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  1. 1. “Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey” Movie Preview See Page 14Back to School Spl Offer
  2. 2. December 03, 2010 (TORONTO) NEWS 3 Davpech PostponedDavpech, produced under in the village is named after of Phoolgaon. Since this gamethe banner of Murli Manohar some flower only. Everyone is very competitive, there areCreations Pvt. Ltd., is in this village stays very close so many Dav Pench (tricks)postponed towards either under one roof. Phoolgaon is applied to win the game.the end of December’10 or known not only for it’s flowers Davpech Story is by BhimraoJanuary 2011. Directed by but also for a unique game Mude, Screenplay by SachinSachin Vartak & Bhimrao called ….PUNYA THEFT- Mote & Bhimrao Mude,Mude, DAVPECH stars Bharat the most exciting game Dialogues are by Sachin MoteJadhav, Makrand Anaspure, played in Phoolgaon. Almost and it is produced by SmtLokesh Gupte, Hemangi Kavi, all the villages come over to Murli Manohar Borkar & ShriPriyal Patil, Vaibhav Mangle Phoolgaon to participate in this Arjun Manohar Bokarkar.and others. Davpech is the game. On a particular day and Music Directors of Davpechstory of a colourful village at a particular time, this game are Rohan Pradhan & DevdattPhoolgaon. Gulabrao Kaate is is played all through the night: Sable.one of the prestigious persons from sunset to sunrise. And Media Contact: Kajal Gohilof this village and his business every year, the winner of this Wilben NR2- The Imageis selling flowers. Everybody game becomes the Sarpanch Engineers
  3. 3. December 03, 2010 (TORONTO)4 BUSINESS NEWS Tim Hudak Meets With GTA Real Diverse Canada Estate Agents and Outlines PC Government of Canada Will Not Attend Durban Plans To Get Ontario Moving Commemorative Event Forward Canada will not participate in the events to commemorate last year was vi ndicated when Du rban II was used Ontario PC Leader, Tim care about and need, and are b a s e d o n a l e v e l the 10th anniversary of the by I ranian President Hudak, met with real estate m a ke p r iv a t e - s e c t o r job playing field where adoption of the Durban Mah moud A h madi nejad agents to discuss the impact c r e a t io n a p r io r it y. everybody gets a fair Declaration and Program - the only head of st ate of the HST and rising hydro QUOT E S: c h a n c e .” of Action (DDPA) in to at tend - as a vehicle rates on home sales in the “ T h e r e a l it y i s , t h e t a x -- Tim Hudak, Ontario September 2011, announced for Holocaust denial and region. burden fo r c e d upon PC Leader Citizenship, Immigration xenophobia. Hudak also discussed three f a m i ly b u d ge t s by QUICK FAC T S : · and Multiculturalism Last December, the key policies for the Ontario D a lt o n Mc G u i nt y has The OREA estimates Minister Jason Kenney. United Nations General PCs like helping to create been stif ling, the latest that the HST will “Just as Canada was first Assembly adopted a good private sector jobs, c r u n ch b e i n g t h e H ST. add $1, 50 0 to the the in the world to withdraw resolution to hold a one- refocusing government on Fr o m f i l l i n g u p yo u r c a r cost of a real-estate from Durban 2, so too day plenar y i n September the services people need w it h g a s , t o t h e h e a t fo r transaction. Canada will lead by not 2011 to com memorate the and care about the most, like yo u r h o m e , t o r o u t i n e · A poll by attending this new Durban tenth an niversar y of the health care, and giving hard e x p e n s e s l i ke h a i r c u t s , the Association event,” said Minister f i rst Du rban conference working families the break t h e H ST h it s f a m i l ie s of Condominium Kenney. “Our government i n 2001. T he General they deserve. Earlier this h a r d . It ’s cle a r, O nt a r io Managers of Ontario has lost faith in the Durban Assembly is cu r rently week, Hudak addressed the f a m i l ie s n e e d r el ief.”- (AC MO) found that process. We will not be f i nalizi ng the det ails of OREA where he thanked Ti m Hu d a k , O nt a r io P C the HST would result part of this event, which this event. the organization for being a L e a d e r “ Fo r so m a ny in an estimated commemorates an agenda “Canada will not strong ally in the fight against O nt a r io f a m i l ie s , h o m e 6% increase in the that promotes racism rather par ticipate in this Dalton McGuinty’s HST tax ow n e r s h ip i s a d r e a m . operational budget than combats it.” charade any longer. grab. W hen more f a m i l ie s of the average Canada was the first country T he Gover n ment of In the next provincial election, h ave more resources residential condo. in the world to withdraw from Canada will not lend Ontario families will have a a n d m o r e c o n f id e n c e t o · Altus Group the Durban 2 conference, Canada’s good name to clear choice between Dalton m ove i nt o a n e w h o m e , Economic Consulting which took place in 2009. the organized exercise i n McGuinty, whose policies t h e clo s e r O nt a r io w i l l estimates that the Other countries -- including scapegoati ng that is the are out of touch with Ontario be to ret ur ning to our renovation sector the United States of Du rban process,” said families and businesses, and p r o u d s p ot a s a le a d e r i n will be forced to pay America, Australia, Israel, Mi nister Ken ney. a Tim Hudak government Canada. This requires a $765 m illion i n new the United Kingdom, and Follow us on Twit ter that will put families first, r e a l i s t ic a n d a f fo r d a ble tax to the McGuinty most of the European Union at w w w.t wit ter.com / get government focused on pl a n t o g r ow o u r e c o n o my Gover nment due to -- followed Canada’s lead. CitI m mCanada the services Ontario families a n d c r e a t e job s t h a t t h e H S T. Canada’s principled stand Tia’s Choice Top 5 Bollywood Songs Rank Song Film Singer(s) Music Lyricist
  4. 4. December 03, 2010 (TORONTO) NEWS 5Anil Kapoor Ditches Tom Cruise For AmitabhBachchan!It’s common knowledge thatAnil Kapoor is B-town’sbiggest export to Hollywood.He is now starring in the fourthinstallment of the iconic movieseries ‘Mission Impossible 4’with Tom Cruise. However, hisBollywood innings is far fromover as the talented actor has along line up of Hindi films too.He will next be seen in AneesBazmee’s laugh riot ‘NoProblem’ that releases on the10th of December. Anil, alongwith the other stars of the film,will star in a special episodeof popular game show KaunBanega Crorepati! However,the day scheduled for the shootof KBC was clashing with quickly as possible. He will Ranaut on the hot seat! Media Cont act: ParagAnil’s shoot date for MI4. The now fly in from Dubai on the If there is one actor who Desaiprofessional actor that he is, mor ni ng of the K BC shoot can successf ully juggle paragdesai27@g mail.comhe requested the MI4 team to and joi n Big B along with my r iad com mit t ments, -Showbiz PR Wi rewrap up the shoot in Dubai as Sanjay Dut t and Kang na A nil Kapoor it is!
  5. 5. December 03, 2010 (TORONTO) 6 TVNews Corporation’s STAR Launches 7-Channels On Bell Fibe TVSTAR, a wholly owned Entertainment Channel worldwide audiences have of Residential Products at Programming Partnership visit www.asiantelevision.subsidiary of News for the past 9 years, STAR historically been treated to Bell. “Adding these seven with Star for the past 4 Years comCorporation (NASDAQ: NWS) India PLUS, which has been some of the best programming STAR channels to Fibe TV’s and we have had a wonderful For more information, or toand Asia’s leading media and available on ATN’s services in available from our roster of programming line-up makes Distribution Partnership with order Fibe TV in Canada,Entertainment Company, Canada since 2006. channels and we now look our next generation television Bell for the past 13 years please call 1 866-269-8009has launched 4 top-rated Three popular Mandarin forward to inviting our Fibe service even more appealing “said Dr. Shan Chandrasekar or visit www.Bell.ca/FibeTVSouth Asian STAR channels language channels from TV subscribers to be a part to Canada’s vibrant Mandarin- President and CEO of ATN- Media Contact:Vidha Shuklaand three STAR Mandarin- STAR Greater China’s of this unique entertainment speaking and South Asian Asian Television Network Sr. Account Executivelanguage channels on Bell bouquet consists of STAR experience.“ communities.” International Limited, Hanmer MS&L “Bell Fibe TV offers customers “We are delighted to launch Canada’s Largest South Asian Communications Pvt. an enhanced television these 7 Compelling Channels Broadcast Company and Limited experience delivered over from the Star Group as part of Canada’s largest distributor Member of PUBLICIS a state-of-the-art IPTV the 27 Multicultural Channels of World class Cricket. For GROUPE platform,” said Heather ATN launched on Bell Fibe Programming Schedules of the -Showbiz PR Wire Tulk, Senior Vice President TV. ATN has had a great Star Channels in Canada pleaseFibe TV, the next generation CHINESE CHANNELtelevision service recently (general entertainment),launched by Canada’s largest STAR CHINESE MOVIES 2communications company.. (Chinese films) and Taiwan’sThe channels launched include trend setting music andthree Hindi language services lifestyle channel, CHANNEL(general entertainment channel [V] Taiwan.STAR ONE, Bollywood movie “We are elated to partner withchannel STAR India GOLD Bell Fibe TV and provide ourand leading news channel top rated channels to the SouthSTAR India NEWS) as well as Asian and Chinese Diaspora inpopular Tamil entertainment Canada.” said David Wisnia,language channel, STAR STAR’s Senior Vice PresidentVIJAY. These four channels of Distribution, Sales andcomplement programming Marketing and head of STAR’sfrom India’s No.1 General North American office. “Our
  6. 6. December 03, 2010 (TORONTO) NEWS 7 Get It When You Can Imran Khan: Bollywood Actor Imran Khan Lost roles Coz of Looks November 26, 2010We’ve all read or heard about can make it more difficult to means that once a policy isthe unlucky family that is wiped obtain life insurance. Height issued, the premium cannotout by a house fire and didn’t and weight is becoming more be changed. Everywhere Girls f ind him cute andhave any fire insurance. All of a factor as well as elevated else, the premiums can be hot. Some even calltoo often, people mistakenly blood pressure and cholesterol. adjusted if claims are higher him one of the coolestbelieve that it won’t happen to It is also a common practice than expected. Because the hu n ks in Bolly wood.them. The reality is that bad to consider family history premiums are locked in, Since his dream debutthings CAN happen and there and how it can affect your insurers take a much closer in the blockbusteris nothing that guarantees longevity. Load up on coverage look at who they will insure. “ J a a n e Tu Ya J a a n ethey will be immune from when you are young and Again, get the coverage N a ”, I m r a n K h a n h a sdisaster. Insurance is simply healthy. Insure your kids. while you still have your become the new posteran economical way to protect health and before guaranteed boy for millions ofourselves from the financial premiums are no longer Bolly wood fans acrossloss a tragedy can bring. There available. the world.are a number of factors that can Disability Insurance - Like There are girls whodetermine if we can even get many industrialized nations would do any thing tocoverage. Just as it would be with aging populations, meet him and marryimpossible to get fire insurance the ranks of the disabled h i m ( b e w a r e ! Av a n t i k a ,while the house is on fire, other are growing. In 2007 in you’ve got ple nt y oftypes of insurance can be Canada, there were three compet it ion!).difficult to get after something quarters of a million more All this praise hashas happened: individuals with disabilities not impressed theLife Insurance - For several than in 2002. A little more actor even one bit.decades, there has been than fourteen percent of the He feels that heconstant downward pressure Canadian population reports d o e s n’t lo o k a s g o o don life insurance premiums. having some form and level as his contemporariesThis has caused the companies of disability. Again, factors like Ranbir K a p o or.to be choosier on whom Critical Illness Insurance - like height and weight, and According to thethey insure. Because all life If you are diagnosed with one family history can make a ctor, h is look s haveinsurance policies have the of the diseases or conditions it more difficult to get caused him to have apotential to pay out some day listed in your critical illness coverage. Many mistakenly limited scope becauseand premiums are the lowest insurance policy and survive believe that group disability p r o d u c e r s d o n’t of fe rin history, life insurers take a a certain number of days, insurance at work will be him mat ure roles.much closer look at the risk. It you receive the lump sum adequate. With the average M o r e I n f o : - h t t p : / / w w w.is becoming more common for you chose. Critical illness worker changing employers onlinenewsreporters.policies to be issued with extra insurance pays a benefit even if more frequently, the c o m / i m r a n - k h a n -premiums or even declined you are still able to work and likelihood of having gaps in b ol ly wo o d - a ct or-because of an applicant’s can cover a long list of illnesses coverage increases. Personal im ran-k han-lost-roles-health and family history. As and conditions. Canada is the disability insurance can have coz- of-looks.ht mlthe Canadian population, on only country in the world that a guaranteed premium and A r ticle sou rce:Free -average, becomes more rotund, offers guaranteed premium you can take it anywhere. Press-Release.coma number of issues arise that critical illness insurance. This
  7. 7. December 03, 2010 (TORONTO) 8 NEWSTraveller’s Choice - Konark Temple Jagjit Singh Dubs For AnHolidays Experience Animation FilmMaking one wonder about the wears tall riding boots, and is Decay and reinstatementengineering prowess of our accompanied by a small figure Over the centuries, the sea Shri Jagjit Singh has dubbed the role of dadaji was great.” The Wonder Kid’ are Sharadforefathers is the majestic Sun of Aruna, the charioteer, at his receded, the sand engulfed for an animation film Baru- According to the director Kelkar, Vrajesh Hirjee andTemple at Konark built in the feet. the temple and salty breeze The Wonder Kid. Releasing Sachin Gote he himself had Nandu Madhav. Produced bythirteenth century. Though Konark’s presiding deity eroded the stones. The temple this October in theatres, Baru-partly in ruins, the Temple is A flight of steps from the remained buried under a huge The Wonder Kid is the story put in a lot ofa towering testimony to the northwestern corner descends mound of sand until the early initiatives to 20th century, when restoration improvise. He began under the British. had finished UNESCO declared the temple dubbing within 3 a World Heritage Site in 1984. hours. Says one The thought of the majestic of the producers, temple perched on the seashore P r a b h a k a r with the waves kissing its feet Shukla, “we centuries ago, brought back to were dubbing in memory the evergreen melody Amar haldipur ‘waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam, ji’s studio. He hum rahe na hum tum rahe has shown some na tum’ (roughly translates to clippings of The charming guile of time Baru to Jagjit spares nobody; neither you nor Ji. Once he swa The massive structure of the temple, currently being I remain the same). those he liked it renovated, was designed as a chariot carrying the Sun By then it was time to bid adieu immensely. When God across the heavens and has an east west alignment. and in my heart rose this great I heard this I approached him.Indian medieval architecture. of a twelve year old orphan He had sung forHistory has it that the Temple boy, BARU, & his courageous my first film Gudiya and knew Vishnu Manohar & Prabhakarwas erected just on the seashore journey to free his sister, me. He saw the full film, and Shukla, it is directed byas a gigantic chariot of Surya, ANANNYA (fondly called as was kind enough to agree. He Sachin Gote and is looking forthe Sun God, to commemorate ANI), from the clutches of the asked to be the narrator, saying October 2010 release. Its musica military victory by the Ganga Devil Prince- ZUKAYU. that I know how grand fathers is by Vivek Prakash, Lyricsdynasty King, Narasimhadeva. Jagjit Singh has dubbed for the speak. He asked for dialogues by Madan Pal and singers areKalachakra, the Wheel of voice of Dada ji, the narrator and did it as goodwill for kids. Udit Narayan, Sadhna Sargam,Time: of this story. Says he, “I really Did not charge even a penny Vinod Rathore, YashvirTwelve pairs of exquisite, enjoyed it. This is the first time for the work.” Adds Vishnu Prakash, Roli Prakash &ornate wheels of the chariot, that I have done something Manohar, “his voice has Tanushree.each around ten feet in beyond singing. In any case added so much of class to the Media Contact: Kajal Gohildiameter, are the major I do enjoy working for the character and the film.” Wilbenattractions of the Temple. kids. Dubbing dialogues was Besides Jagjit Ji, other artiste NR2- The Image EngineersThe spokes of the wheels serve down to the sanctum sanctorum hope that slowly but surely definitely fun and emoting who have dubbed for ‘Baru- --Showbiz PR Wireas sundials, and the shadows where a black chlorite throne the Orissa government wouldformed by these give the has been constructed. It was wake up and restore the Templeprecise time of the day. on this throne, it is said that to its glory. With a promise ofTogether, the twelve pairs the idol of Surya Narayana, the return, I turned back to seeof wheels (representing 12 presiding deity of the Konark the resplendent Sun Templemonths of the year) and the Sun Temple, was originally stand tall in spite of all decayseven horses (representing enshrined. The idol of Surya and the shakespearean quotedays of the week) drawing the Narayana, however, is no zoomed across my mind: ‘agechariot symbolise the passage longer there. The access to cannot wither her’, no, not thisof time. the inner sanctum is currently majestic beauty!’Sun in all His glory barred and sealed off. Getting there: 64 km fromImages of the mighty Sun Moving on to the west side Bhubaneswar and 35 km fromare positioned in different one can see Midhyanna-Surya Puri, Konark can be reacheddirections at Konark capturing (midday-sun), standing with from Bhubaneswar airport orthe sunrays at different times full energy and power. from Puri railway station.of the day. Scrollwork and carvings In December every year, theOn the northern wall is the Sun The temple walls are adorned electrifying Konark DanceGod called as Astachala-Surya by fine scrollwork. These Festival showcasing all forms(setting-sun). intricate carvings as well as of Indian classical dances isThis beautiful image is the beautiful cut of animal held. You can visit Konarkcarved of high-quality green and human figures, make it a any time of the year, as it has achlorite stone and is one of the must visit destination for the favourable climate throughoutmasterpieces of Konark. Surya architecturally inclined. the 12-month period.
  8. 8. December 03, 2010 (TORONTO) NEWS 9 Pune Arrives on the Star Studded Fashion Week Season IIThe Pune Fashion Week colors on shimmering satins collection which echoed the and oversize bags with lots The night ended with the Collection with digital printsSeason II was held in the best and sexy chiffons. The main sounds, colours and styles of of embellishments and bows curtains closing with the much with floral and leopard motifs.known secret of Koregaon attraction in many collections Marrakesh mystique. Raveena and beads. The showstopper awaited for Rocky S – the Models gracefully sashayedPark - The Westin on Nov was the sari churidaar – a Tandon graced the runway as was none other than Miss crowds were lining up and down the ramp in lehengas,18 – 20 2010. It definitely has modern twist on draping a sari the showstopper and Jackie sherwanis with dhoti pants andput Pune on the fashion map for the contemporary woman. Shroff, present in the audience exclusive saris and net gowns tonationally and internationally. Also seen were sequined could not take his eyes off her! thunderous applause!ThoughIt had all the glamour and churidaars and leggings Malini the collection was great, theglitterati one could ask for sprinkled throughout many Agarwalla’s Flamboyart design lacked the oomphand more! Fashionistas and collections. Veteran designer collection of accessories was factor.filmstars, socialites and Satya Paul ended the first day mind blowing and stunning. All in all with the shows It is available under the brand concluded, Pune has definitely name Malaga ( an acronym arrived on the fashion scene to created from her name) in stay for a long time to come. London, Dubai and in our This is just the beginning. very own Toronto (check out Let’s wait and watch to see Indiva)!! Stunning silver, pearl, what surprises the gem in the and crystal delights never Ushoshi Sengupta, Miss India were impatient to get in and Western Ghats of Maharashtra failed to mesmerize the women Universe and Miss Asia Pacific buzzing with anticipation to has to offer in the years to in the audience drawing winner who carried her title see what this designer had in come! audible gasps of delight. It crown worth a million bucks store for them! It included a By N. Balani via special was all about clutch bags surrounded by bodyguards. section called the Tribal Shock coverage in Pune Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Launch Metro Shoes - NyooTV They are a ‘Tashan’ pair off screen and they ‘kick-ass’ when they are paired together on screen. Bollywood’s hottest couple - Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan have been snapped up together in an endorsement deal by Metro Shoes. The couple was present at the launch of the new ‘Metro Ads Posters’ at a media eventjewelers, models and designers with the celebration of his 25th recently.all came together to set the anniversary with a special Kareena was wearing arunway on fire on the 18th, edition of his tarot inspired stunning red dress with a19th and 20th of November collection – Art of Tarot which black belt, while her boyfriend2010 at The Westin Hotel in was sophisticated and had a Saif sported a smart blackPune. It was a real treat to see sense of timeless elegance with tuxedo with a white shirt. Thesuch a super premium event his unique prints, fabrics and endorsement deal was just aput together so seamlessly and strong sense of colour. It was photo-shoot and not the normalchoreographed so beautifully a full house at the Westin with video commercial. There werein amchi Pune. PFW 2010 was eager fashionistas clamouring some apologies from the coupleled by Badal Saboo from NIFT for seats to get a glimpse of this as they reached the eventDelhi and mentored by Vikram stunning collection. location three hours late sincePhadnis and Nivedita Saboo. For designer Mandira Wirk it they were stuck in a trafficIt was flawlessly executed was all about net, net, and more jam. However those presentand promoted by the PR and net ! Net saris in muted colours enjoyed the warm company ofevent management team led of cream, white gold bronze the couple.by BrandSpk Mumbai and browns set with ornamental Golmaal 3 actress Kareenadisplayed trendy fashion art colored stones and crystal said, “I don’t know if anybodyby FAD (Fashion Art Design) embellishments. wants to be in our shoes or not;Academy. Day 2 saw collections by Payal but we are definitely proud to The ‘Kurbaan’ Jodi of Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan has been signedPFW showcased the designs Singhal, Nivedita Saboo and wear Metro shoes!” Meanwhile up by Metro Shoes as their proud brand ambassadorsof 12 Ace designers like stunning showstoppers by the fun-loving Khan was veryRaakesh Agarvwal, Vikram Vikram Phadnis. A wide range much outspoken and said, “I approached by Metro can get continuous movies t railers, latestPhadnis, Rocky S , Surily of exquisite jewellery from am proud to be associated with S h o e s .” updates about the Bolly wood clips andGhosh, Mandira Wirk, Nandita Vijay Sandeep of Golecha Metro Shoes. It is one of the Yo u can watch the latest Bolly wood events by simply loggingMahtani and Nivedita Saboo, Jewels set off the clothes most successful shoe brands upbeat and cool Saif movie trailers into their accountsIt also showcased several local beautifully and set Pune on in the country and therefore Ali Khan and Kareena online by following t h r o u g h N y o oT V a n ddesigners.The sophisticated, fire. The trend seems to be the biggest and therefore the Kapoor at Lau nch of N y o oT V through get enter tained withsexy, and elegant models, both large uncut diamond kundan most complementary brand for M e t r o S h o e s o n N y o oT V. social net work i ng these high qualitymale and female ( a total of 45 work and other ornate stone ourselves to associate with.” N y o oT V is I n d i a ’s sites like Fa c e b o o k , videos. Once logged in,to 50), set hearts throbbing and collections set in gold in for He jokingly added, “I love to first online Social TV M y s p a c e a n d Tw i t t e r . viewers can also chatpulsating to the vibrant music the modern Indian bride. For wear chappals during summers, Net work and one-stop Members of these and discuss, with theirto suit the occasion. designer Nivedita Saboo it was but wear black formal shoes shop for premium visual social net work i ng sites f r iends on the net work,Day 1 set the trend of stunning all about mysterious Morocco ! on such occasions!” On a e n t e r t a i n m e n t . N y o oT V can watch Bolly wood about the video theyPFW showstoppers Raakesh Beautiful elegant wear for men slightly professional note, br ings a whole new movies, Bolly wood are viewing.Agarvwal and marked his and women with a fusion of the handsome actor thanked world of enter t ai n ment music videos, new For mor e i n for m at ion ,couture debut influenced Moroccan palettes with Indian Metro Shoes and said, “Brands with its in novative Hindi TV shows, latest visit: h t t p : / / w w w.by the song “Diamonds are styles were displayed to a full do their intensive research t e c h n o l o g y, rendering Bolly wood movies, old nyo ot v.c om /Sa i f-Forever” echoed in sparkling house to throbbing Arabic before choosing you as the a viewing experience Bolly wood movies, new Kareena-Metro-Shoes-crystals and stone work on a sounds. It was an extremely brand ambassador. So I was u n m a t c h e d i n q u a l i t y. Bolly wood movies, Lau nch-Eventrange of hot pinks and shell elegant and wearable obviously pleased when I was Registered users latest Bolly wood
  9. 9. December 03, 2010 (TORONTO) NEWS 11Robotics at Rick HansenTeams 1241 also known as THEORY6 is a FIRST (For Inspirationand Recognition of Science and Technology) robotics team fromRick Hansen S. S in Mississauga. On November 27, they walkedin with 4 teams (1241, 1241B, 1241C, 1241D) determined tocompete and do their very best & go all out against sixty otherVEX Teams from all over Ontario in the largest VEX RoboticsRegional in Canada. Decked up in THEORY6 t-shirts, blue &orange hair, blue & orange glasses, blue & orange army facepaint and orange Theory6 tuques – the judges quoted “the party Rehana & Anis Zuberi hosted a get together and a lavish dinner at their place in honour of Dr Sehba Ali the author, scholarbegan”! They were off to a roll with various positions during the and an authority on linguistic studies. Dr Ali, who is a neice of the noted Urdu poet the Late Majaz Lucknawi, kept the gueststournament finally winning the competition and now qualify for entertained by the numerous anecdotes and episodes about her uncle Majaz Lucknawi. Reena Grover started the evening withthe World Championship in Disney, Orlando in April! her melodius singing. Some of the other guests were Shahid Akhtar, Shireen Akhtar, Nasir Perwazi, Musawwir Iqbal, Najma Musawwir, Sohail Wahab, Mrs Wahab, Perween Saba, Zohra Zoberi, Mujeeb Zoberi, Meena Chopra and Bhupinder Virdi. Team 1241 (front) : Vivian, Ahmed, Jash Javeri, Phec- da, Alex. Team 1241D (back): Vincent,Edward,Sean, Harkirat, MohammedThe Theory6 Robotics Program is an after-school activitydesigned to inspire young people to pursue careers inmathematics, science, and technology where they learn tobuild complex machines, learn business, presentation andtime management skills under the guidance of teachers,parents, industry mentors and alumni students They haveextended this program region wide across peel by introducingrobotics at various high schools such as Chinguacousy S.Sin Brampton, Fletchers Meadows S.S and West Credit S.S inMississauga. Team 1241 has also undertaken the initiative toinvolve elementary and middle school by introducing roboticsat Fallingbrook M.S – the only middle school in the Peel Regionwith a robotics team competing at a high school level!
  10. 10. December 03, 2010 (TORONTO) 12 NEWS PRITA CHHABRA JOINS THE FIGHT TO END AIDSAfter witnessing the parents because of this through research.” The Canadian Foundation fordevastating impact of AIDS in horrifying disease,” “Canada is incredibly AIDS Research is Canada’sMalawi, Canadian recording said Chhabra. “That’s well-equipped to only independent charitableartist Prita Chhabra announced why I am working find a cure for AIDS. foundation dedicated totoday that she is joining the together with CANFAR We have top-of- eliminating HIV/AIDSCanadian Foundation for – because I believe we the-line facilities in through research. By fundingAIDS Research (CANFAR) can end AIDS through our hospitals and promising Canadian HIV/as its newest ambassador in the incredible research universities, and we AIDS research, and spreadingthe fight to end AIDS through being done right here in have the brain trust in awareness through educationalresearch. Canada.” the scientists searching campaigns, CANFARChhabra will help CANFAR Chhabra will be working for a cure,” said is working to end AIDSraise awareness about the with CANFAR to reach Chhabra. “Through globally. To date, CANFARimportance of research as the out to Canadians and CANFAR, Canadians has provided $17 million toonly solution that will end the explain the importance have an opportunity to HIV/AIDS research projects.HIV/AIDS pandemic. Chhabra of funding Canadian contribute to research Visit CANFAR.com for morewas visiting Malawi when she AIDS research through that has the power information.was first touched by the HIV/ her many concerts to change the world. ABOUT PRITA: Canadian inAIDS cause. Inspired to follow and school visits. Her Together, we can find appearance, Indian in origin,her musical dreams, she began first appearance as a the cure for AIDS.” and universal in appeal -using song to share the stories CANFAR ambassador ABOUT HIV/AIDS: Prita’s energetic pop musicof people affected by HIV/ takes Chhabra to • Globally, 33 million has been known to moveAIDS. speak to students people are infected audiences across Canada andChhabra has become a familiar at Pierre Elliott with HIV. Two million internationally; both physicallynew face in the Canadian pop Trudeau high school in are children. and emotionally. With amusic industry, and has now Markham, Ontario on • AIDS-related JUNO-nominated producerpartnered with CANFAR to December 1, observed illnesses remain one of behind her, Prita recentlyhelp put an end to AIDS. She internationally as World the leading causes of released her debut EP on iTunesis also very proud to be the AIDS Day 2010. death worldwide. and was also nominated asfirst recording artist of South “We are thrilled to have • Women account for ‘Best Female Act’ at the 2010Asian heritage to be appointed Prita join the CANFAR half of HIV-positive Toronto Independent Musicas an ambassador of a national team,” said Christopher adults. Awards. Prita has also sung theCanadian charity. Bunting, CANFAR’s • The number of people national anthem at Parliament“When I was in Malawi, I met President. “Her talent, living with HIV has Hill, and for numerous majorso many children orphaned energy and compassion increased by 20 per sports teams including thebecause AIDS took their are fantastic assets in cent since 2000. Toronto Raptors, Orlandomothers and fathers. I want to the fight against AIDS and will Canadian recording artist becoming an ambassador Statistics from the UNAIDS Magic and Toronto Blue Jays.live in a world where no child help us spread the message that for the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research on 2009 AIDS Epidemic Update Visit PritaMusic.com for morehas to grow up without their we can end AIDS together, World AIDS Day 2010 ABOUT CANFAR: information.
  11. 11. December 03, 2010 (TORONTO) SPORTS 13Sahara India Sports Awards: SaharaSports Awards 2010 PhotosIt was a star-studded night! very shy person. 2010 promises to showcaseBollywood stars and cricket big He got awfully embarrassed some of the most electrifyingshots were there as performers and moved sideways and did moments between sportsand entertainers. You believe a small cute move of dance heroes and Bollywood stars.it or not cricketers are no less until SRK came to his rescue Sahara India Sports Awardsthan our Bollywood stars. and put him out of his misery. get you the perfect blend of theAt the recently held Sahara Sachin must be surely grateful world of sports and Bollywood.India Sports Awards, 2010, to Shahrukh. For all those fans out there,Virendra Sehwag was simply Actually, Sachin Tendulkar is get your bowl of sizzling hotunstoppable. ‘Delhi darling’ not a party person and seldom popcorns and watch Virendrawas all set to challenge Shah attends parties like this with Sehwag, MS Dhoni, SachinRukh Khan and made Sachin other friends. Earlier, in Tendulkar, Yuvraaj Singh,Tendulkar dance. Not only this, various other parties; Sreesant, Sunil Gavaskar, Jwala Gutta,Sehwag also betted that he will Harbhajan, Yuvaraaj have Sania Mirza, Shoaib Malik,do anything for King Khan. tried to make Sachin dance Sreesanth, Vijendra Singh,Shah Rukh also took up the but everything went in vain. Suresh Raina, Sonakshi Sinha,challenge and brought Sachin So, it was quite a big thing for Kareena Kapoor, Prachi Desai,Tendulkar on the stage. Woow Sehwag to make the cricket Jaqueline Fernandes and manywhat a performance it would star dance in Sahara India more celebrities at the mosthave been!! Lucky stage! Now, Sports Awards. glittering and shimmeringas everyone knows, Sachin is a Sahara India Sports Awards night.
  12. 12. December 03, 2010 (TORONTO) 14 MOVIE TALK “Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey” Movie PreviewCharacters: Ganesh Ghosh Pritilata was Kalpana’s best Naresh was an orphan and little-known chapter in history; A period thriller, the film isSurjya Sen His physical presence itself is friend and although she was hence his friends meant the a forgotten night that reigned based on the book ‘DO andA school teacher by profession, dominating and he is by far as passionate about the cause world to him. He has a deep terror on the British through DIE: The Chittagong UprisingSurjya was the leader of the the strongest and fittest of the as Kalpana, she was more admiration for Nirmal and is a series of calculated attacks. 1930-34’ by Manini Chatterjee.band of 64 revolutionaries entire group; a master of hand- intense and impulsive. She is extremely eager to please and Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey is A PVR Pictures Presentation responsible for the Pahartali take on any task assigned. a true story of these forgotten of an Ashutosh Gowariker Club attack. Synopsis heroes and the narrative Productions’ film, directed Jibon Ghoshal 1930, British India: In the takes us through every step by Ashutosh Gowariker and Born to one of the richest province of undivided Bengal of the action from the initial produced jointly by Ajay Bijli, families in Chittagong, he lies the sleepy, peaceful trepidation, to the thrill of the Sanjeev K. Bijli and Sunita A. had a very sheltered and port of Chittagong. In this attack, to the underground Gowariker, the film will release protected upbringing. During unassuming little town a movement, daring escapes locally at Albion and Woodside the training he finds himself revolution is about to begin; a and tragic captures, and most Cinemas on December 3rd 2010 becoming closest to Ganesh. revolution which will forever importantly, their undying and tickets can be purchased @ Rajat Sen wake all of Chittagong and legacy. www.albioncinemas.com . Rajat’s father was one of the inspire the entire nation. biggest lawyers in the district. April 18. 1 night. 5 His mother was a patriot who simultaneous attacks. A supported his joining the band of 64 - 56 innocent yetand planned the 18th April, to-hand combat as well as a1930 attack on the British in weapons expert.Chittagong. Lokenath BalNirmal Sen Sophisticated and suave, heOne of Surjya’s closest friends, was often mistaken for anNirmal was a passionate Englishman and that is whatrevolutionary who had already he used to his advantage onbeen sent to jail once prior to the fateful night of 18th Aprilthe Chittagong attack. as he infiltrated the BritishAmbika Chakraborti Cantonment posing as a BritishThe most senior and officer. experienced of the group, Kalpana DattaAmbika was responsible for The daughter of an extremelyfinance and procurement. rich and influential landowner,Anant Singh Kalpana was fiercely revolution. Bold, strong and fearless young boys, 5 defiantThe only non-Bengali in the independent and highly aggressive, he had a deep and revolutionaries, 2 determinedgroup, Anant is a fiery, slightly educated for a woman of that intense anger towards the young women, and an idealistic Last Week’s Answerflamboyant Punjabi who is era, and had an interest in the injustice perpetrated by the leader - Surjya Sen, a schoola combination of physicalstrength and intelligence. science of bomb-making. Pritilata Waddedar British. Naresh Ray teacher by profession. This group of 64 represents a Mallika Sherawat
  13. 13. December 03, 2010 (TORONTO) KOLLYWOOD 15SHANKAR’S APPROVAL FOR 3 IDIOTS! ACTRESS GOES MISSING... MOMShankar has silently beenworking on the 3 Idiots remakeand is having all the pre- COMPLAINSproduction work done before Saranya made her debut incommencing the shooting. He Kaadhal as the friend ofwill begin canning this remake heroine Sandhya and wentin December in Delhi, it may be to star as one of the heroinesnoted. The casting for this film in the Jayam Ravi-starrerwas a topic of discussion as it Peraanmai. The actress ishas three heroes and Shankar currently working in a couplefinally managed to rope in of films in Tamil and Telugu.Vijay, Jiiva and Srikanth. She made it to the news whenMusic director Harris Jayaraj, her mother Manjula lodged awho is composing for this film, complaint that Saranya wenthas worked on three songs and missing for more than a month.all the three are reportedly Manjula claimed Saranya isapproved by Shankar. Some being held captive by her lovermore songs are to be added and is refusing to return her.and the musician and director Replying to this allegation,are working towards getting it Saranya has said that she isright. out on her own free will and is not under anyone’s control. She also reportedly refused to return to her mother. A policeman was taking a vandalism report at an Teacher: Jake, what do you call a person who keeps on you kiss me, I’ll turn into a beautiful princess.” He bent CENSOR OFFICIALS ON RAKTHA elementary school when he was interrupted by a six year old girl. She looked up talking when people are no longer interested? Jake: A teacher over, picked up the frog and put it in his pocket. The frog spoke up again CHARITHRAM and down at his uniform and said, “If you kiss me Suriya’s Raktha Charithram, and asked, “Are you a “Oh, boy! I’m glad you’re and turn me back into a which will be released on policeman?” “Yes, I am,” he here,” the little boy said beautiful princess, I will stay December 3rd, 2010, has been said. “My mother told me that to his grandmother on his with you for one week.” The certified with ‘A’ certificate. if I ever needed help I should mother’s side. “Why?” engineer took the frog out of The censor board officials ask a policeman. Is that she asked.”Because now his pocket, smiled at it and recommended three cuts in right,” the girl asked. “Yes it Daddy will do the trick he’s returned it to the pocket. The the film before certifying is,” said the policeman. The been promising us.” “What frog then cried out, “If you it with ‘A’. According to girl extended her foot to the trick?””Well, he told Mommy kiss me and turn me back reports, the film has some policeman and said, “OK, that if you came to visit, he into a princess, I’ll stay with violent scenes that have then, would you tie my shoe?” would climb the walls.” you and do ANYTHING you earned it the certificate. On want.” Again the engineer the whole, RC was well- Teacher: Glen, what is the Teacher: Name two states in took the frog out, smiled appreciated by the officials chemical formula for water? the United States. at it and put it back into his that watched the film. Glen: H I J K L M N O. Mary: Pick me! Pick me! pocket. The officials have reportedly Teacher: Where did you get Teacher: Mary? Finally, the frog asked, “What said that RC is like watching that? Glen: Yesterday you Mary: I’ll name one Taylor is the matter? I’ve told you a true life incident right told us it was H to O. and the other one Charley! I’m a beautiful princess, that on the screen. Suriya’s I’ll stay with you for a week performance in RC has also A little girl was watching I was at the airport, checking and do anything you want. been lauded. her parents dress for a party. in at the gate when an airport Why won’t you kiss me?” When she saw that her father employee asked, “Has anyone The engineer said, “Look I’m was putting on his tuxedo, she put anything in your baggage an engineer. I don’t have time said, “Daddy, you shouldn’t without your knowledge?” for a girlfriend, but a talking wear that suit.”Why not?” To which I replied, “If it was frog, now that’s cool.” he asked.”Because it always without my knowledge, how gives you a headache the next would I know? “ He smiled Two molecules are walking morning. knowingly and nodded, down the street. One suddenly “That’s why we ask.” stops and says, “Wait, I think “A mother was ironing the I dropped an electron.” The clean laundry one day. Her Teacher: Danny, do you say a other looks at him and asks son asked her, “Mother, prayer before eating? “Are you positive?” why are you ironing those Danny: No, ma’am. I don’t clothes?”His mother said, have to. My mother is a good A pessimist says the glass “To make them nice and cook. is half empty. An optimist wrinkle free.”Her son said, says the glass is half full. A “Then, why don’t you iron An engineer was crossing Republican says, “Hey, who Grandma’s face? a road one day when a frog drank half of MY glass of called out to him and said, “If water?”
  14. 14. December 03, 2010 (TORONTO)16 LIFE STYLE & RECIPE Your face can speak your age mostly water, once the skin is more we handle it, the more dehydrated the texture of facial damage we are doing. skin deteriorates, dark circles Low impact facials, just as a (sangeeta.starbuzz@gmail.com) appear, as the skin under the stress reliever, at tension points The skin on your face is the eyes is even more delicate, would be very beneficial, if most vulnerable, it has to put and much thinner, therefore you have to apply a mask, or up with a lot of abuse, even the by drinking required amount make up, always remember least ignorance causes damage of water we can, not only keep to use your fingers only with to this skin. The earlier you our health good, but skin to light strokes. Regular exercise realize, the more you can glow, especially when we are brings glow to your face. preserve it, given that this undergoing stress. Dark circles Sunscreen (preferably made of cannot be replaced!!!! Once under your eyes make you natural ingredients) should be the damage is done we have look unhealthy and older too! used to avoid any discoloration few options to rectify, results Applying make up to contour on the face. Avoid crow’s feet, may not be the same. under eye circles, blemishes don’t forgot to wear sunglasses Like most of us are aware, and other noticeable scars is if you spend a lot of time in the our body is made up of doing more harm to skin, as the sun. Moon in Rashis passionate rejected by family or friends, Gemini: Well read, creative, aspiring fond of music, curly hair, Scorpio: Broad chest, straight powerful speaker, influential, forward, frank, open minded, poornima.starbuzz@gmail.com persuasive, learned agitated, wealthy, unhappy, Cancer: Wise, kind, influenced obstinate, can have immoral We talked about Sun last time. by women, fond of music, tendencies Today we are going to study sensitive, meditative, acquires Sagittarius: broad face, the effects of moon in different property disfigured nails, showy, rashis. Leo: Bold, good speaker, chances of The Moon in Colic troubles, liberal, mental inheritance, author Aries: Round eyes, self anxiety, aristocratic, generous, Capricorn: Very attached to respecting, fickle minded, there can be a defect in limbs wife and children, virtuous, Aries: Don’t let a minor irritation upset the love nest. Leave the battles for important issues. ambitious, quick to decide, Virgo: Lovely complexion, pure minded, liberal, Keep your schedule flexible, and be prepared for anything. If someone is causing you chaos good with hands, popular, charming, attractive, unscrupulous, inconsistent at work, have a discussion to set the record straight. Lucky Numbers: 35 23 2 20 19 6 versatile. If the moon is modest, intelligent, Aquarius: Fair, tall, large teeth, Taurus: Planet Venus sends love vibes your way! You can sweet talk your way into or out afflicted, then the person phlegmatic, conceited, good energetic, emotional, grateful, of anyone’s heart. If love and money are combined, expect changes to be made. When it suffers from Hydrophobia. conversationalist, skilled in young looking, diplomatic concerns your career, dream big, your future is about to go sky–high! Lucky Numbers: 45 Taurus: Happy disposition, arts Pisces: Long nose, perfect 36 30 11 17 27 intelligent, handsome, fond of Libra: Tall, respects elders and build, handsome, adventurous. Gemini: A picture perfect love mate could cross your path any day now. If you are already fair sex, respected, voracious gurus, clairvoyant or interest locking lips with your soul mate, making your relationship more permanent could be up for eater, wavering mind, lucky, in them, amicable, clever, discussion. If you’re working around the clock, give yourself a break. Lucky Numbers: 37 36 10 18 16 19 Cancer: When looking for love, find someone sweet and sensitive. A rough and tough person can leave you in tears, you deserve better! An inner ah–ha moment gives you confidence to say how you feel and do what you want. Make friends at work.Lucky Numbers: 48 14 49 Malai Peda 17 28 43 Leo: Life is fast and furious! Whether its work or love, planet Mars provides the energy and motivation to achieve the toughest challenges on your to–do–list. With three power planets in your love zone, you have the ’wow factor’ to attract an adorable sweetheart. Lucky Ingrediants: • Put the sugar and cook for a further 4 to 5 Numbers: 8 35 25 4 31 40 minutes. Virgo: Love can overcome just about anything; you just need to want it bad enough. Prepare • 1 litre full fat milk • Put the citric acid in 3 for a financial discussion, it can set the scene for the future. Be careful of giving unwanted • a few saffron strands tsp of water. Put this advice to a friend, it could be seen as big time interference. . • ½ cup sugar mixture very gradually • 2 pinches citric acid to the boiling milk until Libra: The past is a dead–end street! Move on and embrace tomorrow, there is plenty of good it curdles slightly. news waiting for you in the future. Life is about to change; get ready to make long lasting • 4 tsp milk • This may require any- commitments. Money is a serious matter, make wise choices.Lucky Numbers: 41 46 31 34 • 1 level tsp cornflour thing from half to the 42 6 • ¼ tsp elaichi powder entire quantity of the Scorpio: Be careful of basing a relationship on passion alone. After the honeymoon is over, citric acid mixture. balls. • Combine the cornflour • Arrange in paper you need some areas of compatibility to fall back on. Work is on the fast track. Portray an For garnishing : in the balance 2 tsp air of confidence to win the vote of the people who count.Lucky Numbers: 38 23 41 29 3 2 cups and garnish with of milk and add to the chopped almonds and Sagittarius: You are entering a positive new phase. The people you meet now can be • A few chopped al- boiling milk. pistachios. beneficial on a business and personal level. Building trust and respect is the glue that holds monds and pistachios • Continue to stir till the • Ready to serve. these relationships together. The best is yet to come, be patient! Lucky Numbers: 25 40 34 mixture becomes thick 26 19 37 and resembles khoya. • Put the elaichi powder Capricorn: Your career path is about to turn to gold. Joining forces with work peers can put Preparation: and stir well. Keep it you in touch with the right people. Get yourself out and about to be seen. Confessions from the heart build a stronger love bond with someone wonderful.Lucky Numbers: 3 27 21 12 to cool. • Boil the milk in a • Shape into 18 small 38 29 heavy bottomed pan. Continue to stir until it Aquarius: Mixing business with pleasure can introduce you to some interesting people. Stand by to be wooed and charmed, if you’re single then finding a suitable love–mate is all possible reduces to half. Santha Purushottam right now. Giving back on some level builds good karma.Lucky Numbers: 27 16 30 1 3 29 • Warm the saffron in a MADRAS PALACE small vessel, put 2 tsp Pisces: You career is about to be a runaway success. Prepare to think fast and act faster. What of milk and rub until Richmond Hill / Scarborough you do and say is under the microscope. Think carefully before offering an opinion. Don’t let the saffron melts. Add 905 881 6222 / 416 759 5400 money come between you and someone special. Lucky Numbers: 16 2 11 5 42 10 to the boiling milk.
  15. 15. December 03, 2010 (TORONTO) CLASSIFIED 17 Wanted TANDOORI / CURRY CHEFs with 3 - 5 years experience for a restaurant at: 6435 Dixie Road, Unit 10 Mississauga L5T 1X4 Send resumes to: rosy@m4u.ca or call Sunny : 416 371 9500For Display Classifed Ads in StarBuzz Unit 3.5’ x 3’ $30 FOR ONE WEEK$100 FOR ONE MONTH For Advertising in For Details Contact 647-802-2899 (BUZZ) StarBuzz call EMAIL : starbuzzca@gmail.com 647-802-2899
  16. 16. December 03, 2010 (TORONTO)18 REALTY Beijing Singapore MUMBAI CHENNAI NEW DELHI KOLKATTA LAHORE