply himself toin Maan Gaye Mughal-e- at something comic was in work but chooses not to andAzam. This an entirely new Reema Kagti’s Honeymoon hangs around with youngergenre for me. The director Travels Pvt Ltd. “But genres boys in an Irani café. It’s allSanjay Chhel comes from are not relevant. I leave it to very interestingly done.” the pundits to segre- About not being in Sarkar gate by genre. Raj after being in Sarkar, I go by what the script KK laughs, “I used to joke requires from me. For about me being a garlanded me acting is cathartic. photograph in Sarkar Raj. It gives me a chance That didn’t happen. Sarkar to be and do what I was one of my most popular wouldn’t in real per- films. son.We actors are a I’m quite happy with the blessed lot.Acting work I do. I’m getting to live gives me a chance to my life the way I do. I play a recognize myself. lot of outdoor games.” Even the Muslim-pho- Two releases on the same bic army man in Shau- day. Is he nervous? rya tapped into a dark “What’s the point of being part of my conscious- nervous? It’s done and gone. ness.” It’s not like a stage perfor- KK admits he isn’t mance where I can improve bombarded with on the performance. scripts. “I do my best Mumbai Meri Jaan and possible in the given Maan Gaye Mughal-e-AzamGujarati theatre. circumstances. are very different films. AmI play a Ghazal singer Haldi My other release this week I proud of both films? I’mHassan with a roving eye… is Mumbai Meri Jaan where happy with both films. I wasslightly sleazy. And though I the director Nishikant Ka- proud of a few of my threesing quite well I left it to the math presents a collage of scenes in Shaurya.”professional playback sing- stories related to the train
  • 11. August 29, 2008 12 NEWSKing Of Moga - Sonu I never got a chance toSood understand Kareena While her new found friend- troversies relating to her al- actress Deepika PadukoneThat ‘Singh Is Kinng’ has and the people alike. watching him play a King ship with one time foe Ka- leged rivalries with her fe- getting miffed up with Bi-sweeped the box office is Sonu’s performance has been in the film that they started reena Kapoor remains a male co-stars. pasha during the promotionold news. The real news so appreciated that even the dancing with happiness. mystery for many, actress While there were rumours of events of ‘Bachna Ae Hasee- powers that be in The very next day Punjab Bipasha Basu ad- no’, her rivalry with his hometown, Tribune came out with the mits that she never Katrina Kaif has Moga, called huge headline “KING OF got a chance to un- been in limelight him up to say MOGA”. And to Sonu’s sur- derstand Kareena. recently. how proud they prise the MP of Moga im- “I never had a But, Bipasha rub- are of him. mediately called him to say chance to under- bished all rumours And a paper that inspite of being the one stand her but now and insisted that like the presti- in power no paper has ever the awkward- she had made only gious The Tri- come out with such a head- ness is gone, “ the friends during the bune came out line for him. dusky actress said shooting of ‘Bach- with the head- “I must say that you are the on the sidelines of na Ae Haseeno’. line “King Of real king here who has made an event. However, un- Moga”. It so all of us so proud that the Both the actresses perturbed by the happened that people have come up with were said to have controversies, the the people of such a headline for you, “ a good time at a actress believe in Moga (Sonu’s said the MP. recent party or- following an eye hometown) Not just this, people there are ganised by Kar- for an eye logic insisited that so proud of Sonu that there eena for beau Saif with her co-stars. Sonu’s father or- are many small incidents Ali Khan. It is said “It all depends on ganise a special of their affection showing that both could not the kind of behav- screening of the through their gestures. Like see eye to eye dur- iour that the per- film. So a spe- the owner of a jewellery ing the shooting of son in front of you cial screening shop who has even framed ‘Ajnabee’, Bipa- shows. If someone was held at the one of Sonu’s pictures and is sha’s first Bolly- acts friendly then Inow is that our Punjab da very college campus from displaying it proudly at his wood movie. will behave in theputtar, Sonu Sood, has been where Sonu had graduated. shop! Now, that’s what we The Bong actress same manner, “ Bi-proclaimed king by the press The people were so happy call fan following! is not new to con- pasha quipped.Ramu hits back at critics ter reviews for Maqbool, Khamosh Pani, etc and we all know their box-office times but the critics of today were just audience at that time and hence unbiased.Any filmmaker primarily the Print & Television critics possible watches his work. al Award committee would fate. Anyway to cut a long storywants to make a film which say it is good or is how many In the year Satya released have forgotten both God- Khalid Mohammed men- short, not to undermine thepeople will acclaim. The tickets audience bought? “Godmother” got the Na- mother and its Director; and tioned in his review when other films or its makerscollections are more the Pro- Without batting an eyelid tional Award and Satya was worse they would not have Raat released that time, that who received raving reviewsducers and Distributors con- even the most award savvy completely ignored. been even bothered to fol- it is an unintended comedy. compared to “Phoonk” I justcern. But the collections also Director would say that it is Godmother ran for 2 weeks low that Director’s career. Apart from him most re- would like them to answerindicate how many people the audience buying tickets and Satya ran for 25 weeks I always knew that it is the views to trashed it. sincerely from thier heartsactually saw the film. which is important because in the same theatre and 10 audiences not the critic’s 15 years later many crit- whether they would haveDoes one feel that the film it will at the end of the day it year later Satya is remem- reviews which made Sa- ics of present times term it preferred the critic’s reviewshas served the purpose be- will be his primary objective bered as a cult-film and the tya work so tremendous. as a cult-classic. That’s not and opinions of their films orcause a few individuals like to see that as many people as jury members of the Nation- They gave as much or bet- because Raat was ahead of the collections of “Phoonk
  • 12. August 29, 2008 NEWS 13Big B`s Unforgettable Aamir Khan controllingto provide solar lights Imraan’s career?to 100 villages The credit of Jaane Tu Ya banners approached Imraan there and then since no script Jaane Na’s box office suc- in the last few weeks but he was offered along with. Any cess to a large extent defi- turned them all down one by script offered to Imraan first nitely goes to Aamir Khan one and now we have found goes to Aamir. and there is no single doubt out why! One big shot corpo- After weighing the variousBollywood superstar Am- tour moves we would like to Stars and the the producers about that. pros and cons ofitabh Bachchan-led extrav- increase the number of vil- of the show Wizcraft Interna- The aggressive manner the offered project,aganza of Indian cinema, lages that we can lend our tional Entertainment Pvt Ltd, in which Aamir pitched Aamir then has a‘Unforgettable’, will provide support to, “ he said. have pledged their unflinch- it across the media all meeting with lanterns to 100 villages “In an attempt to fight the ing support to this worthy over and the hype it In this meeting heacross the world by cause, “ Bachchan generated thanks to puts forth his pointsFebruary 2009. added. his omnipresence in all and leaves it up to“33 per cent of the On being asked as to the film related events his nephew whetheruniverse is with- what prompted him undeniably helped the he should accept theout electricity and a to take up the issue film achieve greater film or not. Now wholarge part of this is of climate change, hein India.” Amitabh said it was at the IIFA success. will dare to challengeBachchan told new- event in Yorkshire Now Aamir extending to the super judge-spersons on the eve two years ago that his Maamujaan part ment of Aamir Khanof the UK leg of the they joined hands further is making sure who has not taken ashow ‘Unforgettable’ with Global Cool. he doesn’t end up mak- single wrong step into be held at the O2 “USA and other de- ing the same mistakes last few years whenArena in London on veloped countries that he had done after it comes to choicesSunday. might have caused the stupendous suc- of films.”“We have taken up the global emission cess of his debut film, “Imraan is not find-the cause of provid- but all of us are vic- Qayamat Se Qayamat ing it dominatinging electricity in 100 tims and hence it’s Tak. but considers him-villages (across the time we take preven- Aamir had signed up a self lucky that he hasworld by Feb 2009) tive measures. When whole lot of nonsensi- got a great mentor inand through this tour, it is a global chal- cal films which had his Maamujaan.” thehopefully, we will lenge at hand, the In- ended up turning tur- source able to contribute dian Film Fraternity keys at the box office. rate had approached Imraan Imraan’s next releasetowards providing sure does sit up and He wants Imraan to learn with a tempting offer just as is Sanjay Gadhvi’s Kidnapsolar lantern to at least global challenge of Climate take notice, “ Bach- from his mistakes. the signing amount, but the slated for a October 2nd re-one village in India. As the Change, the Unforgettable chan said. Sources tell us, “A few big young newcomer declined it lease date.
  • 13. August 29, 2008 14 NEWSRock On!! : Releases Today By Tia Virdi the lead vocalist in MAGIK, don’t see eye to eye on most ning. He had (Spl Correspondent) who left the comfort of home issues. With the beats he started a band to follow his dreams of be- drums, he is considered the called Greek in coming a singer. heart of MAGIK. his college days We also get to see Arjun Luke Kenny plays Rob Nan- at Elphinstone Rampal as Joe Mascaren- cy, the keyboardist. He is College, Mum- has, the lead guitarist. He is quiet and laidback. bai. He was also a man of few words and lets Our special correspondent a good dancer his guitar do the talking. Tia had a chance to chat and won compe- Purab Kohli of Channel V with Luke Kenny and Purab titions. He was fame plays Kedar Zaveri Kohli picked up by alias Killer Drummer alias Luke Kenny was always Kaizad Gustaad KD. His rich father and he into music since the begin- for his film Bom-The highly awaited moviethat is said will ROCK ev-erybody is set to release onthe 29th of August.Rock On!! Is a story of four bay Boys. He also made a Purab Kohli has also al-friends and the band that they film ‘13th Floor’, which was ways been interested in mu-put together called MAGIK. about some people who get sic. You may remember himThey tried and never made stuck in an elevator. He has as the cool and hip Channelit, but somehow years later always wanted to join films [V] Vj. He claims to love alldestiny plotted for them to and met with Abhishek Ka- genres of music. He also didget back together again and poor who instantly took him the popular TV show Hipresume their journey. on in ‘Rock On’!! Kenny Hip Hooray. He was alsoThe movie is directed by explains that he is glad that seen in Bas Yun Hi, VastuAbhishek Kapoor, an actor Rock On!! is a mainstream Shastra, My Brother Nikhil,turned director and is going Hindi movie, telling the sto- Bas Ek Pal, and feature the director turned ry of a band. Because it will He feels that he gets moreactor Farhan Akhtar in his help in ridding the public of satisfaction from acting indebut. Not only does he act the notion that bands and movies and enjoys being inin and produce the movie, music are just part time time- films. He is happy to havehe sings four songs to the pass or hobbies, and that one been associated with a largebeats of Shankar, Ehsaan & has to have a separate full project like ‘Rock On’.Loy. He plays Aditya Shroff, time job for sustenance.Shah Rukh Khan iscoming back in Don 2Confirming the news that hishek Kapoor, “Rock On” han’s love interest in thehe is making a sequel to also stars Arjun Rampal, musical saga.“Don - The Chase Begins”, Purab Kohli, Luke Kenny, “Don-The Chase Begins”director-turned-actor Far- Shahana Goswami, Koel was a remake of the 1978han Akhtar said he will start Puri and TV actress Prachi Amitabh Bachchan-starrershooting the film with Shah Desai who is playing Far- action blockbuster “Don”.Rukh Khan in While the originalthe lead role starred 70s glam-towards the our queen Zeenatend of next Aman as the fe-year. male lead, Priyan-“I will be ka Chopra playedworking with leading lady in theShah Rukh remake.Khan for ‘Don Although Farhan2’. We will confirmed Shahbegin shoot- Rukh’s presenceing for it in the in the film, hesecond half of didn’t speak aboutnext year, “ casting Priyankasaid Farhan. in part two.He was in the Released in 2006,capital to pro- “Don-The Chasemote “Rock Begins” was la-On”. He de- belled as a weakbuts as an ac- film against thetor with the profits and popu-film, which larity that thereleases Aug original movie29. directed by Chan-Directed by dra Barot had gar-first-time di- nered.rector Ab-
  • 14. August 29, 2008 KOLLYWOOD 15Mohanlal prepares for “Kuselan much better thansome action scene with Katha Parayumbol”Jackie Chan Jayaram, the Malayalam ac- tor has captured Tamil au- dience with his humorous ‘Kadalikka Neramillai’. He further says, “When Tamil films get dubbed into Ma- the recently released Kuse- lan was better in Tamil than in the original Malayalam and serious roles in many layalam, it runs successfully Katha Parayumbol and theThe Malayalam maverick Japan.” ever the roles have to come Tamil films. He has been but the same cannot be said credit should go to the entireMohanlal is all set to do a Interestingly Mohanlal’s to me. I can’t go after the acclaimed as an artist with for Malayalam films. But team.”full-on action scene with southern colleague Rajni- roles.” versatile capabilitiesJackie Chan. kanth is a craze in Japan. Says the softspoken actor, who can deliver anyThe film in Japanese “It was the director K P role with consum-called Nair San direct- Kumaran’s dream for mate ease. Recentlyed by Keralite Albert twenty years. He had he was found shar-is based on a real-life been pursuing me for fif- ing a few sound bytescharacter. And Mohan- teen years to do a screen with some journalistlal learnt Japanese for adaptation of Ibsen’s friends while he wasthe role. He now steps play.I finally agreed. shooting for Panja-into the action arena Ibsen’s The Master mirdam at Ooty. Onfor an action scene with Builder is a complicated Panjamirdam, Ja-Jackie Chan who makes play. I’ve done stage yaram said that thisa special appearance in plays including a play film would not haveNair San. in Sanskrit. But Ibsen is any double entendresSays Mohanlal, “Jackie tough. or obscene sequenc-Chan appears in a ma- However I treated the es. This film will bejor action sequence film like any other. I play intended for children.with me. I’m trying to an architect. Changes When talking aboutphysically prepare for were made. For example the current remakethe role. I’ve already my character’s Norwe- trend in the industry,shot for about 150 days gian name was changed the actor said thatfor Nair San in Japan for the Indian audi- while remaking oldand Mongalia. I’m the first Speaking on the failure of ence.” classics, care shouldactor from Malyalam cin- Rajnikanth’s new film Kuse- Mohanlal has also finished be taken to retain theema to feature in a Japanese lan Mohanlal observes, “Ac- a war film Kuruskshetra on original flavor. Hefilm. I’ve to speak not only tors like Kamal Haasan and the Kargil war. “It’s a major also added that hein Japanese, but also in Chi- Rajnikanth are larger than film.” is acting in the re-nese and Mongolian.” life. About his last aborted foray make of old classicNair San will be subtited in They cannot be accepted in in Bollywood, MohanlalEnglish and released all over guest roles. I can get away says he has no regrets aboutthe world. The action scene with small cameos, off beat doing Ram Gopal Varma’swith Jackie Chan will be roles, walk-on parts any- Aag. “People just pouncedshot in Mongolia. thing. I’m playing a 90- year on Ramu. They forgot howSays Mohanlal, “Nair was old man in a new film. much he has achieved in thean Indian freedom fighter. There’re some actors in this past. Such things happen.I’ve met the man.He owns country like Amitabh Bach- In fact Priyadarshan hasa chain of restaurants.I’ve chan, Chiranjeevi, Kamal just offered me a role in abeen to his restaurant in To- Haasan and Rajnikant who Hindi film to be done in thekyo. And he has been to my are beyond success and fail- middle of next year. I get ahome in Kerala. He passed ure. They’re blessed people, lot of Hindi films. But theyaway at the age of 85-86. I If you say I am one of them don’t interest me. But I’ll dofeel very privileged to be then I too am blessed.” Priyan’s film. It’s 12-13 dayplaying Nair.” Mohanlal’s new Malayalam film.Though Kamal Haasan got release Akashagoparam is It isn’t a conventional HindiHong Kong’s superstar Jack- the first film that language to film. It has a message onie Chan to come for a music be based on an Ibsen play “I AIDS. Priyan is returningrelease in Chennai no Indian can tell you this much. Ibsen to his roots. He recently didactor has had the privilege at this point of time couldn’t a fantastic Malayalam filmof sharing screen space with be done in any other lan- called Kanjeevaram.Jackie Chan.. guage but Malyalam. I’m I was supposed to do it. ButLaughs Mohanlal, “ Like I fortunate to have done it. As I couldn’t. Now I’m lookingsaid I’m lucky.Nair San will an actor it’s my job to do the forward to working with himdefinitely get wide release in best of the roles I get. How- and to doing a Hindi film.”Rambha denies rumours ofsuicide attemptActor Rambha on Tuesday Rambha said. residence here.denied rumours of an at- “I am attached to my family Born Amritha on June 5tempted suicide after being and a happy-go-lucky per- 1976, the actress changeddischarged from an over- son. My co-stars, producers her name to Rambha andnight stay in a private nurs- and fans telephoned from all has acted in over 100 mov-ing home. over the country, demand- ies in Tamil, Malayalam,“I was uneasy after food poi- ing I disclosed the identity Telugu, Kannada, Hindi andsoning and was kept in hos- of the imaginary man who Bhojpuri.pital for observation. Some is supposed to have jilted me She has an uncanny resem-mischievous elements spread to force him to marry me,” blance to late actress Divyaa canard that I attempted sui- a cheerful looking Rambha Bharti who committed sui-cide with ulterior motives,” said at her southwest suburb cide in the ‘80s.
  • 15. August 29, 200816 CLASSIFIED BRIDE HELP PRIVATE SALE WANTED WANTED FOR CONDO Urdu Speaking Large Luxury One Bed- Muslim Boy 25 Punjabi Sikh parents Counter Staff For A Gift Shop Near Airport. Part room Condo In Scarbor-Match required for tall, invite matrimonial Time, Casual Work. ough. Fully Furnished,handsome boy graduat- alliance Mostly Evenings (7 P.M. Central Ac, Ensuite Laun-ed from York university for their son, 38 yrs To 11 P.M.) Must Be dry. 24 Hrs Gate House Se-in business administra- Flexible. Minimum curityMonthly Maint. Fee old, 5”5”, slim build.tion. Working as man- Wage. Retired / Semi Re- Of $330 Only.Appliances Canadian citizen, di- Included, Open Balcony,ager in Toronto. the girl tired also welcome. vorced. Well settled Send Resume Fax 416- Great View.Big Locker &should be Sunni, Tall, in Canada. 675-4022 (Attn: Gift Underground Parkingbeautiful, Rec Centre - Indoor Pool,Professionally qualified Caste no bar. call Shop) Phone 416-845- 9776 Gym, Sauna, Etc.or student contact (951)-227-1040, Please Call 416 283 2980 (951)- 780- 2201 Or Email : kbhaktidham@ starbuzzclassifieds@ DOMESTIC HELPGursikh Khatri two WANTED turbaned sons TEACHERS 31,26 Wanted Part Time Domestic Help wantedGursikh Khatri parents for cleaning and other Teachers for a well housework. Weekend or 2seek compatible girls for known Tutorial evenings, about 7 hours/their tow turbaned sons,age 31 and 26, both 6’, Center in week. Winston Churchillown their own business Mississauga. & Britannia area in Mis- sissauga on convenientindependently, born and KG to Grade 12.raised in Toronto. Girls bus route.convenient bus Proficient in Maths,should be educated slim, route. Please call at Science, English.beautiful and tall. Please (905) with picture and Apply :biodata at SERVICE HAIR - CARE for the whole family. Cut - $10; Color - $20; Men Cut & Color - $25 905-712-9404 starbuzzclassifieds@ starbuzzclassifieds@
  • 16. August 29, 2008HOROSCOPE 17 Mr. SS Anand, Aries: This week’s scenario is highlighted by by challenges to your leader- ship ability. You may need to defend your territory. Deception is apparent if you get involved in power struggles. Try not to overspend on social activi- ties. Learn to say no to temptation & pay off your debts. Opportunities to spend money will be present, but be careful to make the right choices. Take a renowned time to make sure elders have their papers in order. Astro Taurus: This week’s scenario is highlighted by the powerful demands put on you from your work and your family life. The challenge for you is to choose Consultant wisely from your options. It is best for you to visit friends rather than enter- tain at your place. You’ll be full of energy and ready to conquer the world, don’t drink and drive. You’ll expand your social circle through those you For further information, visit. You’ll learn a lot from those you meet while traveling. please contact: SS Anand, Gemini: This week’s scenario is highlighted by lasting connections with Mobile: 011 91 9810075594 (New Delhi) those you meet. Untrustworthy individuals may try to take advantage of you. Email:, You need to be treated with respect. Be sure to gauge your spending habits and look into doing things that don’t cost so much. You had better check your bankbook before you consider going out and doing any extensive shopping. For Advertising in StarBuzz Contact : 647.802.2899 Joint financial ventures may backfire if you’re not careful. Cancer: This week’s scenario is highlighted by interesting news on the em- ployment front. Activities can involve promotional campaigns, music, sto- ry-telling or inspirational work. You may land the job you’ve always been looking for. Money you don’t have to work so hard for will give you much pleasure. Make a commitment to your partner or let them know what your intentions are. Romantic opportunities will surface if you take a vacation. Leo: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your need to spend more time on your personal life. Don’t get too involved in the affairs of others. You may have to continue with a low profile, soon you’ll be able to reveal the plans you’ve been working on. You may want to put in extra hours at work to get yourself ahead of the game. Get involved in projects that the family can take part in. Virgo: This week’s scenario is highlighted by unexpected visitors that may drop by or call you. Be prepared to entertain & get caught up on the latest gossip. Overindulgent partners may cause difficulties for you, let them know how you feel. Your intelligence and style will impress others. Focus your energy on the meaning of family and don’t prejudge others. You may find others will annoy you & your opinionated attitude may ruffle a few feathers. Listen to what others have to say for a change. Listen carefully. Libra: This week’s scenario is highlighted by being in the limelight if you involve yourself in serious organizational activities. You will be liable for emotional blackmail, if you have neglected your partner, lately. Entertain the ones you love & please everyone with your generosity. Financial matters appear to be more settled, thanks to your recent budgetary efforts. Changes regarding risky financial ventures may not be to your liking. Scorpio: This week’s scenario is highlighted by emotional changes that will lift your spirits. Your productivity and morale will improve, thanks to your understanding of people and systems. It’s intuition that makes it happen, not simple logic. Someone you work with may not have you best interests in mind. You may have difficulties in dealing with government agencies or institutions. Jealousy may stand in the way of a good time. Sagittarius: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to utilize your communication skills. You’ll need to be a good conductor. Do your share of the work and you’ll be rewarded for your fairness. You should spend more time with the ones you love. Plan activities that are appropriate for all ages. Visit and see as many relatives as possible. If you allow your jealousy to cloud your good judgment, you’ll make the wrong decisions. Capricorn: This week’s scenario is highlighted by overpowering passionate encounters. Don’t divulge any information about others, secret enemies will try to ruin your reputation if you do. Be careful what you say and what you do. Family togetherness will make up for any recent discord. The demands of promotional efforts on behalf of yourself or someone else could give you a special sense of satisfaction. Aquarius: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your overexpectations of group projects. You feel that since they demand a great deal of your time and effort that you should be rewarded. You don’t want to get into a situation that might backfire one day. Check out the motivations of others involved. It can be difficult for you to relax or sleep. Put your time and efforts into pursuing your own goals. Luck will be with you, and love will be plentiful. Pisces: This week’s scenario is highlighted by your sensitivity to aggres- sive and emotional behavior. Be discreet and avoid embarrassment. You are in a high-energy cycle. Relatives may try to put unreasonable demands on you. Your discipline will help you accomplish your goals. You should try to experience cultural events that will leave a lasting impression on you. Your ability to find unique gifts will delight your family and friends. The right command at the right moment will have the best impact.
  • 17. August 29, 2008 18 LIFESTYLESalman’s stops smoking The Advantagesfor Sikhs of Yoga Exercises for Women duringSalman Khan may be a Mus- Heroes. His character sports ban.lim but he respects every a turban in the film like When his co-stars and di-single religion as is evident Sikhs do. rector tried to find out theby his feelings expressed in So involved was he with his reason, Salman told themregards to the same during turbaned Sikh character that Sikhs consider smoking un- Pregnancyhis interviews and 10 Ka he refrained himself from sociable and dirty. So it wasDum episodes. smoking whenever he was out of his sheer respect forThe painter in him also dis- on the sets sporting the tur- the community that he wasplays his reli- not smoking whengion tolerance he had his turbanside through his on for the role of a Yoga exercises, or asanas, Yoga exercises have the abil- meditation assists in focus-paintings. Most Sikh.” are various types of modes ity to assist in relieving con- ing a persons mind, whichof his paintings Salman Khan’s or positioning or moving tractions and edema which eventually helps the focuscombine two family is a sym- your body. There are diverse typically happens through of a pregnant woman onreligions to- bol of National yoga exercises that can pro- the last phases of pregnancy. the opening of the pelvisgether. Like his Integration. His vide substantial benefits to These kinds of exercises as- during the time of labor. Atmost famous dad, writer Salim women’s health particu- sist in affecting the position the time of post natal care,painting which Khan is marriedhas the image to a Maharash- larly in times of pregnancy. of the baby and turning it in yoga exercises are knownof Jesus Christ trian, Hindu. His Broadly differing in the advance as needed. With the to be very useful.along with a brother Sohail and range of style as well as im- assistance of exercising, the These types of exercisesmosque. Arbaaz have mar- plementation, these types of muscles of the abdomen be- assist in rejuvenating theBut Salman ried a Hindu and a exercises smoothly stretch come stronger which in time uterus, pelvic floor, and ab-also chooses to Christian respec- as well as effect all different promotes healthy and regu- domen while offering helppractise what tively. parts of the body. lar bowel movements. in alleviating discomfort ofhe preaches. A His sister Alvira Around the time of preg- Yoga exercises also help in the breast and tension in thesource close to too has married a nancy, yoga exercises pro- elevating the energy level area of the upper back. Thehim revealed Hindu. No wonder vide a smooth way to keep through the process of low- practice of pranayama orus more about Salman respects a healthy balance in life. ering the rate of a persons better understood under theit, “Salman is all the religions The exceptional effects of metabolism, which in turn, description of yogic breath-playing a Sikh and millions ofcharacter in fans from all the these types of yoga exer- helps to restore a persons at- ing exercises.Samir Karnik’s religions! cises while a women is in tentiveness as well as their This type of exercise en- pregnancy show the effec- calmness. Symptoms of sures an ample supply of tiveness of yoga which helps mood swings, nausea, and oxygen as well as an in- to ensure a lower hazard of morning sickness can help creased quality of life for pregnancy, natural childbirth in being alleviated through the woman who is pregnant as well as an easier transi- the use of Yogic pranayama. as well as her child. A de- tion to the body shape in These types of various exer- voted commitment to the post-pregnancy period. This cises also assist in discharg- practice of pranayama guar- articles points out different ing the tension that occur in antees a high quality supply factors that show benefits the birth canal as well as the of oxygen and the prana or through the use and practice cervix areas. energy that is taken from of yoga exercises while a These assorted yoga exercis- the air to the baby devel- woman is in pregnancy. es provide health benefits in oping within the expecting A Healthier Feeling differing ways. For instance, mother’s womb. There are other kinds of yoga exercises such as Bandhas as well as Mudras which provide the psycho- physiological affect on a women’s reproductive or- gans. Then again, yogic nidra is a technique that is essential to acquire deep re- laxation without the loss of conscious awareness. Yogic nidra similarly with many other types of yoga exercises can furnish po- tential advantages particu- larly in the initial stages of pregnancy during which the women’s sleep is typically broken as well as being in- consistent. The significance of yogic nidra is recognized at this point in time with it’s providential contribu- tion that features total body relaxation of mind, body as well as spirit.
  • 18. August 29, 2008 NEWS & RECIPE 19 BUSINESS NEWSIndian origin woman among “We believe our price is very fair. The management is sup- portive. The board has recommended the transaction and it is grown by 65% over the last few years and the challenge had always been on how they could “add more people faster andNext Gen billionaires a full-cash deal. We believe this is an attractive offer. We’ll have to wait and see,” he further said. faster.” In the long term, the company plans to reduce its dependence Washington: Nishita Shah, 28, an Indian origin business- On Monday, the IT major had said it had agreed to buy the on the US market, which contributes to 60% of their rev-woman from Thailand, golfer Tiger Woods and Elon Musk, British firm for 407 million ($753 million), at 600 pence a enues. Gopalakrishnan said that they were looking to moveco-founder of online payment processor PayPal figure on share. Soon after, talk of counterbids surfaced, causing Axon to a 40-40-20 (in terms of percentage) mix from US, EuropeForbes’ list of next-generation billionaires. shares to touch 611 pence on Wednesday. and other countries respectively. The Axon buy is likely toBesides Shah, Managing Director of Thailand’s diversified He added that they would comment on integration once the strengthen its presence in Europe.GP Group, on the list are Hollywood actor Tyler Perry, Kenji deal was complete. “The objective of the acquisition is that The company is exploring business opportunities in WestKasahara, creator of Japan’s leading portal Mixi, and Mi- we leverage the management and employees they have and Asia, Mexico, Latin and South America, Canada and Austra-chael and Xochi Birch, who started Bebo, a social network- we will ensure they are retained and taken full advantage of lia, and in new sectors such as manufacturing, transportation,ing site. in terms of capabilities,” he said. logistics, healthcare and pharma.“The world’s current crop of billionaires has plenty of money Infosys viewed the acquisition as an opportunity to “crossbut not much youth,” the US business magazine said, noting sell and get into new business segments that we were notthe average age of the 1,125 people on Forbes’ list of the present in so far.” Infosys’ SAP consulting practice hadworld’s wealthiest is 61.“The diversity of this group shows you can’t predict whatindustry the next billionaire will come from, but these peoplealso have something in common,” Forbes said. “Even thoughthey’ve accumulated more than enough money to retire inluxury, they aren’t packing up for the Hamptons.”Glamorous Nishita Shah is one of the richest people in Thai-land because of her stake in her family’s sprawling businessempire with an estimated net worth at $375 million. Whenthe stunning heiress is not poring over financial reports orgracing the pages of Thai magazines, she’s planning her up-coming fashion line, Forbes said.“My dad said I could study anything I wanted as long as itwas business,” Shah who holds a business degree from Bos-ton University was quoted as sayingInfy confident of Axon deal:GopalakrishnanInfosys Technologies is confident of completing its buyout ofSAP consulting firm, Axon Group, despite rumours of coun-ter-bids doing the rounds. Infosys CEO Kris Gopalakrishnantold reporters here that they were confident of completing thedeal by November end or early December. PINEAPPLE RASAMThere are different varieties of rasam.Pineapple rasam is to boil for some time.Dilute the rasam to our desire by adding seeds.When it splutters add the curry leaves,coriander leavesslight sweet in taste .Rasam is a second course in a tradi- warm water.When the rasam is ready remove from fire and and the cumin powder and pour into rasam mix.Now add thetional south indian menu.This is a fragrant soup made of set aside. lemon juice to the rasam and this will give more taste to thefried grams and dals.. Add oil to a frying pan and heat it and add the mustard rasam. This can be eaten with riceIngredients3 to 4 slices of pineapple1/2 cup of masoor dal cooked2to 3 tomatoes1/4 turmeric powder2 to 3 teaspoonful of rasam powder1/2 teaspoon of cumin powder1/2 teaspoon of mustard seeds1to 2 teaspoon of salt or according toyour taste2 teaspoon of lemon juice2 teaspoon of olive oilFew springs of curry leavesFew springs of coriander leaves Santha PurushottamMethodMash the dal and boil it with 3to 4 cupsof water .Add the turmeric powder,rasam MADRAS PALACEpowder, asafoetida ,salt and boil it for Richmond Hill / Scarboroughfive to six minutes.Now add the cut to-matoes and pine apple pieces.Allow it 905 881 6222 / 416 759 5400
  • 19. August 29, 2008 20 MOVIE TALK Preview:CHAMKUStar Cast: Bobby Deol, Priyanka Chopra,Arshad Warsi, Ritesh Deshmukh, IrrfanKhan, Danny Denzongpa, Rajpal Yadav,Arya Babbar’Chamku’ which releases in an epic vendetta. Kahani Bihar for a particular rea-Aug 29th will be the third kabhie Khatam nahi hoti (A son but again gets entangledfilm of Priyanka Chopra and journey that ends where it in the world of terminatingBobby Deol together after all began) life.‘Kismat’ and ‘Barsat’. Af- Raised up by the Naxalites For a man who has beenter considering the fate of in the southern interiors of trapped inside the walls ofthe earlier ones, we do hope Bihar, he was trained and crime and working like aand wish, this film clicks the molded into a fine young killing machine to suddenly be going through when it is held between the addictive attraction towards his lady love and his dark past which is also pulling him with full force into its bowels. The action thriller ‘Cham- ku’ is directed by Kabeer Kaushik and is a Dharmen- dra production. Priyanka Chopra plays the hero’s lady love and the movie is scheduled to re- lease Aug 29th at Albion & Woodside Cinemas. The other main characters of pa, Ritesh Deshmukh, Arya made entertainer, ‘Chamku’ the movie are handled by Ir- Babbar and Rajpal Yadav. is gearing up to hit the the- rfan Khan, Danny Denzong- Hailed to be a very well atres on the 29th.‘Kismat’ of Vijeta films. man who does not know experience the softer side ofThe success of ‘Apne’ has what fear is. life that confuses him andset the spirits high for the Later on after being picked slowly make him carve for aDeols and they now seem in up under a covert Govern- normal living must be reallya mood to revive their home mental program which is difficult to come to termsproduction jointly conceived by RAW with.Inspired from real life inci- and Intelligence Bureau, he Chaddrama Singh whodents, the film depicts the is trained to kill. has the nickname Chamkujourney of a male Naxalite He evolves as the best among played by Bobby Deol isfrom the southern interiors of his tribe and thus begins the one such person who oneBihar, tutored under a covert numerous crime operations, day discovers that he is nogovernmental program & encounters and political as- longer the person he used totrained to kill. Chandramo- sassinations. be.han Singh urf CHAMKU. Always preferred for the And he knows that this turn-This is his story set in real toughest of the assignments, around in is attitude has beentime. A brutal past Kill - or he is the only one who can brought about by his mind- be - killed fights. Political accomplish the high risk which inhaled the intoxicat-assassinations, explosive tasks without committing ing fragrance of love.intrigues and a chance to the slightest of errors. So what feelings and emo-encounter that culminate He comes to Mumbai from tional turmoil his mind must
  • 20. August 29, 2008 JOKES 21Flight Conversation: For two solid hours, the lady sit-ting next to a man on an airplane had told him about her Restroom Woes: Leaving Montreal, a man decided tograndchildren. stop at one of those rest areas on the side of the road.She had even produced a plastic-foldout photo album of all He goes into the washroom. The first stall is taken, so henine of the children. entered into the second stall. He had just sat down when heShe finally realized that she had dominated the entire conver- hear a voice from the other stall.sation on her grandchildren. “Hi there, how is it going?”“Oh, I’ve done all the talking, and I’m so sorry. I know you certainly have something to say. He didn’t know what to say, so finally he said, “Not bad.”Please, tell me... what do you think of my grandchildren?” Then the voice says, “So, what are you doing?” He find this a bit weird, but said, “Well, I’m going back east.”Hurting knee!: Old man Joe limped into the doctor’s office and said, “Doctor, my knee Then he hear the person, all flustered, say, “Look, I’ll call you back; every time I ask you ahurts so bad, I can hardly walk!” question this idiot in the next stall keeps answering me!!!”The doctor slowly eyed him from head to toe, paused and then said, “Mr. Joe, just how oldare you?”“98!” Joe announced proudly. Generation Gap: A very self-important college freshman attending a recent footballThe doctor just sighed, and looked at him again. . . game, took it upon himself to explain to a senior citizen sitting next to him why it was impos-Finally he said, “Sir, I’m sorry. I mean, just look at you. You’re practically one hundred years sible for the older generation to understand his generation.old, and you’re complaining that your knee hurts? Well, what did you expect?” “You grew up in a different world, actually an almost primitive one !”, the student said, loudThe old Joe said, “Well, my other knee is 98 years old too, and it don’t hurt!” enough for many of those nearby to hear. “The young people of today grew up with television, jet planes, space travel, man walking onLandmines!: A young, freshly minted lieutenant was sent to Bosnia as part of the peace the moon, our spaceships have visited Mars. We have nuclear energy, electric and hydrogenkeeping mission. During a briefing on land mines, the captain asked for questions. cars, computers with DSL, BPS, light-speed processing .... and...”Our intrepid soldier raised his hand and asked,”If we do happen to step on a mine, Sir, what ...pausing to take another drink of beer.... The Senior took advantage of the break in thedo we do?” student’s litany and said, “You’re right, son. We didn’t have those things when we were“Normal procedure, Lieutenant, is to jump 200 feet in the air and scatter oneself over a wide young, so we invented them. Now, you - arrogant little shit - what are you doing for the nextarea.” generation?” DISPLAY CLASSIFIED For Display Classified Ads in StarBuzz $25 FOR ONE WEEK $75 FOR ONE MONTH For Details Contact 647-802-2899(BUZZ) EMAIL: EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS Is your business online? If not, it’s time to get Your Business Online. Start selling your products online. Full Website Solution just for $850/- (Includes Unlimited Pages,.Flash Design, Animation, Shopping Cart & much more) For Details Call 647.891.2125
  • 21. August 29, 2008 22Tips for First-time Toronto buyersIf you’ve ever thought about 1. Educate Yourself About credit reporting bureaus such cial status, including your home, don’t forget to hire a term and long-term homeowning your own home, the Mortgage Process – as Equifax. Carefully review income, cash flow and credit professional home inspec- maintenance may be the time to take By taking the initiative and your report and contact the score, to help you determine tor to conduct a thorough May your journey on theaction. Lower interest rates learning about the mortgage credit reporting bureaus to the maximum monthly hous- assessment of the property. road to home ownership be acombined with a growing process, you can be more correct any inaccuracies. ing payment for which you An inspector can alert you happy and successful one.inventory of homes for sale confident in the financial 4. Shop Around for a Mort- may be able to qualify, and, to any major problems within the Toronto market may decisions you are making. gage Lender – As you start if qualified, “pre-approve” the home, and/or help youtranslate into a good oppor- It’s important to learn about thinking and preparing for your mortgage before you’ve understand potential short-tunity for buyers in negotiat- different types of mortgages, the home buying process, found a home. Armed with aing the terms of a sale with how much you can afford, start shopping for the mort- mortgage pre-approval, youa seller. how your credit impacts your gage lender from whom you can start searching for homesThe home buying process interest rate, and the benefits would like to obtain a mort- with a much better idea ofmay seem daunting to some- of home ownership. gage for your new home. your price range, and in turnone who has never pur- 2. Save Just a Little Bit Because this process is new, save time as you will knowchased a home before. But, More – It’s not only impor- it’s easy to go with the first the right homes to focus on.through home buying edu- tant to save money for the lender, loan officer or mort- Obtaining a pre-approvalcational seminars offered in down payment and closing gage broker you meet. In- may offer more confidenceyour community, and with costs, but it’s important to stead, take your time and and certainty to home sellersthe assistance of an expe- factor in some of the other shop around. Start by ask- in your ability to purchaserienced loan officer, a first- costs of home ownership ing friends, co-workers and the home.time home buyer can obtain such as decorating, repairs family members for recom- 6. Don’t Be Afraid to Aska better understanding of and maintenance. Many mendations. When you’ve Questions – Once you’vetheir financing options, lead- mortgage lenders recom- identified two or three loan found your new home, theing to a more positive home mend that first-time home officers or mortgage bro- mortgage lender will helpbuying experience. buyers have at least three kers, ask for references. In you through the details ofWhether you’ve been dream- to six months of additional addition to pricing (interest the loan process. From appli-ing of owning a home for savings in their possession rate and closing costs), focus cation to closing, your loanyears or you’ve just decided in anticipation of these ad- on customer service as well officer will work throughit would be a smart financial ditional expenses. as other services and tools the financing process withmove to make, your first 3. Check Your Credit – An that a mortgage lender may you, just as your real estatehome buying experience will individual’s credit score will be able to offer you. professional should do inbe a memorable one. It’s im- have a significant impact on 5. Get Pre-approved – Be- the home buying process.portant to learn about your his or her mortgage loan ap- fore you start working with Throughout the process, readfinancing options in order to proval and interest rate. A a real estate agent, consider all loan documents carefully,find the mortgage that’s right good first step in financing contacting a mortgage lend- and involve an attorney, iffor you. a home purchase is to check er to obtain a pre-approval necessary.Here are some suggestions your credit history. You can credit decision. A loan offi- 7. Inspect – Before youfor first-time home buyers: request a credit report from cer will review your finan- commit to purchasing a
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